Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3126


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It is more dangerous than once, and harder than once.

Especially this last time, he was actually grabbed by the moon-carving eagle carving the next arm, and was almost worn by a green rainbow snake hole between his eyebrows.

“What the hell is going on?”

Lin Fan whispered, and then he slowly closed his eyes, and the surging Spirit Force splashed out like water, and he dare to guarantee that all the wind and the wind within the mile could not hide him.

If there is ambush, if there is tracking, how could he not find it.

But why, they are often caught in ambush circles.

It’s as if there is an eye hanging over the sky dome, watching his every move, no matter how he changes his face, how to hide the gas machine is useless.

This feeling is too bad and too passive.

Suddenly, Lin Fan coughed up a mouthful of blood and wiped the corners of his mouth, and Lin Fan’s eyes were murderous intention.

After eight ambushes, he didn’t slaughter any of the beasts. Through various clues, he probably concluded that the reason why the beasts didn’t treat him badly was to kill him. Of beasts.

But this is simply impossible.

Since entering this Ancient Battlefield, he has not shot against beasts, and therefore, these beasts that have besieged him have not been killed.

I sat on the raised stone of the ten thousand zhang cliff, swallowed a medicine pill for myself, and adjusted my breath.

And at this time, ten thousand li beyond.

Hui Yi has a gloomy face. He sits on the back rib of a mountain carving.

And below, the Xiaotiantong gibbon’s ear is crawling with a monster that is basically unremarkable, less than the size of the thumb, and suddenly a screaming fly flies, on the other side of this Xiaotiantong gibbon Buzzing.

After a long while, Xiao Tiantong’s gibbons a long whistle, and Beast King who sat on the left and right suddenly all got up.

“Have you found him?” Cold light suddenly bloomed in the eyes of Huyi.

“ten thousand li beyond, Huang Luoxia.”

Xiao Tiantong’s gibbons speak human’s words, and then quickly ran to the location of Lin Fan.


As soon as these Beast Kings entered the thousand zhang land, Lin Fan woke up: “This evil creature again!”

Lin Fan murderous intention flashes!

He saw that the moon-dragon carving that tore his arm alive circling in the air, but his eyes, like red lanterns, were staring at him.

“That’s… household rights!”

Lin Fan got up suddenly, an incredible cry out in surprise: “Why hasn’t he been eliminated yet? I didn’t feel the existence of points in him.”

This is a fact. If you have points in the same person, you can feel it.

“Damn it! How dare this emperor dare to be so kind?” Lin Fan whispered.

“Aron! You must die today!”

Of course, Huyi also saw Lin Fan standing on the cliff, with a roar, and startled countless birds and beasts, etc. Beast King came all the way from all directions, only in a flash, this cliff was surrounded by water. .

“Hua Yi! It turns out to be you!”

Lin Fan drunk. When he saw this family justice, he wanted to understand a lot of things. When combining the blood pool where the centipede of the fairy horn fell, things were even more obvious.

The eyes of Huyi blinked: “It is the deity, the deity has not been eliminated.”

said with a malicious smile: “The deity has not been eliminated, so all your scandals have been exposed! Now, the beast emperor wants your life, go up to heaven or down to Hades, you can’t hide, hide No, even the two emperors have allowed this.”

Lin Fan closed his eyes and then roared with a roar: “You really damn it! Such a vicious use of the venerable centipede of fairy horns, to use her life and death to make articles, how can you bear heart!”

“Don’t dare to boast shamelessly.” Hu Yi grinned, and then he suddenly flew, waving his hand to stop the beasts from attacking Lin Fan, and roared: “The deity said, if not that day, I would be hit hard. , Kill you like slaughtering dogs!”

“So… are you going to fight this deity?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“jié jié … kill your dirty hands, but have to kill.”

Family grinning.

“Human, the emperor’s order is for you to capture him alive.”

Xiao Tiantong’s gibbon speaks, and he doesn’t like this household.

Murous intention flashed in Huyi’s eyes.

How can he survive Lin Fan?

Wouldn’t it pierce all his lies?

“Aron, come to a battle, the deity gives you three tricks.”

The family spoke with sarcasm and sneer.

He is not a pretentious gesture, but he really wants to.

Lin Fan slapped that day and kicked him like a pig, what a shame?

And, he firmly believes that if he had been hit hard that day, and fought against Xue Kunlun and Xianjiao centipede, how could this Along be so insulted?

So, he deliberately did so at this time, just to be ashamed.

“Oh…Interesting.” Lin Fan smiled. He took a step from the convex stone, and a golden glow suddenly appeared in the void, holding him up.

“Wait and watch here, so that we can know that the deity can’t beat Er, but pays homage to the beast emperor, and then let him wait.” Sneered, swept across the beasts, and then he pointed to Lin Fan: “Come and come, let’s go, the deity is going to kill you and convince you.”

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, his eyes were playful, but soon, the pupil stood up, with a bang, time and space blew, a huge sound exploded, and then the light barrier also flashed.


Huiyi had no time to say this sentence, so he screamed that a Baisensen tooth flew out and was crushed by the hurricane.

At this time, Lin Fan laughed jokingly at the original location of Toi. He wrapped his wrist lightly said with a smile: “This is 1st Strike.”

At this time, Huyi broke many trees, his mouth was full of blood, and his face was swollen like a pig’s head.


Lin Fan rushed over again. The so-called fast over-lightning was not enough to describe it. With a bang, Hu Yi, who was still on the way, was screamed again, like a ball was kicked back.

He was curled up like a prawn, his scarlet blood flowing continuously from his mouth.


A loud roar, the family’s loyalty broke out, and the yin and yang double battles appeared: “A dragon! You must die! You must die! You must die!”

He is crazy and repeats this sentence constantly.

“Did you not let me do three tricks? This is 2nd move!”

Lin Fan’s eyes are gloomy.


Houyi shouted, his palms crossed over his head, and he received nine days of thunder and slashed to Lin Fan. Thousands of thunders, hundreds of thousands of thunders, the earth burnt, and time and space were burnt.

“The deity has long said that in the Thunder, the deity can be your ancestor.”

Lin Fan sneered, he also rushed past, one-handedly inserted into the thunder tide that pressed down to him suppress and kill, the thunder tide that had been hacked down by him suddenly was assimilated by the golden lightning, and then killed by rewind Yihu.


The pupils of the Huei pupil shrink sharply.

It seems that he was wrong.

It’s ridiculously wrong.

This Aaron is so powerful.

That day, even if he was in peak state, he would not be able to fight it.

“When will you wait for more time!”

The scream of Hu Yi’s exhaustion demands the beasts to take action.

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