Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3140


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It’s weird. With every hiccup, his body will lose a large circle. Eventually, he will return to its original shape; again, his body is long, handsome like a jade tree.

Comfortable sigh: “Dabu.”

It’s really big.

Lin Fan’s words were not deliberately speaking of disgusting adversaries, but the violent anger poured down on him, swallowed up by World Tree, and then spread to his Small World.

This is the most pure vitality between Heaven and Earth. Irrigating to his Small World in this way is the best Catalyst, making Small World, which can no longer be called barren, drastically change, except that there are still no squid and insects. In addition, it is not much different from the external Heaven and Earth.

“Damn it!”

Senhuang broke down.

His eyebrows are raised.

The whole person was exploding in anger.

He is already thinking about the wonderful scene where the waste that defies his dragon face is propped up, and the corpse is blown into pieces of meat. Even, even after this waste is propped up to death, how would he ridicule the emperor; How to ridicule and even dare to invest in the words of King Rakshasa under the gate of the Emperor?

As a result, this waste even sighed comfortably, treating him as a deadly trick, as a big supplement?

“Kill him!”

A roar.

He didn’t hide it!

Put it out, this shame will be to listen to his orders to kill Lin Fan!

Yuhuang looked back suddenly, staring at the emperor sensibly: “Senior emperor, you do the first day, I do the fifteen.”


A long sarcasm represents Sen’s response.

The contradiction between the two became more and more apparent as the battle of the king continued.

At the beginning of the war, it was hidden and disguised, and at least made a superficial fusion, but now, I am afraid that it is not much worse than cast aside all considerations for face.

Ancient Battlefield.

Lin Fan’s fiery look towards the dead, as if looking at a treasure!

He always knew what he was going to do.

After so many experiences, all kinds of top secrets in this world have also been discovered slowly, which makes him know more about the broken circuit.

Only when his Small World can really self-made the world, can he become a god!

But now, he seems to have found a shortcut.


The guilty syllable will be cold and severe, and it is like a ghost.


The great decisive battle between the two lives died. As a result, Lin Fan took the risk and took a sorrow to the top of a fairy!

King Rakshasa suddenly got up, and Rakshasa had a cold blade in her hand. She wanted to kill Ancient Battlefield, thinking that Lin Fan was really invincible. I didn’t understand that Lin Fan did it on purpose.

“haha…… This emperor wants to see, you can devour that endless life, but you can eat this endless lifelessness!” Mori emperor laughed heartily.

He also believes that this is Lin Fan’s invincibility, so he was successfully pressed on the head by the palm.

If the tide of blackness is black, the tidal sound turns into ears, all pouring into Lin Fan’s Soul Sea.

“I see how you don’t die!”

Sen Emperor laughed, he was excited to get up, and suddenly sat on the throne at this time, leisurely tilting his legs: “You Emperor, sorry, you are in love.”

Yuhuang’s face suddenly turned cold, but Emperor Mori ignored him, and then sneered at looking towards King Rakshasa, coldly said: “Rakshasa, what are you going to do? Pull out the weapon in front of me, is it to kill the king?”

King Rakshasa complexion slightly changed, but did not answer, but stared at Lin Fan in the battlefield.

Sen Huang frowned.

Why did Rakshasa care so much about this person?

This is a bit unusual.

How big is the relationship between the two?

If it were ‘Mu Yi’ sitting lazily beside her, Emperor Sen would even doubt that it was Dao Companion of King Rakshasa who appeared in Ancient Battlefield.

Lin Fan has experienced a catastrophe at this time!

Different from the previous time.

At this time, his battle body, like flowers blooming brightly, withered suddenly, with yellow hair, etc., and then she fell off. In a flash, he turned into a bald head. Ricket down.

“hahaha…the hero is late? Of course, if this man can be called a hero.”

Senhuang is so happy.

He called the emperor for many years, and no one dared to rebel against him. This man is the first, but also the last.

“The balance between life and death is like yin and yang confronting each other. This is Heaven and Earth…”

At this moment, Lin Fan of senile and senile spoke, his voice was weak and weak at first, but then the words gradually clanged.

It can be seen that his ricket’s body was straightened again, and then he lost hair and regenerated. The wrinkles were smoothed by the vitality used by him, and he recovered again.

“Thanks, I seem to understand some truths.”

Lin Fan smiled towards towards the dead, and then his eyes suddenly froze: “So… you are worthless.”

Even if you are ashamed, half man and half ghost, there should be no extra expression, but at this time, his brown and yellow empty eyes flashed a moment of panic and quickly retreated.

“Are you going to withdraw?” Lin Fan drank, and fiercely pressed forward with both hands: “Return you!”

angry roar, Lin Fan’s hands clung tightly to the chest of the dead, and in both hands, the vitality was surging, and the endless vitality was broken into the dead body!




One horrible explosion after another passed from his body, and then there were gaps in his skin, and the blood was exploded into pieces.

It’s so lonely, but I have to say that its warframe is really terrifying. Under such a terrible injury, it is really rare that it can still remain intact.

Lin Fan laughed, the fingertips will put away the shame and he will be put away. He feels that if he wants to make the best use of it, giving this thing to Cangtian should make the guy overjoyed.

“How dare you slay your princes? Just want to see the ending of that shame that’s all.”

Rakshasa Wang Zhanyan smiled, she was fascinating and fascinating, and she sat down gracefully.

Yuhuang laughed, said: “This Little Brat is a bit too much, and let Emperor Mori lose love, I will take him to say sorry to you.”

Yuhuang fakes and fakes.

Brows and eyes are full of smiles.

But Sen Emperor is a face gloomy, his breath is unstable, causing the endless space to collapse, and after the sky dome, there are one after another red thunder, like Life Extinction.

However, his anger didn’t last long before he suddenly stood up; Liu Xiao said: “What more will he do!”

Everyone was stunned by his roar, and then looked towards that picture!

I saw Lin Fan at this time one thousand ten thousand zhang, driving the divine rainbow, as if looking for something.

“Pif Dare!”

An angry roar blew the picture distorted, Heaven and Earth disordered!

Because everyone saw it, Lin Fan took a thousand ten thousand zhang, he was looking for the three remaining mortals, and he was going to die.

Also, he seemed to know where the other three mortals would die, but in a flash, he slaughtered one, and then ran to the next one.

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