Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3135


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This is an iron sword eagle of Beast King level!

Feathers are like swords, impervious to sword or spear, the most brutal and violent.


The iron sword, eagle, and eagle struck the sky, like the eagle claw cast by mother gold flashing cold light, and the top of the head of Xiang Wentian was smashed, forcing Wentian to have to explode several hundred zhang.


At the moment of asking heaven to avoid retreat, the ground suddenly burst open, and a thick dragon tail fiercely slapped him on the back!

The dragon tail too terrifying, the black lacquered scale armor blooms in a faint light, like a mountain.

“Earth Dragon!”

Lin Fan’s heart was tight, and then looked towards Li Chundao with a fear.

It is worthy of being valued by the Emperor Mori, even at the promise of the throne.

Lin Fan is even thinking that if it’s not him and Lin Long equivalent to get into this war, I’m afraid that this Li Chundao will become the undisputed number one, and then he will become an under one person. above ten thousand people.

Ten statues!

There are really ten Beast King-level kills, becoming a huge encircling circle, enclosing their three people.

“hahaha…… It is enough for one person to divide your three heads? If you think you are very strong, the three beasts Royal Capital can’t take down the wait, you can call another ten heads.”

Li Chun said with a grin, arrogant and rampant, and crazy to the point.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, said with a sneer: “What atmosphere is blowing? Just as much as you can, you can call ten Beast King, I’m afraid I’ve tried my best, and I want to summon Beast King? Don’t you fear that you will collapse here first?”

Li Chundao’s pupils shrunk, and then she shouted inwardly: “Even if you know it? Could it be the ten-headed Beast King, can’t you win the three of you?”

“Pure daoist brother, there is really no malice underneath, just come and see how you crush this ninth dragon.”

Wen Tian opened his mouth and anxiously defended. At this time, he was forced to be surrounded by perils by the Iron Sword Eagle and the Earth Vein Dragon, and he was almost broken by the bowel many times.


Wu Cheng growled, a large chunk of flesh was detained from his back ribs, half of his back was bloody, and the white bones with minced meat could be seen.

“Pure daoist brother, please stop! There is no malice underneath, just for watching.”

He is also begging for mercy and is also surrounded by perils.

“Waste.” Lin Fan said quietly: “Even if he waits for mercy, even if he kneels in front of him, he can spare him? Why not fight hard and temporarily resist the beasts with two people, one person It is reasonable to defeat him quickly.”

Li Chundao turned back suddenly, said with a malicious smile: “Is this deity too kind to you? Go… kill him.”

He is talking about killing!

Not defeated.

“jié jié … First declare that the deity will not be responsible for your death. You must know that you are dying in the hands of the beasts.” He opened his mouth like this, wanting to show his strength, with a terrible killing intent, without concealment.

Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly cold, took a step forward, holding the halberd nail to kill Gao Tian!

Because, Xiaoyue swallowed the Tianhu to kill him, and in the mouth of the horrifying tiger, there was a light of rules and a silver light, like a full moon.

With a cry, the full moon fell, crushing time and space and mountains and rivers, and Lin Fan would be alive and dead.

Booming, the falling moon was exploded by the sky, and pieces of the moon were cut into pieces, like a machete, with gods block then kill gods if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas Trend.

“Go again!”

Li Chundao shouted, he pointed forward, and suddenly moved the crabs to Lin Fan.

This crab pack lays a divine mountain. At that time, the divine mountain flew up, and the bottom of the mountain exploded ten thousand zhang Immeasurable Light. Under the irradiation of the rays of light, everything in the world shrank violently and had infinite suction Burst, Lin Fan should be turned into dust directly, and then suppressed under the mountain.

“Go away.”

Lin Fan Chang Xiao, he suddenly threw the Chaos Town God Clock, let it hit the God Mountain horizontally, bang, this God Mountain was smashed and displaced, and was intercepted by the Town God Bell clock wall ten thousand zhang rays of light .

“Only the two Beast Kings, you have to defeat this seat, you are too small to look at this seat.” Lin Fan snorted.

His toughness calmed down the three men, and there was a strong fear in his eyes.

Importantly, whether it’s Wu Cheng, or asking God, it’s also one against two, but can’t get the upper hand. It’s almost impossible to get killed.

“Two heads are not enough? Then give you four heads!” Li Chundao shouted loudly, shouting loudly, and another silver eclipse sunbird and a thousand-footed mongoose killed Lin Lin.

“Two heads are coming!” Lin Fan shouted, rushing out a silhouette from within his body, this is the future body.

Li Chundao grinned: “Since you want to die! That deity will fulfill you.”

Suddenly, two other beasts rushed to Lin Fan.


a long whistle, Lin Fan rushed into the six Beast King groups, fighting with them.

“Ask God and Wu Cheng, one deity controls six beasts, but can you dare to have one against four beasts alone, and go and kill Li Chundao alone?”

Li Chundao complex slightly changed.

Shenhua and Wu Cheng flashed Shenhua.

“jié jié ……In this case, then the deity and I have a good time waiting!”

Li Chundao shouted, and then rose into the sky, chanting inexplicable incantation in his mouth, and suddenly a horrible beast roared from all directions; it seemed to summon the beasts again.

Wen Tian and Wu Cheng suddenly changed their faces and hurriedly opened their mouths, saying: “Pure daoist brother, we really are not malicious. I ask the pure daoist brother to let us go for a horse. It is necessary to report it afterwards.”

“Idiot! Damn.”

Lin Fan is furious and shouted: “He is a bluff.”

He was so angry that he had already said that with the power of Li Chundao at the moment, the most is the summon ten beasts, but these people are still scared, how stupid it is.

“Shut up!” Wen Tian scolded, and said: “You are not going to hell alone, do you still have to walk with your deity?”

“hmph! If you were not an idiot, you would not be able to do it yourself, and you would dare to provoke the pure daoist brother. How could we recruit this tribulation? The deity hates to solve you for the pure daoist brother.” Roar.


Suddenly, Wentian was robbed again, and his arm was unloaded.

“Pure Daoist Brother Atonement!”

Wen Tian begs for mercy.

Li Chundao grinned and said, “It’s not impossible to want the deity to be forgiven.”

“Please ask the pure daoist brother to state the conditions.” Wu Cheng said. He was drawn into the wing by the iron sword eagle suddenly killed from the diagonal stabbing, and the whole person was bombarded into the mountain.

“Go, kill him!”

Li Chundao grinned wildly, he pointed to Lin Fan.


“The Emperor’s Fate is not allowed to kill!”

Wu Cheng and Wen Tian shouted.

“jié jié ……Think clearly, even if you kill him, you can be blamed on Beast King, at most punished by Sovereign, but if you don’t kill him, you will die!” Li Chuandao grinned.

At this time, he seems to have become the Yan Wang who manipulated Lin Fan and other three deaths, and his every move is domineering and majestic.

Lin Fan’s gloomy eyes!

He still has a hole card, not to mention anti-kill, but it is not difficult to get out of this place!

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