Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3133


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“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Rakshasa left a glance at Lin Fan and said: “Wang Ding told me that although you look like a bamboo in the chest, planning strategies, but you are still a teenager temperament, in this Ancient Battlefield; anything can happen, when the time comes let me persuade you.”

“Fart! That crazy lady knows something.”

Lin Fan coldly snorted: “The temperament of a shit boy, I was gone as early as 2000 years.”

“You better respect her.” Rakshasa left fiercely squinting Lin Fan, and then left directly, not wanting to talk to him at all.

Lin Fan looked at the distant Rakshasa left envoy, and then turned back and walked forward, faintly said: “That crazy lady, made me know what I look like, and still a teenager temperament.”


On the first day, all cultivator to live together in harmony, it takes time to hire to calm down the days of fear and tension.

But the second day–

The faces of the two emperors appear directly on Ancient Battlefield, which is too huge and majestic.

“Emperor of Sen Luo Realm; you have crossed the realm.”

The four emperors of Ancient Battlefield emerge.

“Just to announce a command, Fellow Daoist is no stranger.”

Sen Huang said, he looked towards the real roar wearing a crown on the west side.

The Western Emperor coldly snorted, his silhouette disappeared.

In the eyes of Sen Huang, there is a trace of unexplainable scoffs that Lin Fan looked at.

“Many changes happened this time, so I and Youhuang decided to rank them by points within the prescribed time and within five days.” Sen Huang just left this sentence and left with Youhuang.

“Five days?” Lin Fan’s heart tightened.

Is there something wrong with the outside world, so it is so urgent?

Everyone else was nervous.

Especially those cultivators that were hurt at the Emperor Beast are the complexion greatly changed by each and everyone.

The five-day period is too short, but only to completely recover the injury, I am afraid that it will take three full days.

Everyone is anxious, and the cultivators divided around are all agitated. They are going to fight the entrants and win points.

Lin Fan walking slowly in the forest at this time.

He was muttered: “In this battle of the king, the rules are full of loopholes. I said that the top sixteen want to compete for strength and weakness, and said that the original eight ambassadors only need to defend, but it turns into a dogfight. Time, but now within five days.”

The rules have been changed again and again, what are the Shuanghuang going to guard against, and what are the embankments?

Or, are they actually guarding each other?

Of course, these things are not important anymore.

Lin Fan dares to make sure that he is the one with the highest points among all the people.

Xu Kunlun, who was eliminated, and the tragic death of the family, the original points of both are here.

Others should have been caught by the beast emperor before they had any room to play.

“As long as this advantage is maintained, this number one…is none other than me.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold.

According to the words of Rakshasa’s left envoy, they belong to the cultivator of the Sen Emperor. When there are two or three people hidden in the dark, the best thing is to find them out and eliminate them.

Even more, Lin Fan was thinking that it would be better to eliminate all cultivators on either side of the two emperors, so as to better push Sovereign to the end.

Only the semi-finals have that qualification. They challenge the original four kings and have a chance of being promoted to the new king.

If all the cultivators are eliminated, naturally there is no chance of becoming king, when the time comes ……

“Just stop here.”

Suddenly someone made a noise.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly. This person’s concealment method is indeed quite impressive.

Looking down at the sound source, he saw a man with a huge gossip board coming out from under a big tree.

“Li Chundao?”

Lin Fan gave a surprised look and directly called out the person’s real name.

Twelfth Xi Chundao.

When competing for the 16 seats, they acted very ordinary and lukewarm.

But Lin Fan noticed this person early, this is an expert.

Too good at hiding power.

No matter what opponents you meet, it seems that you need to fight hard to win, but in fact, every time you win, you can make him unharmed, and the strength you show happens to be a bit higher than your opponent.

This is interesting.

He looked at Li Chundao sideways, said with a smile: “What’s the matter?”

Li Chundao glanced at him, and Leng Sen said: “Hand over the points and then roll.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are cold.

This Li Chundao ridiculed said with a smile: “Don’t tell the deity what you don’t have points, or other things that are useless, useless.”

After being neered, Li Chundao said with a sneer: “You first eliminate Xue Kunlun, lose your account, plus your original points, that is, you have a total of 30%.”

Lin Fan shrugged: “Understand.”

“So… are you going to take the initiative to hand over points, or will the deity kill you half-dead yourself?”

Li Chundao is too domineering.

In this Ancient Battlefield, he seems to have removed all disguise and no longer hides the edge.

“Could you be the Emperor Sen?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Li Chundao’s eyes were sharp and cold, and said: “Since you have this question, it proves that you belong to You Huang! It’s just that I’m looking for the bad luck of those of you. It seems that today, I want you to be eliminated. It won’t work.”

“One another.” Lin Fan sneered.

At this time, Li Chundao shot, and the huge gossip behind him suddenly flew, and Li Chundao gathered his hands above his head.


A bunch of icy lasers suddenly blasted from the gossip disk, with a deep cold killing intent.

Lin Fan shot down with one hand, the space collapsed, and a huge space-time ravine lay in front of him, and the laser that killed him was suddenly swallowed.

Li Chundao coldly snorted. He reached out and wiped on the gossip plate. Various hexagrams suddenly turned and became disordered. Heaven and Earth became chaotic.

“Good means.”

Lin Fan solemnly spoke.

This Li Chundao, really amazing, holding Eight Trigrams Mirror, can actually manipulate this side of Heaven and Earth for a short time. At this time, a group of eight-color light groups call him, and each beam of light represents a kind of Heaven and Earth are the most reasonable, respectively, a kind of hexagram image.


Suddenly, a huge sundae rune made a scramble like a knife out of the sheath, a broad knife suddenly came out of the light group, too fast, just glanced at the tip of the knife from the light group, the blade was Lin Fan has been on the top of the head of Lin Fan.


A fist seal, blocked the blade and cut down, Lin Fan’s arm flicked up, the blade was turned upside down, fiercely split towards the light group, but the light group turned like a wave of water, and the broad knife cut into the light group, It turned out to be silent.

“A bit of a tactic. No wonder you meet your deity and dare to resist.”

Li Chundao coldly snorted. At this time, he rushed forward, his hands inserted into the light group, and suddenly his two fists were like wearing immortal gloves. Every time he punched, he made the time and space disordered and the void collapsed.

The fist prints are like mountains, and the murderous aura is like the sea. Every punch is banging here, like the entire Ancient Battlefield is going to be collapsed by it.

Lin Fan’s face was cold, and he also fisted with it, and all kinds of fist prints were killed together, like a row of mountains and sea.

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