Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3134


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Between the two, a fist seal against each other, destroying heaven extinguishing earth, everything was crushed around, and all beasts fled.

“You are good, but that’s all.”

Li Chundao shouted angrily. At this time, the gossip plate became fiery red, as if a cluster of skyfire was held in his hand.

Later, Li Chundao raised his cheek gang and blew against the sky of fire. Suddenly, South Bright Chi Fire swarmed into it, turning into a variety of horrible fires. Divine Beast, everywhere all is, enough to burn the heaven and boiling the sea.

Divine Beast swarmed away from the fire, screamed and screamed to Lin Fan. The horror was so far away from Lin Fan that the heat wave burned his hair to yellow, even the girl on the body The meticulous tailoring, the materials used to the extreme black jersey, are softened, as if to be roasted into a liquid.


Lin Fan screamed, his hands screamed, and he converted tens of thousands of times in his hands and fist seals!

Each and everyone came out of the beast form, caught up with the Divine Beast who had killed him, and then both of his hands fiercely shocked, separated from the fire like a wave of fire, a majestic silhouette from the fire Sea took a step, and lifted his fist to suppress and kill Li Chundao.

This is Shenlin, one of Lin Fan’s Supreme lore, with a bang, Li Chundao was robbed, but didn’t expect Lin Fan to have such a big killing move, he was shocked by a punch on his shoulder blade, and suddenly he was halfway around. All collapsed.

“Gossip moves, the sky is bright!”

Li Chundao’s angry shouted; he held Eight Trigrams Mirror, all kinds of hexagrams were flying, and turned into a monstrous rune word, and then turned into a big sword, which stood upright, but when Li Chundao punched out, this The big sword standing upright is like Lin Fan rolling in.

It seems slow, but in fact, speed to the pinnacle, with the depression of this sword, this world is back to Qingming, the turbulent space turbulence, the essence energy mixed with anger, etc., all Purification.

This sword is really terrifying. The sword edge touches the ground, but there are already large dark cracks spreading to the endless distance. Under the deep cold sword intent, Lin Fan feels that his reaction seems to be slow. hundred times.


Lin Fan both hands forming seals, and then shot forward fiercely, there was dragon’s cry tiger’s roar and True Phoenix cries, a bang, which suddenly burst into the big sword he pressed, a bunch of silence Light quickly rushed forward and struck Li Chundao between his eyebrows.

Li Chundao’s pupils contracted sharply, and he shot forward with Eight Trigrams Mirror. With a click, this Eight Trigrams Mirror turned out to be a tiny hole.

With a strange cry, Li Chundao quickly bowed his head to avoid it, and the light of death followed his scalp, scratched his skull, and brought out a deep blood line.

At this time, Li Chundao’s unkempt face, the Purple Gold crown that he wore was bursting, his face was bloody, and there was no previous sense of elegance.

“You damn it! Damn it! How dare you destroy this treasure of respect!”

He looked at the small hole broken in the sundial with distress, and his eyes were full of cold murderous intention.

“merely this.”

Lin Fan sneered, with a hint of coldness.

“Do you really think that this deity has only this strength?” Li Chundao shouted, and then shouted: “If the deity’s skills stop here, how can Sovereign value it, and will it be granted the next throne?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold, said with a malicious smile: “The so-called war of kings, is it just the game field of the two emperors, how can the dignified throne be manipulated by him?”

“Dare to disrespect the emperor, kill!”

Li Chundao shot again, but it didn’t work, the chaos came out, and the world was unskilled. He almost won Li Chundao a few times.

“hehe…who does the deity think it is; it turns out to be the ninth and Twelfth.”

Someone came and lay lazily on a dark cloud, jest looking towards below.

Lin Fan sneered and said: “The tenth seat asks heaven!”

“It’s the seat.” Asked the god nodded, and then laughed: “Please, please, the deity just to see.”

Lin Fan’s eyes sneered.

This question asks, whether it is really a free man or not, does not belong to any party, it is not yet known.

And, even if he is really a free man, how can he be allowed to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger?

“Yeah…it’s really hilarious.”

Wu Cheng from the thirteenth seat also came, with a cold smile.

Lin Fan shrugged.

I am afraid that there will be a big fight.

He also knows why these two people arrived, but because of the excessive movement of his battle with Li Chundao, he attracted these people.

I’m afraid there is the idea of ​​sitting atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight, and then sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.

“You guys are free to fight quickly, this deity can add a referee to determine whether you two are stronger and weaker.” Wu Chengxiao hehe, standing on the greenest leaf of the treetop, grows Hair fluttered with the wind, very chic.

“What are you? Also have that qualification to judge this seat?”

Li Chundao sneered, and he pointed to Heaven, saying, “I want to be that fisherman? Are you qualified?”

Lin Fan burst out laughing.

This Li Chundao is really as domineering and self-confident as ever. He is looked around by the double strong and he dares to mock the two.

“You laugh a lot?” Li Chundao’s murky eyes, murderous intention, immediately found Lin Fan, grinning, and shouted: “Do you think you can escape today’s final defeat?”

“Old Brother, are you too domineering? Are you afraid that the three of us will blow you here with one punch?”

Wu Cheng plucked his ears with his fingers, he smiled, but in fact, his eyes were extremely cold.

“Wrong! It’s the deity who defeated all three people including Er!”

Li Chundao laughed heartily.

Lin Fan looked puzzled towards Li Chundao, this person is probably frustrated, otherwise would he dare to say such rants?

But soon, Lin Fan’s eyes changed!

“Yu Beast! How do you know the way of Yu Beast?” Lin Fan shouted, it is unbelievable, this is a long-lost method and technique.

Can control thousands of beasts to fight for themselves.

“hahaha…how many of you are there? Could it be more than Beast King here? Send you all person away, all are defeated.”

Li Chundao shouted, and then the gossip plate suddenly turned into a token of lustrous shine, exuding a strange and deep air, spreading rapidly towards all directions.



Ominous beast roaring from end to end, and then The earth shook and the mountain quivered, you can see that the mountain forest is trampled everywhere, and a huge ominous beast is gathering here.

“Damn it!”

Wu Cheng’s ever-present smile finally disappeared, turning into a dignified and obscure face.

“Quickly defeated him.”

Wen Tian also shouted, with anxiety in his eyes.

Because, he saw a screaming moon swallowing the sky tiger and waved its wings like a cloud to kill here.

This Xiaoyue swallowed Tianhu is very strong, that is, he once captured himself alive and brought him to the beast emperor’s place, where he was tortured.

“hahaha…… This deity is the Emperor of the Ten Beasts, but you can wait!”

Li Chundao laughed heartily, ignoring the Magistrate that Wen Tian killed him.


Ask Magistrate for a stroke, and was held back by an iron hook.

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