Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3139

This includes the Emperor Mori.

In this battle of kings, all the king battles, either standing in the double emperors, or under the command of the emperor, strive for the seat, but this King Rakshasa… seems to be too lazy and unattractive.

This seems counterintuitive.

Can it be…

Only concealing everyone, in fact, powerhouse has been arranged to participate in the war, is this Aaron one of them?

Only Youhuang has flashes of joy in her eyes, but she doesn’t say much.

King Rakshasa disdain and disguise.

So, her performance was very aggressive. She raised her slap and shot it. It was extremely ruthless and fierce. It was just a slap in the face, and she broke the half of Xue Kunlun’s cheek.

“Who are you calling the deity?” Rakshasa Wang Yinyun.


Xue Kunlun growls.

He is determined to be the new king.

That is to say, he has this potential and ambition to eventually become a level with Rakshasa Wang.

However, at this time, even the other party couldn’t even get a slap in the face, and was directly flipped to the ground.


Another very ruthless slap in the face, Xue Kunlun’s face on the other side also rotted away, the blood flowed long, and he was not humanoid.

“No matter how much noise, if this king kills you, you are credible?” The murderous aura in King Rakshasa’s eyes is too rich, even if Xue Kunlun is furious, how to treat these two slapped as extraordinary shame and humiliation , Even dare not speak out.

“Rakshasa, enough.” Sen Huang frowned, and he had some speculation.

If Along is really King Rakshasa.

Later, from the perspective of the Emperor’s cover on Along.

Is it proved that this King Rakshasa has already turned to the Emperor?

Eyes narrowed slightly: “From now on, no one is allowed to make a loud noise, only focus on the next battle.”

Later, his eyes faintly discernable looked towards Xue Kunlun, and said casually: “He will die, why are you anxious?”

Just a sentence, let this time be angered and felt moved by Xue Kunlun, who was isolated in the world. He just wanted to throw his blood at the moment for Sen Huang to throw his head.

I have to say that Sen Huang is indeed the Supreme expert who has drawn people’s hearts.

Ancient Battlefield.

It is too cruel to die, the most important thing is that he does not know the pain, and the battle body is comparable to the secondary mother gold.

Lin Fan repeatedly punched his body with fist prints, hitting one after another deep pits, but none of them could affect its battle strength at all. Instead, it was forced to retreat more than once by its Life and Death Qi.

One of the most dangerous times, it was turned into a palm by its claws, a trick to support the top, almost shot on top of Lin Fan’s head.


Lin Fan smiled, he stepped back three hundred zhang, and then said: “You should not be the strongest among the dead, Life and Death Qi although balanced, but you can’t direct this Life and Death like an arm. Qi, most of the attacks are dominated by lifelessness, supplemented by anger.”

Death will certainly not answer this question, but just like what he said about him, right hand held high to the sky, and a group of light beams appeared as if condensing all life, jade green, this light beam As soon as it appeared, in this raging ten thousand zhang, all lifeforms that had withered due to death were actually revived in an instant.


Sorrow will shoot with the light group in hand, endless anger, such as Gan Lin surging, from Lin Fan’s limbs and bones into his body within the body from each of his pores!

Lin Fan’s hair grows so fast that he passes his knee in an instant, and then the whole body of the person begins to explode endlessly. The balloon becomes a Big Fatty.

“Get angry!”

Asura King exclaimed: “This ninth seat is dead!”


“hehe … The emperor said, I wish him a long life.” Emperor Sen was gloomy.

The cold light flashed in the eyes of the Emperor, saying: “Sen Emperor, he admits defeat in this battle, how about letting him come out?”

Sen Emperor shrugged and said: “You Emperor’s words are different. That is their battle. The Emperor has no choice but how can he break the rules to stop it?”

Youhuang jié jié grinning: “Okay! Are the rules? I understand.”

The rules of shit.

Is the real iron rule not allowed to die or injured?

In the eyes of Sen Huang!

This village man.

Dare to turn his back.

How to get angry without dying?

He just wanted to let the world know what offended him and disobeyed him.


At this moment, an untimely hiccup sound stunned the eyes!

The hiccup is like a groaning after the vulgars have eaten.

But see, Lin Fan, who is filled with endless anger and seems to be bursting, the bloated and fat body is plummeting, the whole person is flowing with light, and even the hair is blooming. With bright radiance.

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