Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3143


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This eunuch is shouted, the tone is too unpleasant and harsh.

But the word is indeed terrifying. From around the Emperor Sen, dozens of golden armor guards came out, all holding knives and axes made of sub-mother gold, and all of them were cut off in unison.


King Rakshasa shouted sternly.

Lin Fan strangled the two under-speakers, although it was sin, but sin did not die!

But if the Sovereign close bodyguard is slashed, it is a serious sin, which can be regarded as a conspiracy. When the time comes, I am afraid that the Emperor has the heart to protect him, and it cannot be preserved.

To go through arduous training or hard work, how can Lin Fan for thousands of years ignore this?

The footsteps move slightly between the square inches and move between the swords and axes, but all the swords and axes can’t get close to them, and then they will retreat 30,000 feet.

Sen Huang’s eyes are cold, and his murderous intention reveals: “You are too impudent, and I can’t spare you this time.”

“Listening to the humiliation of the elder brother, the murderous intention moves a moment, Wanwang Your Majesty atoned.”

Lin Fan has no cup one fist in the other hand with the least sincerity.

Senhuang tsk tsk grinned: “For the sake of a beast, you even cut through the Heaven Grade overhaul of your world, could you just expose it with an apologetic apology?”

Lin Fan’s face sank, and he narrowed his eyes towards Sen Emperor, saying: “Beasts? It turned out that in Your Majesty’s eyes, that sheltered you from ruling all peoples, and defended you from high position and great wealth. Because of your monstrous power, sheltering the heroes and heroes of these days, only one animal name?”

Sen Hwang complexion slightly changed, shouted loudly: “Nonsense! Nonsense! Who is this emperor? How about sheltering with a group of animals?”

“jié jié ……” Lin Fan’s expression was stern and shouted: “Who is talking nonsense, and that is talking nonsense? Do you dare to use Daogu as a curse and Divine Soul as a bet? Do you bet on Ancient Battlefield? The beasts inside, never worked hard, never threw their heads and sprinkled blood, first sheltered your Sen Luo realm, and guarded the tranquility of these days, do you dare?”

Shuanghuang’s face is very green, no matter who he is, his face is very unsightly.

“Impudent! You are just a trifling untouchable, what qualifications are you so impudent in front of me? Believing or not I killed you on the spot?”

Sen Huang shouted.

“hahaha…Dare you dare? Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare to conscience, this sentence, your father did not teach you?” Lin Fan impudent sneered, and shouted: “You dare not! But the deity!”

When no one responded, Lin Fan roared, and the golden Soul Sea crash-bang came out. Then he dipped Spirit Force and wrote Divine Soul vow on the void.

“hong long!”

The thunder roars, which means that this oath has been fulfilled.

However, there is no Thunder Tribulation against him.

This means that what he said is true!

“What the hell is going on?”

“Who can tell what is going on? Who can tell me?”

“God…is this a fan of the heavens? Could it be that my own existence is really a group of beasts throwing their heads in front of them to shed blood, in fact, are we just living under the beast wings in our mouths?”

Everyone in the Sen Luo realm is frightened and shocked, and it is unbelievable. There is an urgent need to know an accurate answer.

Yingmu Wang Yinyin smiled.

He is a former son of the former dynasty, and of course knows these secrets.

This is also the big trick he left behind to overthrow the rule of the two emperors, but it was didn’t expect and was turned over by a countryman.

“Sen Emperor, do you dare to refute? Notice, there is a god with three feet up!”

Lin Fan shouted, he pointed to the Emperor Mori, shouted: “According to the negotiations between the two circles, people’s years have changed and the throne has changed, but this World Controller person should supply all the supplies to that battlefield. ?”

At this moment, Youhuang knew that he could not hide it, and sighed, he made the wisest choice, sighed a long time, then slowly stood up, looked towards Shino, and said, “This emperor can testify, he Everything said is true.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Yuhuang said with a bitter smile: “There is no two days in the sky, and there is no one in the country. On this matter, I have disputes with Sen Huang, but…”

He shook his head, sighed again and again, and then said: “Stop it, it is indeed my fault first, and for many reasons and excuses, I am afraid that it will not be enough to erase the monstrous merits below.”

Lin Fan’s killing intent flashes!

He is pretty sure that in this matter, the Emperor and the Sen Emperor are certainly the same raccoon dog, but at this time, they blamed Sen Emperor on all their faults, but separated themselves very cleanly.

However, it is just a flirty sentence, and the matter will be covered again?

With a grin, Lin Fan shouted: “Sen Emperor, will you not have a nightmare at night? Lying on the dragon bed reached by a group of vigor heroes, do you sleep well?”

Sen Emperor screamed, but actually shot Lin Fan, and a murderous intention intentionally slashed to Lin Fan. It was a Flood Dragon snip, to cut Lin Fan’s head directly and kill his Soul Sea. .

With a ding, Rakshasa cold blade came forward, and King Rakshasa slowly stood up and said, “Senior Emperor, his servants believe that it is better to make it clear.”

“Rogue thief!” Mori shouted.

You Emperor’s eyes narrowed, and she sighed again, “Sen Emperor, before you make these decisions, you should think of today, regret and hate. I have too much scruples, and I can’t move forward. The following heroes make a statement on the righteousness, I am guilty, and should not drink or eat thirty thousand years.”

“You Huang! You are shameless!” Sen Huang shouted.

“You are more shameless.” Lin Fan pointed out: “Because of your selfish desire, because of your face, because of your damn self-esteem as the longest spirit, you have to send resources down, etc., so that you can be bitter below. The heroic creatures guarding the world can only be eaten by the Yi people, no matter how cruel or bloody, you can’t even die if you play.”

Sen Huang’s face was pale.

Lin Fan said something, he saw blood in the needle, but it was stabbed straight in his heart.

The most important thing is that he saw all the awesome worshipers who worshiped him in this forest world. At this time, there was a trace of… faint… disdainful… disgusted!

breathes deeply, Emperor Sen smiled, but he was terrible, but when he took a breath, the terrible wait on that side turned out to be all but disappeared, and then haha ​​smiled long, saying: “Listen to the words and read Ten Years Book! In the past, I was really wrong, so from the post-war period, I went down below and worked together with the beast emperors for ten thousand years. Moreover, the Imperial Palace library had all the support for the beast emperors.”

Lin Fan’s heart is colder, killing intent is more!

Sen Huang’s remarks are just delays!

I was afraid that until this time, the Sen Emperor was still looking forward to it. After the war of the king, he alone assumed the power of Sen Luo Realm.

when the time comes, in this world, there is really no black and white and right and wrong, just his words.

So today, the top secret major event that he risked is just a joke that’s all!

Lin Fan’s eyes are gloomy.

If it is possible, he would rather use this world trend to kill Sen Huang directly!

But at this step, he knew that it was impossible, and the Sen emperor spoke like that, and he was persecuting, and it became his fault.

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