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However, this Emperor Mori dare to dream, dominate the world?

If this makes the Emperor Sen wish, Lin Fan will commit suicide here.

"Hey...I am ashamed, how can I still preside over this so-called war of kings?"

Yuhuang sighed, he waved his hand, and suddenly a few uncommon martial heroism men came, these were his most loyal and capable men.

"Go, evacuate the warehouse, and wait for thousand thousand Erlang to go down, don't let the hero chill."

He even spoke like this.

Shuanghuang, really are all heroes of the moment, not to mention, this means of terrifying to win people's hearts is always the best choice.

Yuhuang is so open that she can obviously perceive that those who know the truth, looking towards this Yuhuang, are completely different from Sen Huang.

"Of course, if you are willing to go, see what the heroes are blocking; you can also go with them." Youhuang smiled.

Suddenly, thousands of good hands jumped out, and they immediately followed.

This makes Lin Fan's heart warm. At least in this world, it's not just the generation of people who forget to favor favors and violate justice. Some people still know what is good and what is wrong.

Excited emotions!

Strong spirit.

This news spread throughout Sen Luo Realm in an instant, and not only many heroes volunteered.

But only the Emperor Sen of the party involved, the audience was cold, and from time to time made a sound that made one of the hair stand on end laugh.

Lin Fan will of course not take care of him, but silently looks at the void, muttered: "Brother, please redeem my little brother. I only have this ability at this time, I can’t help more..."

He is ashamed.

In fact, he seems too selfish compared to the emperors in Ancient Battlefield.

Since embarking on the road to build roads, I have never thought about the world.

Thinking and thinking, the reason why I have been fighting so hard, fighting, growing up, in the final analysis, is only for his family's business, just to keep his family.

"I Lin Fan calls himself a hero, but...what do I compare with you?" Lin Fan laughed at himself, but soon, his eyes rose!

He is going to call this Senrow Realm another day.

This is the only way to make him feel better, and the guilt will be weakened.

"Youhuang, you have both fame and fortune, so... can you continue the war?" Sen Huang said.

He knows that he lost in this matter.


Benefits and losses.

You Huang narrowed his eyes and said, "How is Sen Huang wanting?"

"Let's fight." Youhuang said, with a sense of murderous intention, said: "Since the first four have come out, let them kill the four kings first, and then talk about the other."

He was extremely malicious in his heart. Here, he provoked the divisiveness and said the main benefits of the first king. The purpose was only to provoke the selfishness of the four people under the Imperial Emperor, including Lin Fan. A few people, it is more hatred.

However, Youhuang sneered and said, "No need to fight anymore. The four people on the left and right are my humerus, which can be determined by the deity."

Sen Huang’s face suddenly turned into a lunar calendar, and looked somberly towards everyone, saying: “I can wait to see clearly, under one person above ten thousand people, but only for the first king, just like the king of Rakshasa can rule the other three kings. This is a great honor and a great power."

Lin Fan hehe smiled, arched his hands, and said: "It's up to my emperor to arrange, even if you let me be the last king in the future, I dare not complain at the next time."

Yuhuang laughed and said: "Ai Qing works hard and has a terrible record, how can anyone dare to grab this first with you?"

Lin Fan shrugged and said, "It's just the temporary first king. Everyone in the future will be able to challenge themselves."

Yuhuang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he gently photographed Lin Fan’s flattery, saying, “But I believe in the power of Ai Qing, and I will be able to keep this first throne.”

Lin Fan laughed, saying: "If you are your own family, that's all, whoever is first and who is second is irrelevant, but if there are other dog paws dare to stretch out, it is inevitable to cut a few."

In the last sentence, Lin Fan said it was murderous-looking.

Yuhuang laughed heartily, he looked towards the other three people and said, "I rank Along as the first, can I have any opinions?"

"Dare you? Brother Long can accomplish all the good fortune, kill everyone alone, face the imperial power, how prestige?"

"Exactly, for Brother Long, I admire the following and dare not have any opinions."

"Good!" You Huang laughed and said: "Then Along first, Li Yuan second, Huang Cheng third, Meng Litao fourth..."

At this point, Youhuang sighed for a long time.

He is coming for a full eight places, but the only one he sent out, except for the four people on the throne, is only one remaining.

But this person, he still doesn't want to be exposed...

Thinking about it, You Huang stopped the huge temptation to rank in front.

After all, this ranking is only temporary.

Although it was pushed up, it was still a huge challenge to keep it.

"Sen Emperor, what is your ranking?" You Huang leaned and looked towards Sen Emperor.

Senhuang’s lunar calendar: "Not the top four, is it necessary to qualify?"

Yuhuang’s eyes were slightly picked, and then he said: "Too many deaths are not enough to constitute the new four kings court."

"Really." Sen Huangyin smiled: "Then one more time."

"Yes." You Huang nodded agreed.

"jié jié ...... In my opinion, there is no need to be so troublesome." Sen Huang roared with a smile.

"What does Sen Huang mean?" You Huang looked towards Sen Huang, very alert.

"Anyone who can hold ten moves in the first four hands can be ranked in the top sixteen, how?" Sen Huang said, killing intent was full.

This sentence can be said to be completely aimed at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan is even sure, but when You Huang promised this condition, he was afraid that there would be countless powerhouses to challenge him.

Moreover, for this challenge, he cannot use the so-called immunity.

Yuhuang certainly understands this truth, and looks vaguely towards Lin Fan, and then says: "What do you think?"

Lin Fan laughed, saying: "Many thanks Your Majesty cares, but since someone wants to send someone to kill, it is natural to agree with pleasure."

"Okay!" You Huang's eyes were bright, and Lin Fan looked up more and more. He looked towards Sen Huang and said, "That's it."

"Okay!" Emperor Sen laughed and growled again, saying: "It's tight!"

Then he suddenly got up and pointed to the four people on the stage, saying, "Can anyone dare to come out to fight? As long as they can hold ten moves in their hands, they can be ranked in the top sixteen. Ambassador!"

"Your Majesty, can anyone challenge?"

Someone said, he is a horrible golden armor bodyguard.

Being able to become Sen Huang’s personal bodyguard represents strength.

"Of course." Sen Huang smiled and said, "If you can sustain ten tricks, I have another great reward."

The so-called ten tricks are of course puns.

It was only at this time that it was too indecent to say killing words, so I changed my rhetoric.

The golden armor guard haha ​​laughed. He took a step forward. The golden armor on his body suddenly fell off, revealing a mighty middle-aged man wearing azure robe. He raised his hand and directly pointed at Lin Fan’s eyebrow: "The deity wants to kill you."

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