Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3130


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Lin Fan raised his eyebrows.

What kind of hard work is needed to make this beast emperor say this?

Although I have been in contact for a while, Lin Fan is pretty sure that the Beast Emperor is not a boastful person.

The talk has ended, and the banquet will naturally not continue.

Lin Fan quietly followed the Beast Emperor and went deeper.

The more inward, Lin Fan’s heart becomes heavier. This is a natural psychological reaction, just like there are sages in the front, there is a sacred bone, and every latecomer needs to pay respect and worship.

Several li moved forward, and the looming coercion fell down, as if the sky was drooping 100,000 zhang, and it was lying within reach of people.

“pay respects to Donghuang.”

Beast King’s opening is very respectful to the Beast King, standing on the side.

The beast emperor ordered nodded, said with a smile: “This world has four emperors, east, west, south and north.”

Lin Fan asked with a smile: “How do the other three emperors compare to my brother?”

The Beast Emperor smiled triumphantly and said, “Your brother and I are known as the East Emperor, so naturally they are better than them.”

Xianjiao centipede coldly snorted and said: “You still have a face to say? If it were you for so many years, obsessed with those flamboyant and cheap goods, wasting a lot of energy and time, how could so many years have passed, or can only have that slight advantage ?”

The beast emperor’s face was bitter, and he said, “Sister-in-law, can you not hit your face? Especially in front of the brother, can you not save me some face?”

Lin Fan smiled on the surface, but his upper pupil was slightly reduced.

In this way, the strength in this Ancient Battlefield is far beyond the Sen Luo Realm. I am afraid that even in Chaos Realm, only the Celestial Clan can have this strength.

“Emperor Dong…”

A moving crab, at least in the six realms of Linshen, stopped the road and said: “It’s a matter of importance…this person…”

The beast emperor coldly snorted and said: “This is my brother, and the temperament is pure. The emperor guarantees that there will be no trouble.”

Lin Fan frowned, looked at the beasts blocking the road, and sighed, “Since this is the case, then don’t go, don’t make it difficult for the elder brother.”

“hmph! Let me go away, does it mean that I have no right or qualification to bring individuals to the place of residence?”

He is very majestic, holding Lin Fan in one hand and rushing away.

10 li again!

The kind of coercion is getting stronger and stronger, and Lin Fan is almost straight.

“Brother is sorry, the number of jade in that hand is constant, unless you die, you can change the master, you can’t give it to brother, you hold on.” The beast emperor said.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

He looked carefully. Every beast that appeared here had a piece of jade juicy on the head that was almost invisible, and he thought it was the so-called jade of the body.

That is because of this jade, so these beasts can ignore this vast and mighty coercion.

On the way, Lin Fan was thrilled.

This Ancient Battlefield, is it more than four supreme powerhouses in the Seven Realms?

Along the way, Lin Fan at least sensed the existence of seven or eight statues. The kind of murderous aura came across and hovered over him because the beast emperor was on the side, so he didn’t really shoot.

“Always on guard.” Lin Fan was dignified. He evaluated that even if he did his best, he was afraid that he would only be able to break through 10 li here. In the future, he would definitely die.

Go on, the expression of the Emperor Beast is solemn and dignified, even the centipede of the fairy horn, organizes his clothes like a pilgrimage.

“This is…”

Lin Fan almost screamed!

In front, under the cloud cover of Yunshan Mountain, a huge portal stands.

This is obviously Tianmen!

Once blocked the upper and lower heaven gates, exactly similar, also made of god bones.

“brother, have you ever seen this gate guardian?”

The Beast Emperor looked back suddenly, and a murderous intention exploded in his eyes.

Lin Fan solemnly nodded, said: “Brother, younger brother does not want to hide you, I have seen it, but it is not called the gate of the boundary, but called the Tianmen.”

“Dragon centipede, Hugh impudent.”

At this moment, an old silhouette sitting under the gate of the guard opened his mouth and looked backwards.

It’s just a look, but Lin Fan almost fell to the ground, unable to describe the horror and sharpness of this way of eyes, penetrating people’s hearts, as if you can see through the world’s disguise and concealment at a glance.

Lin Fan shook, then fiercely shook his head, shouted: “Senior what does this mean?”

The old silhouette turned back and no longer looked at Lin Fan.

“Sorry, brother.” The beast emperor said at this time, “This is my uncle, I have been guarding this place for 300,000 years, and, at a glance, I just confirmed something and it is not harmful to you.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are cold and severe.

This old man was so horrible that he had no power to fight back, so he was peeped through many fans, and only the thunder pool was not explored. The others were in front of the eyes, and they were unobstructed.

For a while, Lin Fan only converged in a good mood, breathes deeply, and said, “Brother, can you tell me what you are keeping?”

“I don’t know.” The Beast Emperor smiled bitterly and said, “We are guarding this place for generations, but what exactly is guarding, no one knows, is this very sad?”

Lin Fan frowned.

Later, the Beast Emperor led Lin Fan around the gate.

Lin Fan was terrified and came only along the way. He saw a total of nine tiankengs, eight of which were already filled with corpse bones, and the other one was never filled, but the corpse bones also piled up halfway up the mountain.

Look closely, these bones are grotesquely shaped, but Lin Fan couldn’t find any corpses of familiar species.

“What the hell are these things?” Lin Fan asked.

“It’s these things, long invading the guard gate.” Beast Emperor sighed.

“What are they going to do?” Lin Fan asked.

The Beast Emperor said with a bitter smile: “Maybe it’s the Foreign Domain’s Devil who wants to invade, maybe…”

“Don’t even know their purpose?”

Lin Fan really grieves for these beasts, guarding this gate for all generations, generations to generations, but why are they guarding, and what are they killing, and what is the purpose of these invasions of gates, they don’t even know .

“So keep going… does it make sense?” Lin Fan whispered.


This sentence is the silhouette of Lin Fan who pierced through Lin Fan: “If you can’t keep this door, the sky changes, when the time comes the so-called Three Thousand World, the so-called Chaos Realm, what you see in front of you Everything will dissipate.”

“What?” Lin Fan was horrified and said, “Is it the conquest between different races?”

“Some things…I don’t know.”

“Dare to ask what level of cultivator Senior is?” Lin Fan finally asked this question.

“Yu Dao.”

Simple two words, make Lin Fan have one’s hair stand on end, heartbroken!

What is blocking this gate?

Actually, it is necessary to be guarded by Yu Dao!

“Dare to ask Senior, but who is blocking the door?”

Lin Fan asked.

The silhouette is finally no longer calm, looking back, looking towards Lin Fan, saying: “What else do you know?”

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