Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3129


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Lin Fan laughed, said: “As long as the Beast Emperor does not want to kill the next, I will be grateful for the next.”

The Emperor Beast embarrassedly smiled and said, “It is true that the deity is right or wrong, and I hope the benefactors are strange.”

Lin Fan certainly doesn’t count.

If he meets the same kind of thing, it may only be more ruthless than the beast emperor.

looked towards the centipede of fairy horn, said: “It’s great that you can survive.”

The centipede of cents turned into a slender woman at this time, she fell down and said, “Many thanks benefactor.”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “Call me Along.”

“Okay.” The beast emperor nodded, and then said: “Go to prepare the richest feast, grab a few green jiao as a dish, and grab a few lightning phoenixes to drink, I want to hurt Brother Long Drink 30,000 glasses.”

The centipede stared coldly at the beast emperor. The beast emperor sighed, but did not say much. After two steps, the beast emperor shouted again: “Where to go to the monkey four to mention the 100,000 bottles of the year. Monkey Wine is coming.”

The Beast Emperor is very affectionate and directly hooks up with Lin Fan, completely forgetting all that has just happened.

This is not pretentious, but he is such a temper, gratitude and grudges are clear.

Xianjiao centipede once again fiercely glared at the beast emperor, waved his hand, and said: “Drag this waste, cut it in half, reward the upper body to Man Eating Ant, lower body to the ghost face piranha, but command These two ethnic groups must let this person experience three days of torture before they are allowed to die, even if one second is lost, all the ethnic groups will be destroyed.”


The family wailed, but it didn’t work.

Beast Emperor and centipede, both hated him.

“Oh… in front of me, still want to kill yourself?”

The centipede of celestial horn sneered suddenly, and a bunch of dark light stabs into Yiyi’s brow, subduing him.

Lin Fan sighed.

It can be seen that this centipede centipede is very ruthless and ruthless.

This household rule was imprisoned in the cultivation base, but the body was trapped, but he was born. This centipede of the fairy horn magnified his pain.

It is conceivable that these three days are enough for this household to taste hundreds of times as much as chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

The wine table.

“When sister-in-law comes back, my responsibility is much lighter.”

Lin Fan toasted, said with a bitter smile: “If it really made me carry this little thing, it really hurt me, I don’t know how to let it hatch.”

Fairy horn centipede laughed, holding the shiny egg lovingly in her arms.

Liquor is half-hearted, Lin Fan said: “Beast Imperial Brother, can you put all those human cultivators?”

The Beast Emperor frowned and said, “What did you do?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Beast Sovereign Dao: “Brother can’t think of it wrong, the emperor never eats human flesh, just knows, what competition do you seem to be playing, are you?”

Lin Fan clicked nodded and handed a bright white Flood Dragon tendon into the mouth, which immediately filled her mouth with fragrance.

“I’ll kill all of them. Isn’t Brother the first?” Beast Emperor pats Lin Fan sighed: “After all, I can’t help you, so I will give you the first.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows, said with a bitter smile: “That’s not necessary, if so, wouldn’t I be cheating? Brother Shuanghuang wouldn’t agree.”

“Double Emperors?” The Beast Emperor’s eyes stood together: “They are counted as hair! Dare to embarrass my brother, I will let the Sen Luo world feel uncomfortable.”

Lin Fan gave a surprised look at the Beast Emperor and said, “Can the Imperial Brothers be free from this Ancient Battlefield?”

The Beast Emperor smiled awkwardly, rubbed his hands, and said, “That’s not true.”

“oh?” Lin Fan said curiously: “Since I can’t go out, how can I make the Senrow world unsettled? The cultivation base of the Imperial Brothers has already been found to be available for use in the Ascension? Or is it a different projection?”

The emperor’s face is even more awkward.

The technique of Die Zhou, is not the beast emperor who has already arrived at the Peak of the Seven Realms Peak. Even Xiao Nuo can use this technique a hundred years ago.

But Die Zhou, after fighting Die Zhou and fighting and fighting, it is quite different.

Astronaut is just a short-term shrinking galaxy, so that the deity can directly drive to another place.

But if you want to fight, you need to briefly blend two different worlds.

As for the projection of another world, it is more difficult. The breakthrough of the barrier of the universe is just like the king of Rakshasa using Rakshasa to knock down the head. At the very least, it should be a big means of cultivating Dao Realm.

Of course, Lin Fan is not a sincere joke, and he really does not know his exact strength.

“Let you talk.” The centipede of the fairy horn stared at the beast emperor and said: “This battlefield, in fact, should be in the same place as the Sen Luo world, and was opened by Deity.”

Lin Fan put down his chopsticks and listened quietly to the centipede.

After a while, he understood.

Ancient Battlefield and Senrow Realm belong to the same term and belong to the territory of Senrow Realm. Moreover, the former Senrow Realm was not this name, but called the Fourth Realm.

It was just that there was a strange riot, and many great powers broke into it from another world, and then there was a terrifying battle, and even the people in the fourth world were tragically killed in that battle.

After that, there was great power coming to separate the battlefield ruins from the fourth.

“so that’s how it is.” Lin Fan said.

Suddenly Lin Fan’s heart tightened!

The fourth world!

This title is too sensitive.

It reminded him of the world he respected, the world he called, the seventh world.

At this time, Lin Fan’s heart seemed to be squeezed fiercely.

Could it be the world series?

In the fourth and seventh circles, he has personally experienced it. So is there really a first circle, a second circle, and a third circle?

This problem, entangled in his heart, actually prevented him from calming down for a long time.

“brother, what are you thinking about?” The Beast Emperor asked, and saw Lin Fan’s Spirit Voyage.

Lin Fan looked back, hehe smiled and said, “It’s just to remember the ancient and the modern.

The beast emperor laughed: “That’s all Supreme God spirits, Supreme creatures, I want him to be a fart.”

“You have nonsense!” Xianjiao centipede scolded: “That is Spiritual God, need to be respected.”

The Beast Emperor smiled awkwardly and said: “The mother-in-law is a bit fierce, but still a good person.”

Lin Fan laughed, and asked with a smile: “According to the sister-in-law, since the two realms are separated, they can only meet, but they cannot meet. How can the brother go to find the trouble of the two emperors?”

“hmph! I have my own means, otherwise my generation is not a bird in the cage?” Beast Emperor coldly snorted, said: “Own sky ladder can enter the Sen Luo Realm.”

Xianjiao centipede complexion slightly changed, quickly remedy: “Brother and don’t listen to him, the ladder was opened only once in a thousand years, and all the creatures in my world were marked. At least half a month after going out, you must Return, otherwise the soul flew away and scattered.”

Lin Fan slightly nodded: “I understand.”

Curiously asked, “Why are there such restrictions?”

“Because of guarding.” The beast emperor’s face rose solemnly. After a while, he sighed and said: “brother, brother, I will let you know today. The tranquility of Chaos Realm, I am afraid that most of them are It was our shoulders.”

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