Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3216


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“Mr. many thanks.” Aunt Gu worshipped.

Lin Fan said: “Wait for Liu Family to be forced into desperation, and then you personally come to talk about the alliance.”

“Alliance?” Gu She showed a contempt in her eyes and sneered: “Liu Family is nothing but waste. Without the assistance of other ethnic groups, even if my Gu She shoots Divine Race, it can still be destroyed alone.”

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing. Gu Shejing immediately ridiculed and said, “Please arrange, it is Meng Lang.”

Lin Fan got up and said, “Liu Family is really nothing, but in fact the current Gushe Divine Race is nothing. If you still hold the previous glory, you will be miserable. Don’t look down on any clan. “

“Mr. said yes.” Gu Shejing said.

Lin Fan said: “Liu Family is very weak, it just happens that Gu Di Diver Race is not strong now, so the most suitable for the league.”

“Alliance with his Liu Family… I’m afraid it will even cause Gu to shoot Divine Race.” Gu Shejing sighed and said: “If Mr. Ruo Yi said, Long Divine Race, Imperial Family, and Divine Race will all go together. Liu Family started, then I will shoot Divine Race to go up with the Liu Family alliance, how can these three groups let go of the shooter?”

Lin Fan sneered and said, “You really thought that when Shitai died, Gu shot Divine Race to get rid of all the suspicions? You simply thought that Shiver Divine Race would not treat her Shoot Divine Race?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils contracted sharply.

Lin Fan said: “Liu Family is good, but it is also known as Divine Race. After the alliance, you can use them as a cannon fodder before you shoot Divine Race Koro. Think about whether you want to do it or not. “

“Cannon fodder…” Gu She squinted with respect, and then said: “Liu Family…is it necessary to die?”

“Otherwise? Leave him for the New Year?” Lin Fan sneered, and then said: “Not only Liu Family, I also thought that if there is a suitable opportunity, even the remaining few will sink together.”

The heart of Gu Shejing suddenly seemed to be tightened. At this moment, he almost forgot to breathe and hurriedly said: “Sir is sure?”

Lin Fan squinted, said with a smile: “I’m sure…but not necessarily.”

His eyes suddenly chilled and said: “At this time, Haijia aloof and remote, sit firmly on the first Divine Race throne, but what did the deity get?”

Gu Shejing gasped for breath!

This sentence!

It’s too obvious.

He bowed directly and said, “I would like to swear that if Mr. Mr. can help me shoot Divine Race as the head of Divine Race, I would like to raise the power of the whole family, help Mr. He become a family, and respect the world.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he just showed a touch of emotion.

He seemed excited, and he looked like he was about to agree, but the result was a sigh, said with a bitter smile: “Re-discuss… Re-discuss, now the priority is to regain the lost ground first, Liu Family pulled in.”

“Get ready immediately.”

Gu Shejing walked out hurriedly.

Today Mu Yi’s inadvertently leaked tone seemed to him the deadliest, but the most tempting poison.

It is necessary to convene the most secret and highest-ranking parliament, fearing that even some of the clan’s heritage will be alarmed.

On the floating island.

“Aunt Gujing is afraid that he will be excited to spur blood, and he will be excited to suffocate.”

Wu Qingcheng smiled faintly and said, “Are Husband going to plow the world again?”

Lin Fan squinted, coldly said: “why not?”

He got up and said with a sneer: “Can it be the safety of our realm, really want to take shelter on a mark that I don’t know when it will go away?”

Wu Qingcheng sighed and said, “That was left by the deity, I am afraid it will coexist with the world.”

“But what if he disappears suddenly?” Lin Fan’s eyes appeared panicked!

This is probably the repercussions left by the demon, which will make him often think of that horrible future scene.

Wu Qingcheng frowned.

Lin Fan said: “Which one of us, who can resist the current Divine Race? Not to mention, there is also the Celestial Race behind! This is completely overwhelming power.”

Wu Qingcheng said: “But have you ever thought that the hatred between the two realms has been around for a long time, when you have destroyed the Divine Race, there will naturally be other Divine Races appearing, and if you kill the Liu Family, there will naturally be a Two Liu Family appeared, when was the head?”

Lin Fan said with a malicious smile: “But the reconstruction of Divine Race is not a one-on-one, high-end power, nor can it be cultivated overnight.”

“So…” Wu Qingcheng’s pupils shrank!

Lin Fan said with a malicious smile: “Yes, I want to take the initiative to attack. Just give me 2000 years, it only takes 2000 years. When the time comes I have 70% certainty to break this Primal Chaos World. “

Other women are terrified!

Break through Primal Chaos World?

This is a major event that even the God of Medicine failed to do.

Know that the God of Medicine was forced to leave only one mark in the end, thus disappearing in this world.

“What the hell are you worried about?” Wu Qingcheng asked.

Lin Fan is too abnormal.

“Nothing.” Lin Fan sat down and said, “I just want to remove the steel knife hanging above my head.”

Wu Qingcheng is silent.

With her wisdom, of course, she knows that it is simply so easy.

Otherwise, there are hundreds of ways to let Primal Chaos World fall into civil strife. Why is Lin Fan’s partial choice the most radical and the most dangerous?

No sleep this night.

Several women are extremely gentle and seem to want to calm Lin Fan’s anxiety with her warm embrace and water-like tenderness.

The past few days, Gu Shejing and Zhu Gu shoot Divine Race senior, Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail.

Lin Fan had long expected it and ignored it.

But this world is moving in the direction he expected!

The first shot to Liu Family turned out not to be Divine Race, but Imperial Family!

Following the Imperial Family, it is the Dragon Divine Race.

In the beginning of Divine Race, it turned out to be the last to Liu Family.

This really exceeded Lin Fan’s expectations.

These three families are indeed as Lin Fan expected, not at all moving any military force, just to keep track of accounts, but to suppress Liu Family from channels such as business channels, resources, etc.

This is simply strangling Liu Family’s lifeline.

Also, all three families gave Liu Family an ultimatum. Within three days, must pay off their accounts, otherwise don’t complain about their ruthlessness.

Even talking to the world, and bluntly, they just want to pay the bills, nothing else, even if they poke to the Tian clan, they are not afraid.

Three days!

To repay so many debts, I am afraid that only the entire Liu Family will be sold.

Start to retract.

As expected by Lin Fan, Liu Family, who had invaded the vast territory of Gushe Divine Race, dropped the towns, mines, etc. that each and everyone had once bathed in blood, and quickly shrunk back to base camp.

“It’s time to go out, go, if it is in the middle of the night, I am afraid it will fall into the hands of others.”

Lin Fan glanced at the Divine Race General who had been impatient.

This General salutes Lin Fan, and then raises his sword broadly, angrily roared: “Children! Follow me to welcome my people and territory!”

The army was promoted.

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