Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3145


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Sen Huang is talking about holding ten rounds in Lin Fan’s hands.

But what this person said is kill!

As expected by Lin Fan and You Huang, all the murderous intentions are for Lin Fan.

“This is azure clothes Juggernaut!”

King Rakshasa suddenly opened his mouth, his eyes full of fear!

After that, she instantly sound transmission: “Lin Fan, you must be careful. This person is too strong. When I became a king, the only one who could match the opponent was him. It was very strong and so strong.”

Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly opened!

But then, his brow spread slightly.

The reason is that this portrait of Divine Soul has been badly hit, not Perfection.

Sure enough–

“You can fight his Divine Soul in a battle with him. When I was hit by Soul Sea, I thought he was going to die. I thought that the Sen Emperor saved him, but the kind of injury, even the Emperor Sen. impossible to let him recover completely.”

This is King Rakshasa’s sound transmission.

“You come to kill.”

Lin Fan laughed, the three of them flew in an instant, and each stood on a ring.


Suddenly, between Heaven and Earth, wind and thunder masterpiece, sword intent converge like a dragon, but all kinds of horrible sonic boom, sword intent, etc., are all tied to the fingertips by this azure clothes sword saint.

“Wind thunder sword!”

He a finger pointed, wind and thunder suddenly became a sword, mountains and rivers were his will, and with a bang, he killed Lin Fan before his eyebrows.


Lin Fan thundered the sword, but a crack appeared on his fist, and a drop of red blood dripped down.

This surprised Lin Fan.

Since entering the Senrow world, it seems that no one has been able to see him in a single blow in front of him.

This azure clothes are worthy of being called a “Jiansheng”, and their sword fruits are really sharp.

“Not bad.”

azure clothes Juggernaut is still surprised that Lin Fan can block him of a single sword. He seems to be in love, two fingers flick, Heaven and Earth tremble, and the gods of the distant Daishan are taken by him. Tugged, and then the two pointed forward.

“Mountain sword!”

wu wu.

Heaven and Earth Qi Ming, all trembling, like this picturesque river and mountains, all turned into a sword, and beheaded to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan Chang Xiao, with long hair dancing wildly, he pinched the print forward, silently, everything in front of him was empty, the mountain and river sword appeared, and then swallowed into the void.

“Azure clothes, what are you doing? Do you want to keep your hands?”

Sen Huang yelled loudly, looking at the lunar calendar!

What he wants is not endless, but never dies!

What he hopes to see is that he cut off with a sword and Lin Fan became ashes.

azure clothes Jian Sheng heard the urge behind him and sighed. He looked towards Lin Fan and said, “You are very good.”

“You are also very good. The condensed sword intent can cut my body. You are a Number One Person.” Lin Fan said.

“It’s an honor.” azure clothes Sword Saint slightly smiled.

He was very powerful, and he smiled at this time, but he was different.

I took another step forward and said, “I’m actually equivalent to a scrapped person, and I was stabbed by Rakshasa. I was lucky that I wasn’t dead, but the cultivation base is rare, or I won’t come out today, otherwise it’s bully the weak.”

Lin Fan stood quietly and thought for a while, nodded, said: “If you can have Rakshasa’s achievements today, it is estimated that I am not as good as you, this is the truth.”

azure clothes Jian Sheng laughed loudly and said, “I can live, but I am unhappy for half my life, and I must not be free.”

Lin Fan didn’t speak, and azure clothes took another step forward. He stretched his arms flat, and then two fingers curled up, and three fingers forward, saying, “This sword is named free.”

Lin Fan’s pupil shrank suddenly.

The sentence in front of him is not free, but the name of the last sword is called free!

“Last sword?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

azure clothes sword saint nodded, said: “After a sword, you may die, or I die.”

“Come.” Lin Fan’s answer is simple and straightforward.

“Sen Emperor, after I lay down my sword, no matter life or death, I must be a waste person, and I have tasted your life-saving grace.” azure clothes Jian Sheng said indifferently.

At this time, he was sending out a sword intent out of the whole person, even if the hair fluttered, it was a sword intent, and the time and space were cut and collapsed when the eyes turned.

Sen Huang heavily coldly snorted: “After this sword, I will let you free.”

azure clothes sword saint haha ​​Long smile, the straight three fingers suddenly cut down!

Lin Fan roared loudly, shot in unison, and immediately summon came out of the sacred clock to suppress it.

Because, this third sword, azure clothes, the sword saint uses his own deity as that sword!


Everything is going on silently, whether it’s a sword called Freedom, or Lin Fan’s rebellion, it’s like playing a silent movie slowly.

When everything returned to normal flow, the three fingers of azure clothes were only half an inch from Lin Fan’s eyebrows, but Lin Fan’s heavy halberd killed his head.

“After all, it is still not free.”

azure clothes Jian Sheng Peiran sighed, and then hey, said: “After all, still not free…”

Lin Fan looked quietly and said, “Actually, I made a coincidence. If the injury on your Divine Soul is so good, this sword, I will not die, but I will be severely disabled. It will take at least a hundred years to recover completely .”

Azure clothes Sword Saint’s already loose eyes suddenly shine, Lin Fan indifferently said: “Besides, being born as a person, there is no freedom, even if there is so-called freedom, it is only relatively free.”

azure clothes The eyes of the sword saint became brighter and brighter, like returning to the light: “Unfortunately I didn’t know you, otherwise I was in Kendo, I am afraid that I can go further…Unfortunately…”

The glory in his eyes faded, he died, but he never fell to the ground.

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold, he used the fire to burn the remains of the azure clothes into a ash, and let them disperse with the wind, and then stared at the emperor sullenly, shouted: “This is what the gentleman does. Is it?”

Sen Huang coldly snorted.

Lin Fan raised his hand and looked at the sky and then roared: “Sen Emperor, and let the horse come! The deity is going to kill you pain deep into bones today!”

In the moment when the azure clothes sword saint’s head was killed in that Zhutian, countless azure clothes sword saint’s flat-body pictures all flew up, Lin Fan could see clearly, perfectly clear.

The so-called carrying the Enwang newspaper, I am afraid it is not enough to describe the evil deeds of the emperor!

This is a true gentleman.

But by the so-called kindness of the Emperor Sen, he sat down and held too many great evils. No wonder he was sighing for freedom.

It is not his body, but his soul that is not free!

“go! Go again! If anyone can kill him, this deity rewards a skill!”

Senior growls.


when a high reward is offered, brave men will come forward. As soon as Sen Huang opened his mouth, someone rushed out of the crowd and slashed Lin Fan’s head with a large knife in front of him.

“Broken sky!”

Lin Fan roared, screamed in the sky, pu’ sound, the powerhouse that rushed to the top, all had the chance to be recruited in the future, and was cut in half in the air.

“Who else will come! The deity will accompany you to the end!”

Lin Fan did not evade, so that the pungent pus blood splashed all over, like a bloody and mad monster, shocking people.

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