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Lost and recovered, it’s worth anyone’s attention, let alone this is his own parent-child!

The Beast Emperor turned back suddenly. In that huge dragon eye, the horror glory flashed, and it was hysterical. The words were like Nine Nether Ice: "Speak! What the hell is going on, every bit, no drop, no mistake, otherwise... …Dead!”

Lin Fan slightly smiled, and then sneered at, and finally stopped at Huyi: "Why would he know the existence of the demon flower, I don’t know, let’s talk about what happened later."

"Demon Soul Flower!"

The Beast Emperor repeated a sentence, then laughed sadly: "I know! I'll conclude that this is the flower that hurt her mother! You are too strong..."

However, his face is suddenly changed, his face is white and colorless, and he is shouted: "You lie!"


A transparent fist suddenly slammed on his chest ribs. This fist is extremely ruthless, but it is extremely decent. It only shatters his soul skeleton, but it does not hurt his life.

At this time, he was pinched on the cliff wall, miserable, and almost a mess of meat.

"Each and everyone, but who dares to interrupt; die!"

The beast emperor roared, and then he closed his eyes in pain, heaved a heavy breath, and said one word at a time: "You say slowly, carefully, no omissions, but no pretense, Conceal...otherwise..."

The Beast Emperor grinned: "This Emperor makes you regret coming to this world."

Lin Fan shrugged and said: "Under the next question, there is no shame. Naturally, there will be some reductions in impossible, and there is no need to disguise."

At the beginning, I was really careful and serious, and I didn’t miss anything, even the battle with Xue Kunlun and so on.

"So...you are also one of the murderers who killed my wife." The Beast Emperor grinned, Lin Fan complexion slightly changed, but did not wait for him to speak. The Beast Emperor shook his finger, and suddenly a thick space barrier would He wrapped it up, blocking his six senses and five senses in an instant.

This shocked Lin Fan.

This beast emperor's cultivation base is indeed terrifying. I'm afraid it's not weaker than the two emperors of Sen Luo.

But, just like that, if you want to imprison him really, it is too small to underestimate him, the eyes of rune flash in his eyes, he sees the outside--

"Your Majesty! All this is Aaron's conspiracy...not at all."

Hu Yiyi kneels on the ground, knocking his head like pounding garlic.

"Oh? Then you talk about it." The killing intent is too strong in the eyes of the beast emperor: "I will see, what are you saying differently."

The householder spoke up and picked himself thoroughly. In his description, even the demon soul flower, Lin Fan deliberately let him discover, and then attracted Xue Kunlun; let them fight, and then Lin Fan sat Take advantage of the fisherman.


As soon as he finished speaking, he was slapped on the ground by the beast emperor; he became a piece of ground meat, and for a long time, there was a dying moan from the pile of ground meat, and then the ground meat wriggled. The body is showing.

This may be the disadvantage of high realm cultivator, sometimes even if you want to die, it is not so easy.

"Are you an idiot?" The beast emperor's yawning smile: "If Along in your mouth really plots the demon soul flower, how can you be absorbed by my son? Can't I hear it?"

Somehow to reorganize the body of the corpse, suddenly prostrate oneself in admiration, and stick it to the ground, I dare not say a word.

Lin Fan’s imprisonment was lifted, and the beast emperor stared at Lin Fan ecstatically: "You also heard what he said."

Lin Fan was embarrassed and laughed.

"So... what else do you say?" The Beast Emperor grinned.

Lin Fan frowned, and at this moment, the egg turned out to be a ray of rays of light suddenly, flew from the throne of the beast emperor, and fiercely crashed on Huyi.

But after all, it’s just an egg. Even if there’s so much out of the ordinary, it’s merely this, and it’s not yet born. How can it hurt family justice?

"Er..." The Beast Emperor called out, and the sadness in his eyes turned out to be even stronger: "Drag this miscellaneous piece and give it to Man Eating Ant to eat and eat, so that his soul will perish forever. !"


mournful scream, from the mouth of Huyi, and at this time, the smelly liquid slowly dipped from his crotch, which made the beast emperor's face even worse.

"Drag!" The Beast Emperor shouted again, and a few Beast King-level ominous beasts stepped forward, and he was about to drag down the household.

But at this moment, the strength of this household’s unclear origin came from the restraint of the Beast Kings and knelt on the ground, said with a malicious smile: "Your Majesty, even if it’s dead, it’s true. It hurts your wife, but where is Alon, how good is it? If it were him sitting atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight, and let me wait for a fight, how could there be a tragedy? If he didn’t let it go, your How could his wife be weakened? After all, he is also to blame!"

Lin Fan's complexion changed abruptly, and he roared: "You are really a snake biting 30% into the bone."

"jié jié ... Even if the deity is dead, you will be dragged to hell."

This is the most authentic idea of ​​Huyi.

"Fuck!" Lin Fan shouted, and he looked back suddenly, looking towards the murderous intention in the eyes of the beast emperor who was slowly silting up. After a whistle, he rushed out of the cave with a halberd.

At this step, don’t take any chances.

The beast emperor was stunned by sorrow and anger. At this time, it must be indiscriminate to say that he would really take him down to be buried in the centipede.

"Want to run away in this emperor's site?" Beast Emperor grinned: "You are going to die!"

He found a dragon claw and smacked Lin Fan who had fled to the cave.


At this moment, outside the cave, there was a huge noise.

Later, a centipede with a fairy horn crosses the road in front of Lin Fan.


Lin Fan is violently shouted.

There are strong enemies after chasing soldiers, and can only desperately.

"Slow friends, be slow!"

At this moment, Lin Fan's mind heard familiar female voices.

Lin Fan, who had already lifted Zhu Tian up, was about to stand down, abruptly stopped the attack, surprised and shouted: "Are you not dead?"

Then shouted: "Since you are not dead, I will explain it to your family as soon as possible."


This fairy horn centipede punched out, bypassed Lin Fan, and bumped into Dragon Boxing who smacked him. She was groaned, coughing up blood, and shouted: "Long Wu, do you want to kill me?" ?"

The Beast Emperor suddenly shook, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, and then growled: "Love wife! Are you?"

"Who is your beloved wife? Return my daughter."

Lin Fan exhaled.

Nothing about him.

Since this centipede appears, everything will of course be As the water recedes, the rocks appear.

His eyes were cold. He rushed back into the cave and crushed the majority of the corpse of Huyi with his feet: "Miscellaneous, you are arrogantly deceiving, arguing, and framing Lao Tzu!"

He was angry.

Almost turned over in the gutter!

At this time, the Beast Emperor came, with an apologetic look, met Lin Fan’s cold eyes, and smiled embarrassedly, all turned into a monster with a dragon head, and after all, he said, "Many thanks, little friend The grace of life."

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