Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3127


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The animals are all surprised.

Their mind is very simple, without twists and turns.

“Hello good-for-nothing, not like a male.”

Xiao Tiantong gibbons spoke, it was not deliberately humiliating, and said: “Since you said that you want to make three tricks, you have to do it, how do we shoot?”

The other beasts are also nodded, saying: “The emperor taught us that words must be practiced, words must be done, one word worth nine sacred tripods.”

“You are not good, it’s too rubbish, 1st move was slapped, and 2nd move was kicked by the ball.” The mountain carving that was the foot of the household also opened its mouth and shook its feathers. It was very disgusting and contemptuous.

“A group of…”

Hui Yi was furious. He almost scolded a group of evil creatures, but finally he suffocated back.

At this time, he was blushing and shameless.


This delay caused him to be slapped again by Lin Fan!

Lin Fan stepped back into the distance and gently clapped his hands with a smile: “The left and right faces need to be the same, otherwise they will be asymmetrical.”


Hui Yi rushed away, Yin-Yang two battles flew, Yin-Yang Two Qi circulated, actually pulled Black and Yellow two Qi, suppress and kill to Lin Fan.


Lin Fan took a step forward, punched out, and turned Black and Yellow two Qi into shock: “Miscellaneous, it turns out that you are behind the wind and the rain! What happened to you? Is it?”

Hui Yi screamed again, this fist hit his chest and made him cough up blood.

Don’t look at this account in Lin Fan’s hands, it’s almost impossible to fight back. In fact, he is really strong, but the rules and avenues he is good at have just been restrained by Lin Fan.

“When will you wait for it?” Huyi screamed: “Is it possible to let the deity be slain by this murderer? when the time comes, how do you make a difference to your beast emperor?”

The expressions all changed.

“Three strokes have passed, you can indeed help you.”

Xiao Tiantong gibbon is nodded, very serious and solemn.

Somehow, these ominous beasts clearly come to kill him, but Lin Fan is at this moment, and feels that these ominous beasts are so cute.

All the beasts have shot, the race innate talent is undoubtedly unfolding.

Yes, this household account seems to have been forgotten.

Even if he was captured, these beasts were impossible for him to succeed.

Because, the beast emperor’s order is to capture him alive.

As expected by Lin Fan, on the way, this household had more than one or two strikes against him, and as a result, they were blocked by Xiao Tiantong’s gibbon.

On the third time, Huyi was hit by a furious Xiao Tiantong gibbon in the chest and ribs, and he almost didn’t kill him.

“You’d better watch him closely. You know, he is your beast emperor’s benefactor, because I have him, I will be captured. If he left and disappeared, your beast emperor has no hope of gratitude, I am afraid it will be Blame you.”

Lin Fan sneered.

He has remotely learned the beast emperor’s gas engine.

For the sake of justice, expression anxiety and fear in the eyes, obviously, to find an opportunity to escape.

“You are a good person.”

The mountain carving opened, and then flew from the shoulder of Xiao Tiantong’s gibbon. His eyes locked his righteousness and watched his every move.

“Along…you damn it! I wish to kill you ten races.”

Family roar.

He knows it’s done.

Reminded by Lin Fan, most of the attention of the beasts is on him. He can’t escape unless he fights alive to get a chance.

But with so many Beast Kings here, can he fight?

It is in this tangled state of mind that the beast emperor’s imposing manner is more and more terrifying.

“Bring the murderer!”

The beast emperor’s voice rang.

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “The Beast Emperor is not in a hurry, come here by yourself.”

In front of the beast emperor: “Kneel down!”

“Is the beast emperor treated benefactors like this?” Lin Fan sneered.

“You hurt my wife and children, this emperor can’t wait to swallow you alive at this time.” Beast emperor grinned.

Lin Fan glanced at him: “dignified Sovereign, even listening to one side?”

The Beast Emperor slightly frowned, glanced at the household paralyzed.

Lin Fan said: “Release me, left and right in front of you, I have nowhere to escape.”

Beast Emperor sneered: “You can try it.”

Lin Fan laughed, said: “The deity is worthy of conscience, why should I escape?”

Look away, Lin Fan looked towards Beast Emperor, said: “Beast Emperor, look carefully, what is this!”

Then the egg appeared, still glowing with mist.

“This is…my son!”

The Beast Emperor roared, and tears dripped from his dragon eyes.

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