Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3142


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This sentence almost made Sen sovereign aura vomit blood!


This is too important, especially to obtain the first immunity, which can exempt three battles, which is very useful, can avoid three complete killings, and equivalent to help the three of you to go upstairs.

even more how, in addition to avoiding fratricidal killings, it also allows people with immunity to directly exempt one person from fighting, how can it be unimportant?

It should be noted that when the real throne is about to come out, the more powerhouse, the more times it will be challenged.

If you have immunity, if you doubt that you are not a challenger’s opponent, you can refuse to fight, and no one can say anything.

As long as you avoid a battle, maybe the sky is high and the sea is broad.

Sen Huang glanced gloriously at You Huang, fiercely turned his head, heavily coldly snorted: “Can you do it?”

“Of course, I am happy to help.”

Youhuang smiled, and then, Shuanghuang Qiqi shot together, and the light curtain, which was just the picture, suddenly twisted and rotated, becoming a huge black hole.

As soon as the black hole appeared, Lin Fan, who was still chasing down the emperor’s side, frowned suddenly, then sighed.

It seems that it is already a luxury to kill everyone under the clean Emperor Mori.

There is an endless power of sucking on him, and this Ancient Battlefield itself, at this time, also has a terrifying force of repulsion, to expel him out.

“Brother is slow!”

Lin Fan let the horrible suction and repulsion force push him to the Senrow Realm, he was in the East, the Beast Emperor shouted, and then arrived at the moment, one-handed Qing Tian, ​​forced Lin Fan to stay Down.

“Brother is something?” Lin Fan said.

In the eyes of the Beast Emperor, there is a reluctant entanglement. There is a kind of life-and-death pain, which appears in his eyes, but in the end, it is turned into a decay.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk, saying, “Brother, don’t do that, I’m afraid I can’t afford it.”

“You take it away, and taking it out will become your help, not your burden.”

The centipede of the fairy horn also appeared. She had tears in her eyes and hugged the shiny egg tightly.

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “Where is the sister-in-law? My younger brother is not afraid of being dragged down by me. In fact, I fight too much, I am afraid I can’t take care of it.”

“Take it away!” The Beast Emperor Tiger roared, and he also had tears in the Dragon Vein, but he was ghastly and vicious: “I wish my son would turn into a free lonely soul outside, and he would not want him This world is a puppet-like Sovereign.”

This sentence, hitting hard on Lin Fan’s heart, turned his Divine Soul throbbing.

This is how desperate this world is in order for a father to say such things?


Lin Fan spoke, dignified and serious, and said: “Brother-in-law, rest assured, but I will die for a day, and I will never let him go wrong.”

“Go.” The Beast Emperor grabbed the egg held in his arms by the centipede, and then almost arrogantly put it into Lin Fan’s arms, and pushed a hand up, suddenly that kind of The force of repulsion is even more terrifying, pushing him at an unimaginable speed, flying higher and higher, gradually, the mountains and rivers below have turned into sesame spots.

But he seemed to see that the centipede of the fairy horn shouted sternly, charging into the sky, and then stood abruptly, his hands clasped in vain, as if he wanted to hug her child who gave up her life and forgot to die. .

“They are really damn.”

Lin Fan looked at this shiny egg in his arms, and laughed: “Little Brat, you can follow me in the future, you can call my uncle, your father is able to support both heaven and earth The man is tens of thousands of times stronger than the so-called ancestors and the so-called heroes. When you grow up, you must not fall into their majesty.”

Fairy egg has no response; only the colorful color shines, it seems to understand Lin Fan’s words.

Lin Fan flicked a little, and then carefully and carefully put it on a huge branch of the World Tree.

With a bitter smile, he glanced at the dragon egg not far away.

According to the truth, these two guys, of all origins, must be amazing creatures. I am afraid that cultivation speed will shake ancient and modern times, but how long will it take for them to be born?

Lin Fan was spit out from the twisted black hole, still standing in the air, and there was still a moment of confusion in his mind, and there was a panic Tianwei suddenly fell to him!

The horror of this coercion cannot be described, but it can make Lin Fan feel suffocated, like losing control of his body in an instant, groaned, and blood at the corners of his mouth.

“Senior Emperor, you are so shot, but still have some Sovereign style?”

Yuhuang angered, a fresh breeze struck, and suddenly broke down the Huanghuang Tianwei who suppressed the Lin Fan. Lin Fan’s pressure suddenly dropped, and it felt like a billion-dollar burden at this moment, suddenly Disappeared from his shoulders, the whole person fluttered lightly.

“Sen Emperor, you dare injure me brother, a little bit, when the ladder starts, this emperor will dare to slaughter your ten cities. You dare not dare this emperor, can it?”

At this moment, the silhouette of the beast emperor appeared, and he appeared as a body, as if the mountains of millions and millions li suddenly appeared in the air, suppressing the sky.

Sen Huang’s eyes changed slightly.

But everyone is shocked!

Senlow world, who doesn’t know, there is a world under them?

And which realm is more rigorous and powerful than the Sen Luo realm?

And this is one of them!

He even came up at any time to cheer for this dragon?

“Is the Emperor Dong threatening me?” Sen Emperor’s eyes beating the killing intent.

“It’s threatening, what do you want? A battle?” The Beast Emperor is fearless.

Yuhuang laughed and said: “East Imperial Brother, why is it so angry? I am here, no one can bully your brother.”

“What kind of good thing do you think you are?” The Emperor Beast eyes gloomy.

Yuhuang’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and said: “Brothers should not take care of these idle matters, I will handle it myself.”

The beast emperor’s eyes are cold and said, “brother may not know, these two people, seemingly crowned, just and honorable, but in fact, sinister and vicious, sweet-mouthed sword, for brother is really…”

Before he finished, the two emperors expressions all gloomy, and at the same time scolded: “Eastern emperor, you cross the border, worrying that someone will find your projection outside, maybe it will lead to the shocking Calamity Tribulation.”

The two emperors didn’t know what method they used, like driving the heart of heaven, and like moving the baby of the plane, even in the horror roar of the beast emperor, forcibly taking it back to Ancient Battlefield.

The sudden change made everyone shocked, but soon someone was spooky said with a smile:

“haha ……After all, my realm is stronger, and the trifling beast, how can it compare with my realm Sovereign?”

“That’s exactly it! It’s just a beast, and it’s also the kindness of Sovereign, otherwise it’s easy to suppress and kill.”

In Lin Fan’s eyes, a sudden killing intent appeared, and with a bang, his silhouette disappeared. When he appeared again, he had reached the ten zhang in front of the emperor’s throne, his fingers curled up, fiercely buckle, pu’ sound, Lin Fan just killed the waste material that had just been spoken.

“Come here! Someone intends to kill Jun and hack to death with our chaotic sword!”

Sen Huang’s eyes narrowed, and an eunuch shouted.

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