Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3136


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The main thing is that these two goods are scared.

What an ignorance that idiot believes that Li Chundao can summon Beast King again?

“Quickly! The patience is not very good.”

Li Chundao scolded and urged.

The expressions of both Wen Tian and Wu Cheng have changed drastically, and at the same time they are caught in a tangle.

However, this entanglement did not last long, and the two of them came to Lin Fan with a grin, and their shots were very brutal. It seemed that they could kill Lin Fan directly with three moves.


Lin Fan is too angry.

These two idiots actually shot him, even if he was alone against the six beasts, they could not make them feel confident.

“Shut up!”

Ask the sky, he holds a Magistrate pen and draws a huge sentence in the void. The word is glowing, dignified, emperor, and upright.

Buzzing, this huge verdict turned into a shackle and came to Lin Fan’s neck sleeve to lock him.

“Stupid! Waste.” Lin Fan was so angry and shouted: “I can wait to kill the deity tentatively. Even if the deity can really be killed, could Li Chundao spare you.”

“jié jié… Hugh is provocative. What kind of person is the pure daoist brother? When he can be honored in this Ancient Battlefield, how can he be fat?”

Wu Cheng speaks.

“hahaha …and rest assured that the deity does not go back on one’s word. When he said that the deity will let go, he will naturally let go.” Li Chundao is like a king who controls the life and death of Wanling and remote, playfully and cruelly looked towards below.

Lin Fan sighed inwardly.

It seems that you can only slip first, new hatreds and old hatreds can only be counted later.

If you want to stay here forever, you will lose money.

There are ten Beast Kings looking around, and there are Wentian and Wu Cheng struggling.


With a stern drink, Lin Fan held his halberd and forced him to retreat to the heavens who had killed him, and then he screamed like a dragon, and escaped from Lin Fan’s hands.

“Want to escape?”

Li Chundao shouted: “Will this Venerable doesn’t exist?”

He came quickly, intercepted at the end of the neutral gear, and took a gossip disc fiercely to shoot Lin Fan.

“Damn it!”

Lin Fan scolded, turned his body across his feet, bent his knees under his feet, then kicked fiercely out, and with a bang, the gossip board was kicked back to Li Chundao’s hands. Come here.

I have to say that this Li Chundao is a good combatant. He can always anticipate the enemy’s opportunities, but he has seen Lin Fan’s intention to leave more than once. .

Lin Fan was forced back into the siege circle again, his body was bloodied.

Even if he is tough, he is defying in heaven.

But in this situation, wanting not to be injured is just a fool’s dream.

“Along…jié jié… today I will kill you as a dog!”

Wen Tianru opened his mouth. Three gaps appeared in the Magistrate pen in his hand, which seemed to be broken at any time.

This is of course Lin Fan’s masterpiece.

“If there is help from the beasts, this seat kills you like slaughtering dogs, like slaughtering chickens.”

Lin Fan looks cold.

These Beast King, skin is rough, flesh is thick, especially the one that shook the sky bear, even if he could harden his fist without dying!

Because of the defensive power that shocked him, Beast King can protect this damn question from time to time, otherwise, he will be cut off by the halberd blade long ago.

“Oh…you are very strong.” Wu Cheng smiled, but ridiculed: “But what? You must die in this battle.”

Lin Fan Leng Sensen’s sweeps to the Quartet.

This game is really not broken.

Mainly, Li Chundao did not give him a chance to start off the battlefield.

However, this man is outside the battlefield, but he is in control of the whole game, and he only shoots when he breaks through.

It’s hard to get around.

The fighter plane is very accurate. Since the last time he deliberately sold a pass, Li Chundao went on the road, thinking that when he was about to break through, he was cut off by his halberd, and he almost died.

This Li Chundao will never be fooled again.

“hehe ……ambush from ten sides, why don’t you confess yourself?” Li Chundao was gruesome. He stroked the big blood on the neck that had never been completely recovered. The whole person could be scary.

But not waiting for Lin Fan to speak, he said with a malicious smile: “Wrong! Want to die? The deity does not allow, the deity will leave you a breath, watching your blood corpse swallowed by the beasts…”

This sentence made Wen Tian and Wu Chengcheng shivered and shivered.


Watching your own flesh and blood swallowed, you can feel the fear and pain, but you are helpless.

What kind of torture will that be?

Wen Tian and Wu Cheng, both of them grinning, have reached this time, no matter what, they can only cooperate with Li Chundao.

Make every effort to make this Li Chundao believe that the two of them really have no bad heart, I am afraid that this Li Chundao will use the malicious means used on Lin Fan on them.

“Start!” Li Chundao shouted loudly, the two came together, and the beasts were crazy, all kinds of fierce jade hand kills, all shrouded to Lin Fan in the center.


At this moment, a horrible beast roar came from the center.

The beast roared too terrifying, and across the endless distance, all the mountains and peaks where they were located exploded, and the beasts who besieged Lin Fan were all creeping on the ground, shiver coldly.

“Beast Emperor?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

This beast roar is full of an indomitable domineering, with a very ruthless oppose me and perish.

The beasts prostrate and tremble, but the look is no longer chaotic, but clear.

“What’s going on?”

Li Chundao suddenly shouted anxiously.

Because, after the appearance of the beast roar, his manipulation of the beasts suddenly disappeared.

“Emperor Beast…You have crossed the border.”

At this moment, Emperor Sen’s face appeared, looking towards the center of the cold and quiet.

“Fuck your mother’s ass, you are killed or killed, the emperor does not care, but dare to use the emperor to rule the subjects?”

It really is the beast emperor!

His huge silhouette appeared, confronting the Emperor Sen, and sternly said: “You old bastard, could you forget the prior agreement? Our Great Four Sovereigns agreed to wait for the battlefield to pick up new talents, but you Qiu is not guilty of both of us. If you really forget this treaty, the emperor does not mind letting the children make shots, and also go to fight the tooth festival.”

Sen Huang’s eyes are gloomy.

He is Sovereign.

Whether it is in Sen Luo Realm or Chaos Realm, it is a big thing.

But at this time, he is being reprimanded by a beast!

jié jié smiled, and the emperor’s lunar calendar said: “Well, this matter is really our fault.”

The Beast Emperor’s eyes are cold.

Sen Emperor Hehe smiled and said, “This emperor has made a guilt to Brother Longwu, so at this time, can the elder brother recall those ten Beast Kings?”

Lin Fan relaxed.

As long as there is no participation of these ten Beast Kings.

Even if he paid some price, he must solve these three pickled goods and give a bad breath.

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