Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3138


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In fact, it is not just Lin Fan who is looking for death and shame. The four dead men are also ordered by Sen Huang to find Lin Fan and kill him.

Only because Lin Fan didn’t give him any face, trifling the village man in the mountains, he dared to rebel against his dragon face; See one killing one, see two killing a pair of such harsh words.

If this ruthless man who ruthlessly rebelled against the imperial power would not be slashed to death, what other face and majesty would he talk about? when the time comes is all a joke.

At this time, in the double imperial city.

Sen Huang’s face was cold, and in his eyes, all kinds of terrifying natural phenomena appeared.

killing intent Yingtian, the remaining light is like a blade, tangential to the Youhuang, but it is blocked by a layer of brilliance.

“Why is Sen Huang so angry?” You Huang smiled: “It is a blessing to have such a madman in my world…”

His hypocritical sigh, clap his hands, and said bluntly, if he governs the people, there is no fanatic; that can only prove that their double emperor’s leadership is nowhere.

This sentence, so that Emperor Sen almost couldn’t hold it back, and he had to fight with You Huang on the spot.

“Sen Emperor, you really don’t want to be impulsive. You must know that if you and I rule all the souls, we are all the only promises, how can we break through this world and live under that light?” You Huang sighed.

Sen Huang grumbled: “This Aaron…is it yours?”

Yuhuang’s pretense is surprised, saying: “Where does Senhuang speak? You and I are in charge of the world, and mine is yours.”

“hehe…” Sen Huang ended with a sneer.

There is no two days in the sky, no two masters in the country!

It’s too long to take charge of the world for 100,000 years. It’s too much!

If not, how could there be new regulations.

“I hope he lives for a hundred years.” Sen Huang said with a smile.

Yes, all the kings’ faces have changed slightly!


This sentence is heard in the secular world, of course, it is the most heartfelt blessing, but in this cultivator’s society……

If the killing intent contained in it is released, it may be enough to turn the sky upside down!

King Rakshasa was anxious in her heart; she was frightened, but she was afraid to make any expression, but she kept cursing Lin Fan in her heart, and then praying for refuge in the heavens.


Lin Fan has a grass in his mouth.

This is a 8,000-year-old chaotic weather, and the earth is extinct. I am afraid that only the harsh Heaven and Earth illusion in Ancient Battlefield can make it thrive.

He harvested seven or eight plants, and picked the shortest plant of the year to chew between his lips and tongue, and tasted the slightly sweet and slightly bitter taste. This is certainly not his craving for appetite, it is really This medicine is too rare to be defying with heaven.

Only by coincidence did he realize the rebellion before he dared to chew so directly and change to others, fearing that he would be transformed into a cultivation base by the rules and order of the clutter and collision, and let the cultivator go straight to the end. .


Lin Fan muttered.

In his battle body, all kinds of horrible muffled noises were heard from time to time. The junction of the blast exploded, and there was a burst of smoke.

“Reverse chaos… brought a chaotic character, but the most important one should be the reverse character.”

Lin Fan whispered, like clear comprehension, what is so important, even his eyes are full of horror.

With a hum, Lin Fan’s hands were pressed forward suddenly, silently, and the front was extremely wide, just like a big river with Black Dragon’s crumbling forward was dried up in an instant.


This is just a three-step rebellion. He has used it in the past, but it must not be so manipulated, and it will cause a great load on his body and Divine Soul.

But now it won’t be. For a brief clear comprehension, he can control the power of the reversal of the three types. After that, when this move is used, he will not be backlashed.

This will greatly improve his battle strength.

Going forward again, with a clatter, he randomly shoots a palm, the sky collapses, and in the space of several hundred zhang in front of him, everything is in chaos, like all the original order must be subverted.

“haha ……Since it is called Rebellion, why should it matter what type? Isn’t it falling into the lower class? Only chasing its form with the will of God is the way to go up.”

Lin Fan laughed suddenly, taking 30,000 feet in one step.

He looks like a walk in the court, but in fact, he has an accurate goal and direction. The Beast Emperor helps him, so in this Ancient Battlefield, all the beasts are his eyes and ears. It is too simple to find people.

At this time, within the double imperial city.

“It’s too boring to wait like this boring.”

Sen Emperor opened his mouth suddenly, with a terrible killing intent in his eyes. He glanced at You Huang and said, “Using the technique of reflection, you can agree with everything on the battlefield below.”

The kings are trembling!

This must be something else, and I am afraid that it is the Yuhuang deity, and, based on the name of Aron’s Murano.

Sure enough–

Yuhuang’s eyes narrowed slightly, said with a smile: “Senhuang is interested, I naturally have no opinion, but I am afraid that in the end, it is you who end badly.”

Sen Emperor Hehe smiled: “You Emperor thinks a lot, I just want to pass the boring and dead time to the kings and you and me, there is no other meaning.”

Youhuang sneered, indifferent expression.

The technique of reflection is immediately used, and then all of the ancient battlefield appears in front of everyone’s eyes and is played by a golden barrier.

I saw Sen Huang frowning. After a while, he smiled, a finger pointed, and fixed the picture on Lin Fan.

At this time, Lin Fan is still in a state of chaos.

But in front of him, on a small earth bag, there was a silhouette holding a knife in front of him.


The kings and the eliminated Xue Kunlun are exclaimed slightly.

Looking towards the Emperor Mori!

It’s really not rubbing sand in my eyes, it is really unpredictable!

Everyone knows that this dragon has rebelled against Long Yan.

This is only a moment, Sovereign’s fury is so nakedly displayed in front of everyone.

This is a demonstration, and it is also intimidating. It is Aron who killed him, but they are the one who warned.

Ancient Battlefield.

Lin Fan looked at the silhouette in front, and the angle of the back lip raised an arc. He picked up the chaotic sky in his mouth and stuffed it into the ring, and continued to move forward.

“You, die.”

Sorrow will speak, but the voice is difficult and unpleasant, like there are tens of thousands of years without opening, stammering, slowly jumping out word by word.

Lin Fan smiled.

This is a shame, chaotic Heaven and Earth reincarnation, no one is not a ghost, Divine Soul is rigid, and fighting with these ghost-like monsters, it is degrading yourself.

So, he didn’t say much, just stretched out his left hand, and then slowly pointed.

In the double imperial city, a long uproar!

This is a die-hard, prestige. The reason why the former dynasty was able to go through thehundreds of thousands of years, half of the credit, I am afraid they are all built on this die.

But now, there are some people who are so contemptuously inviting!

“He…does he really think he will be angry?”

The most rampant Asura Royal Capital is so open that it is enough to see the power of death.

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