Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3141


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“People! The emperor wants you to die!”

Sen Huang is furious.

hong long long!

Falling orange and red thunder, countless bloody raindrops poured down densely.

This is because he was angry and changed the time of day and Celestial Phenomenon.

In fact, only a few mortals are far from enough to make him so angry.

The problem is, it’s not just that a few dead guilt will be so simple. In Sen Huang’s view, this is provocation, and this is contempt for his existence.

“Sen Emperor, you are getting more and more.” You Emperor said slowly: “You are shilling and will kill Along, and you will be counter-killed. Who can you blame? After all, it is only Sen Emperor. For a while, I missed my strength.”

Senior Emperor bowed his head suddenly, his eyes slashed towards Youhuang like a knife.

Youhuang is fearless, saying: “Can it be that you can only kill someone, not someone? You should know, Slayer kills them constantly.”

“tsk tsk ……jié jié ……Well, very good! Are you watching the emperor’s jokes, right?” Mori emperor grinned: “Then come and play, I admit, I really underestimated him , Let’s see, he can kill a dead man alone, so, if it’s one against two?”

Yuhuang’s face changed!

He now values ​​Lin Fan more and more.

Think that he is the black horse and the one who can secure the throne.

There is nothing to lose.

And, didn’t expect, this emperor is so direct, he is too lazy to cover up, and he does not hesitate to order the two deceased to shoot at him.

But soon, Sen Huang almost vomited blood!

What did he see?

This damn village man, actually came up with a celestial pill, and fiercely shot it into a Soul Sea that is mortal and dead, and another one that is subtle and dead. Inside the balanced dantian!

This is the big one!

For the cultivator, this medicine pill is an invaluable treasure. For the high realm cultivator, who is about to die, this medicine pill is more than enough for them to spend their money to buy.

But for the dead, it is the most poisonous medicine pill in the world.

However, how expensive and luxurious is this medicine pill?

Even if he gets it, it will be treasured.

However, this damn man, was actually used to kill the enemy?

Suddenly, Sen Huang turned his head and stared at Lin Long, said with a malicious smile: “Is it your hand?”

Lin Long and Lin Fan are too similar. If it is not normally intentionally changed, there will be a little difference. I am afraid that it is not easy for people around to see the difference between them.

So, how can this Emperor Sen understand the doorway?

Shrugging, Lin Long lightly said with a smile: “No way, I’m not good at fighting underneath. The only one who can do it is this trifling medicine pill.”

“trifling medicine pill? Okay, very good, very good.” The emperor’s murderous aura is too rich, and the threat in his eyes is pressing Lin Long like a mountain.

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold, his body shook slightly, and he got rid of the mountain-like coercion, said with a sneer: “I don’t know, but if you can use the medicine pill to kill someone, you should be able to kill it underneath. magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.”

“hahaha… Domineering! It’s Rakshasa’s Dao Companion, really arrogant.” Sen Huang fiercely looked back, and then he twitched the corner of his eye, watching the last death ashamed to be killed by Lin Fan.


Suddenly, Mori burst roar!

His eyes are cracking and his qi is burning!

Because, that man deliberately did it, after beheading this mortal man, he actually raised his body high!

This is obvious.

The other party discovered his means and knew that he was paying attention to this battle, so he deliberately did so. This is demonstrating to him!

“One kills one and two kills a pair.”

Lin Fan speaks.

There is of course no sound on the canvas, but everyone knows the mouth shape.

“This guy makes me more happy.” Youhuang laughed, while the opposite was the dark and murderous intention of Sen Huang’s face.

“Why should my emperor be ashamed?”

At this moment, the eyes of King Qingmu’s sensation passed into the Emperor Soul Sea.

Sen Huang glanced at King Qingmu undetectably.

Qingmu Wang continued the sound transmission and said: “Now they are very happy? I will keep them crying even if I keep them later.”

“Can you do it?” Emperor Mori narrowed his eyes: “If you can make this emperor have this bad breath, you will have a reward.”

“jié jié ……Rakshasa left envoy has been drawn for my emperor, hatred because of love… You said that if this Rakshasa left envoy fights with this dragon…you and Rakshasa will not look Will it look good?”

The Qingmu King’s slightly gruesome sound transmission made Emperor Desen happy.

But soon.

Senhuang’s complexion changed, becoming panic and eager!

Because, this Aaron, really want to fulfill the mad talk of seeing one killing one and two killing a pair!

Another of his subordinates was cut to pieces!

“Dog gall!”

He was angry, but soon, he was worried!

Because, his woman Rao Hong is still in it.

Although he has many concubines and no fewer than a thousand people, this woman alone has won him the favor.

If this woman died in it…

He will be crazy!

“Avoid the war!”

“Stop it!”

Sen Huang shouted.

The eyes of King Qingmu narrowed slightly, and the sound transmission said: “My emperor, just a woman…”

“Shut up!”

But as soon as he opened his mouth, he was scolded loudly by Sen Huang.

Yingmu Wang yawned and smiled.

Green Hat Old Turtle!

He concluded that the Sen Emperor would not give up, but he said it casually, and he was better able to dispel certain suspicions that were likely to be exposed.

And he looks forward to this scene very much!

This Emperor Sen wants to stop this battle, Youhuang must not agree, then, Emperor Sen will definitely compromise many things.

At least, he has no chance in the top few!

Only in this way will the Emperor Mori rely more on him.

Only step by step, this Sen Huang can be driven to a dead end!

His gloomy eyes glanced at King Rakshasa, said with a malicious smile: “You will fulfill me.”

As expected, Sen Emperor wanted to seize, but how could You Emperor agree?

He wished Lin Fan could kill him in it. It’s best to kill everyone from Sen Emperor’s side. That’s the most beautiful.

And, even if it really killed everyone, the Sen Emperor could not use the rules to suppress him.

Because everything is the rule that Sen Huang himself broke first.

“You say, how exactly can you stop the war.” Sen Huang’s eyes were blood red, and every second he procrastinated, the people under his command were a little more dangerous. The beloved woman dies.

Yuhuang’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Along ranked first, indisputably, others…I think the top eight belong to my side, do you think it is right?”

“Okay.” Sen Huang agreed, with a greasy smile: “I agree, so… can I stop the war?”

Yuhuang laughed, jokingly said: “Senhuang really loves the people like children, this is their blessing, how dare I not be the beauty of an adult?”

“jié jié ……The top eight only, but with the power of immunity, could it really be possible to give birth to one or two kings? Don’t forget, there are bloody battles.”

Sen Huang returned the sentence.

Yuhuanghehe smiled and gently flicked the dust on the dragon robe, said: “With this immunity, it is comparable to no, but it is too strong, people…can’t be unpopular.”

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