Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3147


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Lin Fan looked at the Sen Emperor’s side like this. After a while, he laughed and shouted: “It’s fun!”

Senhuang expression turned cold, Lin Fan shouted again: “It’s extremely painful!”

He walked out of the pool of blood. After two steps, his body was untainted by even a speck of dust. Every drop of dirty blood was purified by electro-optical light. Once again, he was handsome like a jade tree.

This abrupt change seems to be a trance.

I don’t know if it’s him who is like the murderous man covered in blood and minced meat, or this time he is the one with a smileless peerless grace and elegance.

He slowly flew up to the throne at the highest point, then slowly turned around, sat down, looked towards the Emperor, said: “Whether my first throne is temporarily stable, but there are challenges Who?”

There is Emperor laughed heartily: “Stable, of course, who else dares to fight you?”

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly selected, he looked towards Sen Huang, with a smile: “So… Sen Huang thinks so?”

“Stable?” Sen Huang sneered.

But before waiting for him to continue speaking, Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly froze: “Since Sen Huang still has opinions, he will be sent down to fight.”

“People!!” Sen Huang roared.

Yuhuang sighed and said, “Senhuang is annoyed. He also said that it is a fact. His record is ahead. This throne should be stabilized temporarily. Ruosen really feels that he does not have the strength to sit. In that position, you can send your men to continue killing.”

“You!” Sen Huang was furious.

Actually, they were persecuted by these two people.

But in the end, he smiled extremely angry and grumbled: “Well, the emperor admits, for the time being, you really deserve to sit in that position.”

Lin Fan laughed, stuffed the whole person into the throne, shouted loudly: “Comfortable!”

Sen Emperor stared at him harshly, and then jié jié smiled: “Okay, then next, let’s fight, after all, the sixteen seats are not yet filled.”

You Huang’s eyes narrowed slightly, he nodded solemnly.

It is conceivable that the war will be terrible and bloody.

In the battle of Lin Fan, this Emperor Sen was suppressed, beaten, and persecuted. Then, next, he had to be ashamed, at least, to be angry.

“You are worried.” Youhuang sighed softly.

Everyone under him raised an eyebrow.

Starting the 16th round.

But these are not Lin Fan’s things anymore, no one knows, in front of everyone’s eyes; Along sitting on the throne and Mu Yi, who is beside King Rakshasa, have lost their bags.

“Little girl, you are very worried…Is it in love with the young man?”

The sudden ridicule made King Rakshasa look back suddenly, his eyes like a knife, but in the end, it was gentle and overflowing.

Lin Fan avoided his eyes and leaned his back on his chair with his hands behind his head: “Come on, these waste materials, it’s hard for me.”

“But haven’t you thought about it, if you are just and honorable against an emperor, what will you recruit?”

King Rakshasa said, his tone of concern continued.

“Yuhuang is a dead person?” Lin Fan sneered: “You can rest assured that the more powerful I am, the more heaven-shaking, earth-shattering with Sen Huang, the more he will baby me, the more Will protect me.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan said: “You believe or not. After today, the Emperor will definitely invite Lin Long to live in the Imperial Palace. One is hospitality and the other is shelter.”

The cold light appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes, saying: “It will be like that according to the nature of that person.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said, “I’m not here anymore. I went to Ancient Battlefield this time and I learned a lot. It takes time to digest.”

King Rakshasa frowned and said, “Heart…”

Lin Fan shook his head and said: “It’s okay, it has been suppressed.”

After speaking, Lin Fan went back to the station alone.

As soon as he returned to the station, he went directly into the thunder pool.

It’s not that you want to go with your daughters, but you need a safe place to digest what you got in Ancient Battlefield.

He meditated cultivation, but the double imperial city was killed and killed.

In fact, it’s just fighting for six seats.

The so-called human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food, I am afraid they can be cited here.

The battle continues.

As expected by Lin Fan and Youhuang, this Emperor Mori was indeed a bloody counterattack, sending out some hidden powerhouses and waging a lore battle against the Youhuang side.

After paying eight lives, the Sen emperor’s side actually achieved terrible results and beheaded the fourth-placed Dream Li Tao on the spot!

This is terrifying!

Let the Emperor Rage growl, almost fighting the Sen Emperor on the spot.

Sen Emperor has nothing to fear, and he flutters lightly; he wipes away the anger of You Huang: “I have died for nearly twenty good hands, and I have never been as active as you, You Huang… You have to block.”

Yuhuang roared and roared; but what about it?

After all, he first indulged Lin Fan to kill. At this time, although the Emperor Sen understood that he was revenge, in the final analysis, it was just A Tooth For A Tooth.

The fourth throne changed hands and replaced it with a Heaven Grade killer named Li Buer on the side of the Emperor Sen.

Later, newcomers also appeared in the six seats.

Originally belonged to the third seat, and was occupied by Wu Ling from the door of the newspaper.

According to what Wu Ling said, there should be no attribution, but who knows?

The sixth seat was originally occupied by guilt, but now it is replaced by Zhu Yifeng.

The tenth seat, Wen Tian, ​​was occupied by Qinglin.

The 11th seat was a shame, but it was also won by Xiaoxiaozi.

Li Chundao in the Twelfth seat was torn by the beasts, and was occupied by the strongest under the Imperial Emperor.

The fifteenth seat is occupied by Wang Tu.

At this point, the sixteen seats are full, and there is a throne change.

This also makes the dead Dream Litao a joke.

By the way, Youhuang has certainly become a joke.

Only four of the six newly added seats have been clearly attributed.

There are still two people who don’t know where to go, like a powerhouse suddenly dropping from the sky, but the partiality is indeed the native creature of this forest.

Rakshasa Palace Residence.

Lin Fan listened to King Rakshasa quietly, and after a while, he sneered and sneered: “How can you be sure that the four people who have been clearly belonged to are indeed the two emperors?” “

The pupil of King Rakshasa narrowed his eyes and said, “Impossible, how could King Qingmu have this ability? That was all from the killer group raised by Shuanghuangzi.”

Lin Fan squeezed the nose of King Rakshasa frivolously, and said: “Chick, how many things in this world are you and I think is impossible, but in the end it came true? King Qing… no matter who If you look down on him, you will lose money.”

King Rakshasa sighed, then looked towards Lin Fan, and said: “Have a good rest first, the war of tomorrow will begin, that will be the test for you and me.”

Lin Fan laughed: “The so-called Wang Zhan, if we are good luck, I am afraid that they can be pushed to the second seat as easy as blowing off dust, so don’t worry about it.”

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