Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3146


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murderous aura Yingtian, bloody and mad!

He was angered by the ancient battlefield beasts, and he was more chilled by the reaction of the two emperors, so he wanted to kill and fight.

“go! Go again and kill him!”

Sen Huang grinned, his expression was grim, and his eyes were blood red.

The more clamoring this person is, the more furious he is, murderous intention masterpiece.

Dignified Sovereign, how can one tolerate a ant who repeatedly challenged his majestic ants to survive?


Behind Emperor Sen, another powerhouse rushed out. He rushed from the Emperor’s bodyguard. The golden armor reflected the deep rays of light, and the light refracted was like a cold knife.

This person should be very strong, because, wearing this armor, it is clearly more brilliant and dazzling than the armor of the sword.

“This Tang Fengyu, come and slash you.”

This man rushed in, still looking like a Dapeng bird in the air, looking down on the prey that had fled on the ground.

Lin Fan certainly does not guide who this so-called Tang Fengyu is.

But it does not hinder the tremors and fears of the natives of the Senro world.

It is also a prestigious giant. The world also thought that this person had died for thousands of years. Since then, there has been no trace in the world. It was originally collected by the Emperor Sen in the palace, became a close guard, and finally covered with the golden armor.

“Whoever you are, die for his allegiance!”

Lin Fan shouted, his feet fiercely stomped on the ring, and with a sudden bang, the ring of tens of thousands of people exploded as if the mountains collapsed, the dust lifted, and the earth and stone splashed.

“Crazy, watch this three moves to kill you.”

Tang Fengyu screamed, he actually turned into a golden Winged Heavenly Peng that has been shining brightly, the feathers were carved like gold, the wings fluttered, two horrible tornadoes swept to Lin Fan, and this tornado also contained Endless blade.

“Split sky style!”

Lin Fan Chang Xiao, he is crazy, at this time all the pain and sorrow, sorrow and joy in the world have nothing to do with him. At this time, he only wants to kill people.


Zhu Tian Li split down, the galaxies of the Foreign Domain were cut flat, and then hong long long fell towards the Senro Realm, and the two tornados were suddenly crushed.

The halberd is still dazzling, shining in 19 Provinces, and split the Golden Winged Great Peng.

“Who else!” Lin Fan stepped on the Heavenly Peng shattered corpse and landed on another ring. At this time, he had a great power, and the mountain-like Heavenly Peng shattered corpse under his feet showed his divine might.

“Waste!” Sen Huangbao drank: “Move the dark part and kill him!”

The body of the eunuch standing behind him trembles slightly, the white eyebrow raised, and a grin appears on the white and tender face.


A sharp sword suddenly appeared in front of Lin Fan’s left eye!

This attack is too abrupt and terrifying, there is no aura at all, so it is so abrupt.

This is the killer of the cream of the crop. He actually deceived Lin Fan Divine Consciousness and killed him.


This person is afraid to be respected in the killer, but only the assassination technique is enough to establish the sect.

Kill the sword straight, the black severe light on the tip of the sword shines, and it will be nailed into Lin Fan’s eye socket, and then the surging murderous intention contained on it will lift the top of the head of Lin Fan and shatter it. His Divine Soul.


This sudden killing sword was resisted!

Between Lin Fan and the killing sword, a palm-size god clock appeared, and the killing sword was nailed to it, swaying boundless black maternal gas, rippling forward, and crushing several feet time and space.

This sword disappeared, and the breath of the Peak killer also disappeared.

“People! Let me see how you can live.”

Sen Huang laughed heartily.

The dark part is dispatched, and it belongs to Peak’s strongest in the dark part. How can this country man not die?

It should be noted that the dark part is the ultimate expert he cultivates, and he is only loyal to his terrifying existence. He is at the top of the three realms of the gods, and he can barely qualify to enter the dark part.

“You and see how I slap him.”

Lin Fan held Zhu Tian, ​​bloody, and when he turned his head, the blood wet in front of him floated up, and a lot of blood was splashed.

“Oh…” Sen Huang mocked: “Kill? Can you find his trail?”

“pu! “

As soon as he said this, Lin Fan, who seemed to be in a quiet place, lifted Zhutian, and a halberd nail was killed backward, and then a bunch of blood flowers appeared!

This halberd nail pierced the Peak killer’s eyebrow, and Lin Fan laughed wildly: “Is this a trace of him?”

Senhuang’s expression suddenly became cold, and then a roar of roar: “Go again! Now! I must ask him to die.”

Because, after Lin Fan screamed, his right arm lifted the Xeon killer into the air, and the murderous intention in the sky spit out, and the killer burst into a group of blood mist.

“Is he crazy…”

In the beautiful eyes of King Rakshasa, there are worries and worries: “It is unwise to offend a king like this…”

Lin Long said in Pang Lengsen: “It’s their honor to let my brother vent their hatred just a bunch of waste materials.”

Rakshasa Wang looked back suddenly, said with a sneer: “Are you afraid that your brother is not an opponent of these people?”

Lin Long sneered: “How many kings can there be in this Senrow Realm? It’s not your four kings, who can cause difficulties for him? It’s just a halberd, a punch. That’s all .”


At this moment, Lin Fan Changxiao, he once again cut a big killer.

This is already the eighteenth!

He was soaked with blood all over the place, and there were countless blood corpses lying on the wide platform.

The scene was silent.

Even if it was Sen Huang, there was no voice, even if the expression was so terrifying that it scared the dead, but he said nothing.

Lin Fan stood quietly. He withdrew his halberd from the heart of the enemy, and then raised his point to point towards Sen Huang.

Without a word, it is the most terrifying and inviting battle.

“Go again!”

The Emperor Sen roared.

Can you endure this breath?

But this time is a bit strange.

However, when he opened his mouth, no one would rush out immediately.

Obviously, being loyal to him, Lin Fan has already killed him.

I don’t want to try my best to give this emperor a gamble.

“Go again!”

Senhuang roared again.


Someone killed him again. As a result, he only resisted the Lin Fan Trident, he was cut off his head, and was crushed by one foot.

“Come again.” Lin Fan Leng Sensen, his eyes narrowed, looked towards the Sen Emperor’s side, it seemed that the guards behind the Emperor Sen had all taken a step backwards.

This is killing God!

Even if your concealment method is in the brilliant, you can’t escape his pair of rune eyes, there is nowhere to hide, no place to hide, the killer takes pride, and it’s a way of hiding that everyone in the world can avoid. joke.

Sixteen seats are said to support ten moves!

But now, there are already nineteen Xeons lying down at the foot of the demon-like man, and the strongest man is only able to hold six strokes in his hands.

“Come again!”

Lin Fan took a step forward, a terrifying silver-white Divine Dragon suddenly rushed out of his spine and the back cover pressed toward the Sen Emperor’s side; Divine Dragon screamed, making the heroes silent.

The killing intent in Sen Huang’s eyes was too strong, but then hehe chuckled and lay on the throne, but there was no more noise.

“Good! What a dragon! I have a great reward.” You Huang laughed heartily.

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