Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3131


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Lin Fan said: “I have seen this door, and I was shocked by the people who blocked it, so there are only these two points.”

The old man looked at Lin Fan quietly. After a while, he said: “The old man is indeed a door blocker…but it is the weakest door blocker.”


Lin Fan is really shocked and surprised.

It is already Yu Dao Realm.

Under God, he is respected.

It is difficult to find the existence of a few statues all over the world, but they claim to be the weakest blockers.

“Little Brat, what is the door blocker? The door is blocked, the town is the sky.”

Another silhouette spoke, smiling with kindness, and said: “Eighty ways of the heavens, only our day, only Yudao sits in the town, without gods guarding, we are not weak, who is weak?”

“Senior, but there are eighty similar defensive gates?” Lin Fan hurriedly asked.

“I only know 80 ways.”

Long Wu’s uncle opened his mouth, and then said: “Little Brat, you are too weak, don’t ask, ask more, know more, you will be desperate and think that the road ahead is bleak, even if you become a god, In the end, it is nothing more than a cloud of smoke. No matter which step, no matter how gods go, the difference between Yu Dao and Yu Da is different from the ants.”

Lin Fan did not listen.

Instead of repeating those eight words in my mind—‘What guards the door and the town guards the sky. ’

These eight words made him dare not think of it. Whenever he thought of it, he felt cold all over, and his heart and soul were shaking.

“You go, after all, it’s not our realm, who has gotten too much breath and will find you strange and unknown.”

Another silhouette came out, and he gently waved his hands. Suddenly, Lin Fan and the Beast Emperor were sent out. They just waved their hands. They moved them to the endless space and appeared directly in the wine just now. On the table.

This makes Lin Fan question whether everything just now is just a dream.

“Brother! Have you ever gone to a battle in person?” Lin Fan looked towards Beast Emperor.

Beast Sovereign Dao: “The first condition to be emperor is to guard the gate for 30,000 years without dying, what do you say?”

The Beast Emperor spoke lightly and simply, but Lin Fan heard the heavy weight in his words.

Battle for 30,000 years without dying!

“What level of existence do those who invade the guard gates?” Lin Fan asked again.

Beast Sovereign Dao: “There are education, there are questions, there are saints, there are emperors.”

Later, there was a hint of fear in the eyes of the Beast Emperor, saying: “It’s all monsters, almost Eternal Undying, even if you explode his head, even if you swallow him into your belly, even if you swallow him The town is useless in that burial pit, as long as there is a ray of Tianhuapu photo, he can become a demon again, and dance the soldiers again.”

“So…Senro Realm has only one remnant sun, so, Senro Realm can always only float in the starry universe…is it?” Lin Fan looked towards Beast Emperor.

The beast emperor ordered nodded.

“I see.” Lin Fan stood up.

At this time, the centipede of Xianjiao sighed: “With Oracle, when we kill nine tiankengs, the ban on us can be lifted and we can go to the sun.”

Lin Fan turned back suddenly.

The so-called Tiankeng.

It should be the so-called burial pit in the mouth of the beast emperor. I don’t know how deep or how wide it is, because it is composed of Supreme’s Time and Space Rule.

How many corpses are needed to fill these nine pits?

Lin Fan is even thinking that all the creatures of Chaos Realm and Three Thousand World will be killed, and then thrown into it, which may fill the bottom.

“You don’t have to think about it. It’s not that this kind of thing happened before. An ancient star crashed into the gate of the guardian, and then it was all killed. The beast emperor spoke and said with a smile: “My originator of this lineage died in that battle. It was a six-headed sky roar. It was very strong. Even if the ancestor could not be respected in Yudao, he was killed. Now.”

Lin Fan looked quietly.

Xianjiao centipede said: “My brother, my parents, me and this ruthless eldest son, all died in battle…”

Lin Fan is still silent. After a while, he took a step back and waited until the end: “many thanks.”

He can only speak like this.

But thank you?

He has nowhere to speak.

There is a trace of indifference in the eyes of the beast emperor, waving his hands and ridiculing: “Maybe the first generation of Senior is indeed with great intentions, for the sake of all the world to guard this gate, but come to us…”

He grinned: “Go fucking justice! Go fuck the world! What is your relationship with Lao Tzu?”

Xianjiao centipede sobbing and saying, “Those who are lucky to live in the sun, but who has thought of us who have never seen the true sun and moon shine since we were born? Does anyone know that it is us These beasts and evil creatures in the eyes of the world have protected the safety of the world?”

Lin Fan’s face turned red.

Evil creature, beast, this word often appears in his mouth.

But now, think carefully, the so-called human beings, Supreme’s longest spirit, I am afraid that most of them, even the animals are not as good, so why is it a huge shame for people to have animals with this face?

“brother……” The Beast Emperor looked towards Lin Fan, there was a trace of exhaustion in his eyes: “My generation no longer wants any greatness, and no longer thinks about the god’s promise, just like painting a cake for hunger, that cake is too big, hanging It’s been too long, it’s useless… We just want to think that the debris behind the door will come faster. We will fill the pit where the corpse is buried earlier, and let our younger generations live in the sun earlier.”

“I understand, I really understand.” Lin Fan looked up at the sky, then suddenly thought of a question, said: “You are guarding here, can the clan know?”

“Tian clan?” centipede Xianjiao sneered, said: “How can they not know? And so many times the so-called patrol came across the ladder.”

“What are they going to do?” Lin Fan raised his eyebrows suddenly, and the murderous aura was sensational.

“Poisoning, traps, all kinds of destruction.”

“They! Damn.”

Lin Fan drinks on the lunar calendar.

“Death? They rule the chaos, overlooking the heavens, who can let them die?”

The Beast Emperor sneered and said, “Even the double emperors of the Sen Luo Realm may have forgotten for a long time. The reason why the Sen Luo Realm has survived to this day is because of our existence. If we lose, we die, all the worlds. How can it not die?”

“Shuanghuang is becoming more and more excessive, and really treats us as animals that are raised under the Sen Luo Realm… many offenses.” The centipede centipede eyes cold and severe, said: “300 years ladder will open, When the time comes, it is necessary to have a good argument with them.”

“It must be 300 years, sister-in-law.” Lin Fan’s eyes are murderous-looking: “At most half a year, I want Sen Luojie to change his name and surname!”

“What are you going to do?” The Beast Emperor said: “Don’t mess up, they are strong, you are not an opponent.”

“Brothers must be anxious.” Lin Fan’s eyes flashed angry.

He heard many double emperors oppress this world.

How can I bear it?

“Now let those people go, let the elder brother leave it alone, and let brother take me to compete with them. This is the first…I still have it!”

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