Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3132


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He didn’t mean that, and he didn’t want to fight for the so-called first.

That’s too much trouble and too conspicuous.

But it doesn’t work now, you have to open the killing ring and cut off multiple heads.

These beasts work hard and benefit all ages. The reason why the whole world is peaceful and peaceful, but they are prosperous, are all carried on the bones of these’beasts’.

Yes, nobody knows it!

Even if he knew Daoist, he was trying his best to conceal it, as if he would be ashamed of being sheltered by’beasts’.

Especially the two emperors of the Senro Realm, Lin Fan murderous intention, big moves, too venomous and cruel, too much to forget favors and violate justice, they know everything, they know that the Senluo Realm and even All Heavens Myriad Realms are alive and dead. On that door is the city wall where these respectable beasts cast their flesh with flesh.

As a result, they turned a blind eye to chasing pleasure, preferring to give large sums of money to those singers and gifting to the actors, and they would not reveal even half of the resources from their fingers, pouring into these truly guarding the heavens. !

Also, these respectable heroes should still be referred to as “animals”.

This is to forget favors and violate justice!

This is shameless!

More importantly, through the description of the beast emperor couple, the two emperors are too poor, and regard this Ancient Battlefield as a vegetable garden. The animals that live in it are all regarded as raised meat and when they want to sacrifice their teeth. To pick one.


Don’t be wrong.

“brother, are you so angry for that?” The beast emperor said, in his words, he was determined to be ashamed and numb.

“How not to be angry?” Lin Fan scolded: “If I am not angry, can I be called a person? If I am not angry, wouldn’t it be a woman who squats and urinates?”

The beast emperor laughed, just a word, actually made his eyes burst into tears, and picked up a basin-like wine glass, saying: “brother, be sure to say more, everything is in the wine.”

Lin Fan closed his eyes tightly, and then patted a pot of wine directly on the seal mud and sipped it out.

It’s just that this so-called 100,000 years Monkey Wine, when he drank it, it was bloody and pungent.

Liquor, Lin Fan drunk and left.

The Beast Emperor couple sent each other away.

“Little Brother is fine.” The Beast Emperor said.

Xianjiao centipede nodded, said: “Pure heart knows black and white, Pure Heart.”

This silent Ancient Battlefield, as those captured cultivators were released, became lively again.

They are cursing the world, all cursing the ancestors of the eighteen generations of household justice.

During this time, who is not worried?

Who doesn’t shiver coldly, trembling with fear?

There are a group of evil beasts glare like a tiger watching his prey facing you day and night, opening the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, you may be swallowed into the belly of the animal at any time.

This is too scary and too tormenting.

Rakshasa left the complexion ashen, looking like an innocent person, but when Lin Fan suddenly appeared and patted his shoulder, his reaction was too great and terrifying.

Without looking back, split the knife backwards and cut out the blade glow of several hundred zhang, but the whole person ran away desperately.

This leaves Lin Fan ignorant.

Rakshasa left her face anxious at this time, and has not left this damn area. There are many ominous beasts. The more he thinks, the more he is afraid. The one he just shot on his shoulder should be sharp claws.

Thinking about it, he was terrified by himself, and after a roar, he actually speeded up again and galloped forward to escape.

Lin Fan wanted to understand that even if it was burnt in anger, there was a smile on his face.

This Rakshasa left is not afraid of the sky, but this time was scared terribly. He went behind and caught up with the Rakshasa left, of course to avoid the Rakshasa left to run away again.

“Are you want to die?”

Rakshasa reprimanded the left, and then the surging Spirit Force suddenly rushed to all directions. After confirming that there was no one around, he only looked ugly: “Too risky, you should not come to me.”

Lin Fan pointed to the sky, a layer of golden power grid appeared at first glance, Rakshasa left it to be relaxed, but still looks bad.

And, during this process, he glanced around from time to time, like he was afraid of something and embankment.

“You can rest assured, I promise impossible that a Beast King will suddenly be killed.” Lin Fan teased.

“You!” Rakshasa angered, and cold light flashed in his eyes: “Speak, what are you doing with me?”

Speaking of the topic, Lin Fan’s eyes gloomed down and said: “Among those who entered, besides the dead family, who else belongs to Sen Huang.”

“What are you going to do?” Rakshasa narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Of course it is murder.” Lin Fan answered very simply.

“Are you crazy? Could you really disobey the emperor’s order?” Rakshasa reprimanded the left, and then said: “I don’t know what you met, but I don’t support this matter.”

The cold light flashes in Lin Fan’s eyes.

Rakshasa left an entourage: “Small unbearable is a mess. You have to know that even if you kill all the people who belong to the two emperors in this Ancient Battlefield, it’s useless. The plan will surely introduce new candidates. Could you keep killing?”

Lin Fan’s eyebrows are slightly raised.

Rakshasa left the coldly snorted, saying: “The deity does not have your wisdom and wisdom, but also knows that if you want to solve this matter as soon as possible, let this so-called king war quickly produce a result, which can only be achieved as soon as possible. This points contest is over.”

“Are you smart?” Lin Fan teased.

Rakshasa left Fiercely glaring at Lin Fan and said: “According to your words, your plan is to wait for the two emperors to kill each other. At this point, you and Wang Qingmu really want to go together. “

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed and said, “Could you have earned his trust?”

“Where is it possible? Until now, I only knew some skins, and many things were guesses.” Rakshasa shook his head left.

After thinking about it, Lin Fan thinks this is normal.

Otherwise, it is not that King Qingmu that makes him feel tricky.

“If you are sure you want the secret list of two or three people, I can also tell you to kill you please.” Rakshasa left his mouth, and then turned around like going out, said: “But you will procrastinate Time.”

Lin Fan did not speak.

Rakshasa left envoy continued: “Just blame the head, it seems that it is your style, what exactly are you stimulated by?”

Lin Fan breathes deeply.

Rakshasa made a long conversation with Zuo Zuo, but it turned out that he had unraveled him, and the murderous intention that had accumulated in his heart had disintegrated.

“I suggest you don’t kill people, but eliminate all the people that Sen Huang belongs to. Only in this way will it be in the best interest.” Rakshasa opened his mouth.

“These words are not like what you can say.” Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa curiously.

Rakshasa left her heavily coldly snorted, saying: “Of course not!”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he joked: “Who knows me like that?”

Rakshasa cold light appeared in his left eye: “Of course it is king.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink.

Afterwards, she asked, “Does she know the mourning and truth buried here?”

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