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Sen emperor thinks he has enough suffocation.

I was tolerated by the animal's reprimands like son training.

even more how, asking the beast emperor to repatriate the top ten Beast King is also reasonable.

So this beast emperor should be willing to agree.

But it’s not the same thing at all—

"Fuck your mother's stinky fare, why don't you let those guys get away?" The beast emperor scolded, shouted: "I have never heard the host make a seat for guests in his house, which one is this? Makes sense?"

Senhuang almost breathlessly came up!

It really is a beast!

Farm animals!

It's quite unreasonable and vulgar.

But Lin Fan feels that he is happy.


"ao wu ......"

The ten-headed Beast King roared in unison at this time, shaking the four wild tremors and bursting into the sky.

Even Emperor Sen was attracted by the shocking changes here!

I saw Ten Beast King get up, and then stare at Li Chundao, or the eyes of scarlet or oily, make the scalp numb.


Li Chundao shouted in fear.

From the eyes of the beasts, he felt the horrible murderous intention and killing intent.


Hunting the sky bear shot, its big hand stretched back and then fiercely mentioned, it grabbed a high mountain, and then calmed down to Li Chundao.

"Evil creature dare!"

Senhuang drank vigorously, and it seemed that he was going to shoot.

As a result, coldly snorted the beast emperor, crushed the cold light he shot, and then said eeriely: "What are you going to do? Could you be the king of the Beast King?"

Sen Emperor looked back suddenly, staring at the Beast Emperor on the lunar calendar, and said: "Aren’t you saying that Qiu didn’t make any mistake?"

The Beast Emperor sneered: "They are kings. In this world, they are prestigious. As a result, they are manipulated by that shit thing. At this time, they wake up, how can they bear this breath?"

"jié jié..." Sen Huang smiled.

What is the reason for shit?

Although he has not entered this world, in the final analysis, how can he hide him from what happened in this world?

In the final analysis, it's just that this dragon has a friendship with the Beast Emperor, so this Beast Emperor wants to help him out.

"What do you laugh at?" The beast emperor obliquely looked at the emperor, said with a sneer: "Excuse me, if you are manipulated by someone like a puppet, will you be vengeful when you are awake?"

"Fuck!" Mori Emperor shouted: "Who is this emperor? Can it be manipulated?"

The Beast Emperor said innocently: "The emperor's kings thought the same way before they were manipulated."

Lin Fan almost laughed.

The beast emperor is really sharp-tongued.

This compares Sen Huang to the beasts under his rule.

Emperor Mori exhaled and said: "Brother Long Wu, let this thing go, the kings retreat, the emperor promises, this kind of thing will happen again impossible."

"You say it simple and easy, so what do they say about being manipulated? You take a good look, just because that waste manipulates the kings, but they suffered multiple injuries?" Beast Emperor grinned.

"How exactly do you want?" Sen Huang's eyes narrowed dangerously.

The Beast Emperor also showed his sharp edge: "It is the only truth that our generation upholds that you have revenge and revenge."

Sen Huang grinned: "Are you killing him?"

"Must not be killed." The Beast Emperor spooked back, and said: "You can shelter him, at worst you and I have fought a battle."

"Then..." Sen Emperor's eyes narrowed, and he was about to say it, it would be a battle.


Heaven and Earth, the other three parties, three powerful breaths gradually raised, and then suppress him at the same time.

Obviously, these are the other three beast emperors.

No matter how they fight in this Ancient Battlefield.

But all are internal.

When there are foreign enemies, be consistent with the outside world.

Senhuang complexion slightly changed.

This Li Chundao is a vital part of his plan.

There is nothing to lose.

But what can he do at this time?

With his strength, fight against the four beast emperors?

Although he is conceited.

But not stupid.

"Children, there are complaints and revenge, I am here, but I want to see who dares to mess up." The beast emperor shouted.

Suddenly, the ten Beast Kings started to work together, too terrifying, and the momentum was soaring.

Only a short battle, Li Chundao was almost torn apart!

At this time, his five limbs were respectively clamped by a Beast King. This is to be Membership by Five Horses.


Li Chundao was exhausted and was crying for help.

"Beast Emperor! Do you have to be like this?" Emperor Mori shouted, the murderous intention in his eyes was enough to stun an Old Ancestor Level creature.

But the beast emperor on the other side was fearless, with a sneer, he didn't reply to him in half a sentence.

pu' sound.

Li Chundao was divided into corpses!

But still not dead, the broken limb and broken arm rushed up again, healed.

"hmph! Is your enemy only him?" The beast emperor coldly snorted, his eyes gloomy, with a pointed glance at Xiang Wentian and Wu Cheng.


The two shouted in fear, then knelt down together on the ground, facing Lin Fan and begging for mercy.

"I go..."

Lin Fan jumped three feet high: "What does this have to do with me? This is the revenge of the Beast Kings."

"Along... let these beasts stop; the emperor owes you a favor." Sen Huang looked straight at Lin Fan with threats in his eyes.

"Why is Emperor Mori embarrassing a Loose Cultivator?"

The Emperor appeared, sighing, "He has what skills and abilities, and can stop the Beast King? After all, this is the revenge of the Beast King that’s all."

Sen Emperor looked back suddenly, Bing Sen looked towards You Emperor, and said: "Are you going to see this emperor's joke?"

Yuhuang laughed and said: "Senhuang is joking, you and I are both Sovereign, and we should work together, but this matter is indeed what your people have done."

"hehe......good...very good! really good... thought that without Li Chundao, you would be able to win the position alone?" Sen Huangcao smiled, and then pointed to Lin Fan, saying: "He is yours Right? I swear, he can't live a battle of kings."

Lin Fan's eyes narrowed: "Is Sen Huang going to end in person?"

"Good dog gall! This Emperor speaks, you have the part to intervene?" Sen Emperor was furious.

Lin Fan said with a malicious smile: "Is there any of this, you will know in the future, but I dare to guarantee that from today to the end of the war, but everyone who is under your command will see one kill one, see two A pair!"

Sen Emperor really did not expect that a trifling was the ninth seat, but he dared to oppose him like this.

He didn’t say much, just laughed twice, and then the huge face slowly dissipated.

You Huang stayed for a while, looked towards Lin Fan, smiling: "You are good, I am optimistic about you, rest assured, with me, no one will dare to deal with you regardless of respect and size."

Lin Fan laughed, arching his hands and saying, "Then many thanks to you, the emperor."

Yuhuang's face also dispersed.

Lin Fan looked quietly at the void like ripples on the lake, slightly smiled, looking back, he saw Li Chundao’s last ray of Divine Soul being swallowed by Xiaoyue, and also saw Wentian and Wu Cheng The tragic image of being torn into pieces alive.

Quietly walked over, collected the original points of the three people who were shining in the pool of blood, and then waved at the Beast Emperor, striding away.

He is going to fight against the four dead men.

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