Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3215


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This is what Lin Fan wants and wants to see.

If this is not the case, does it mean that his plan failed?

“Brother Mu Yi is a good tool.”

Tianxi sighed, he looked at Lin Fan and said, “Awesome.”

“What are you talking about? I really don’t understand.” Lin Fan looked surprised towards Tianxi.

Tianxi smiled: “Do you really understand?”

Lin Fan shrugged: “I don’t understand.”

“hehe.” Tianxi smiled, and no longer looked at Lin Fan, but glanced at the audience, coldly said: “Before this event has no final result, who dares to mess up, who dares to mess up… Ke Qian Don’t blame me for being unreasonable, and don’t think I am unreasonable.”

Severe expression flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes but not!

Because, when I say this sentence again, the day when he sneered at him and ridiculed him!

Lin Fan understands the meaning!

‘I know you did it, but I don’t have evidence, but what can I do? I can make all your painstaking plans empty in one sentence. ’

This is what Tianxi meant.

How can Lin Fan not be angry?

If this day hopes not to say that word in such an overbearing manner, Lin Fan dares to guarantee that, just waiting for Sitai to be buried, Divine Race will ignite the flame of revenge!

Only within three or five days, Three Great Divine Clans is afraid that he will make a mess and kill a bunch. When the time comes, he has a lot of opportunities to get rid of the fire and get the benefits of heaven.

But now!

The angry look in Lin Fan’s eyes slowly disappeared, and there was a smile in the corner of his mouth. He got up and said, “Since Brother Xi has already made a decision on this matter, then, let’s go away with Gu Gu Patriarch. Go?”

Tianxi narrowed her eyes and said, “Brother Mu Yi is here, don’t you want to condone Brother Tailai?”

Lin Fan raised an eyebrow: “Consolation? This sentence…Do you believe it yourself?”

The beginning of Divine Race’s first ancestor suddenly turned cold!

Everyone, of course, did not come for his grandchildren.

Of course I know.

But it was so hurt by Lin Fan to say so naked.

“Senior atonement, Junior may speak straighter.” Lin Fan looked guilty towards the beginning of Divine Race, the ancestor said, “The death of Brother Tailai is deeply saddened, but Patriarch is seriously injured, it is really delayed. Please forgive me.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race was coldly snorted, but did not refuse.

Lin Fan and Gu Shejing swayed away.

After a while, Gu Di shoots Divine Race.

Gu Shejing returned safely to the clan, so that many senior officials of Divine Race who knew this matter were relaxed.

In the past few days, they have been worried all day, afraid that this patriarch will not come back.

In the meeting room.

Gu Shejing’s face lunar calendar: “Damn!”

He swung vigorously, and suddenly the space in front was popped with a black hole.

Lin Fan glanced and said: “This is actually normal. The Tianzu naturally shot, and it will not be allowed to appear in chaos.”

Gu Shejing’s face was even uglier, and he said, “I know this, but it’s just that the husband’s plan is not empty?”

“Chengkong?” Lin Fan looked at Gu Shejing with a surprised look: “What are you thinking? How could it be empty?”

Amazed in the eyes of Gu Shejing, said: “Tianxi has made it clear that before As the water recedes, the rocks appear, no one is allowed to mess up, otherwise it will be the punishment of the clan.”

Lin Fan sneered, saying: “Power is sometimes very useful, but… it is not always useful in all situations.”

“Mr. Come on.”

Gu Shoujing cup one fist in the other hand.

After this time, he became more convincing and respectful to Lin Fan.

Because of all his encounters with Divine Race at the beginning of Chaos, Lin Fan had already been counted as dead and dead, and it turned out to be a clever one.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “The so-called chaos, maybe in your opinion, is a battle of real things, isn’t it?”

Everyone, including Gu Shejing, is nodded.

Since the so-called chaos is known, if there is no corpse surviving the mountain and bleeding and drifting, how is it appropriate to talk about a big character and chaotic character?

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “Real thing is naturally chaos, but if you don’t use a knife and gun, is it chaos? Ridiculous.”

Lin Fan quipped: “When it was reported that Liu Family was supported, Divine Race, the Dragon God family, and the Imperial Family all paid a huge price, but they lent them to the Holy Spirit of Liu Family. There are tens of billions, but what about this?”

Gu Shoujing’s pupils were shrinking, and then she was nodded with a cloudy face, saying: “But this happened.”

Lin Fan said again: “Also, Liu Family purchased 100,000 sets of rune helmets and standard armor from the Dragon Divine Race. Each set of combat gear seems to have reached the scary price of one million spar, Right?”

Gu Shejing nodded, said: “I know this, but Liu Family is on credit, not at all paid.”

Lin Fan’s complexion suddenly became weird, and said, “If you said that these Divine Races would put pressure on the Liu Family at the same time, what would be the consequences for him to repay the loan?”

Gu She sneered and said: “How can Liu Family be able to afford it? Not to mention others, with the poor acidity of his Liu Family at this time, I am afraid that even a million crystals can’t be taken out.”

“So…if these Divine Races are too tight on Liu Family, what should Liu Family do?” Lin Fan remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs.

Gu Shejing thought about it for a while, and then smiled bitterly: “It’s nothing more than taking risks, or renege on a debt that’s all, repaying and repaying the account has to have life in order to pay back, the ethnic groups are gone, and there is a hair back. .”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “Even if these Divine Races do not use this as a reason to force Liu Family, but with the shallow foundation of Liu Family at this time, Deity Clan is only sniping Liu Family on resources or business channels. It’s enough for Liu Family to drink a pot, and even a slump is not impossible.”

Aunt She respected the nodded, and stood up and bowed respectfully, saying: “Mr. Brilliant.”

The same is true of the rest of the executives.

In the beginning, Lin Fan took a seat at a high position. These high-level leaders dare not speak out, but they dare not show it, but they must be dissatisfied with Lin Fan.

But now—who dares!

“Dare to ask Supreme Great Elder, what should we do next?”

Someone asked.

Lin Fan looked towards this Elder, faint smile, said: “Are you… sure to listen?”

The man shivered immediately, shivering, and quickly made a guilt, saying: “It’s a lot of mouth.”

Lin Fan smiled slightly, waved his hand, and said: “Wait and go on, I have important things to discuss with patriarch.”

Gu Shejing was nodded, everyone left, and then Gu Shejing looked towards Lin Fan and said, “What do you mean by Mr.?”

Lin Fan said: “Where can I talk about any advice? I just want to tell you, prepare an invincible army, I guess at most seven or eight days, Liu Family’s forces will return to defend the stronghold, as long as you can Seize the opportunity, and the territory occupied by Liu Family will be able to take back.”

The original territory of Divine Race was millions and millions li. As a result, only 3000 li land centered on Shenfu can now be guarded.

I’ve held my breath for a long time.

Now I hear Lin Fan say so.

Aunt Gu Jing suddenly looked like chicken blood, his face flushed with excitement.

“What are you excited about?” Lin Fan chuckled: “Since I’m here, I’m going to shoot Divine Race to recover the lost ground…”

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