Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3217


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Very smooth!

There is no obstruction, even, in many cases, Liu Family is still working hard to cooperate, handing the city defense and so on to Gushe Divine Race.

And, if other ethnic groups come to seize power, Liu Family will even help Gu She Divine Race to resist together.

When receiving these news, Gu Shejing laughed heartily, extended a thumbs up to Lin Fan, and said, “Mr. is really like a god.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “This is normal.”

Later, he said with a sneer: “Now this Liu Family can’t help shooting Divine Race to attract firepower, of course it will help us.”

“Mr. mean, this Liu Family will drag me off the Divine Race?” Gu Shejing’s pupil shrinks.

Lin Fan quipped: “Where does his Liu Family have the ability to launch Divine Race into the water? Just follow the trend.”

“So what should we do now? Should we try to avoid confrontation with other races?” Gu Shejing frowned.

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing and sneered: “Avoid? You don’t want to recover the lost ground?”

Gu Shejing suddenly looked up: “How can you not want to?”

“Since you want to recover the lost ground, where may there be no competition?” Lin Fan sighed and said: “Furthermore, you really think that the Gu Ji Divine Race is still on the shore? It has been launched for a long time, without Liu Family dragging.”

Gu Shejing frowned.

Lin Fan said: “I think that I can use this opportunity to fiercely kill other people’s sharpness, the first is to reduce the strength of the other, the second…”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “You don’t think, Gushe Divine Race has been holding back for too long? Could it be that you don’t think that Gushe Divine Race has weak morale?”

Gu Shejing smiles bitterly.

Lin Fan said: “Let him kill, fight, let them breathe out.”

“Won’t go wrong? Heavenly clan will not blame?” Gu Shejing said the hidden worry in his heart.

Lin Fan’s eyes rose and said, “What is the blame of the Heavenly Clan? Take back your own things, it’s justified, how can the Heavenly Clan be overbearing, and don’t dare to put a beak on this matter.”

“Okay!” The murderous intention flourishes in Gu Shou’s eyes: “Then… kill one! How did I not want to kill in the past? Just…”

He smiled bitterly, looked towards Lin Fan, and said, “But now that there is a gentleman in town, I can just let it go.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said: “Despite going there, even if something really happened, as long as you don’t pierce the sky, I will always have a way to save you.”

This is the sentence!

The next thing, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Even if Lin Fan didn’t expect, this shot of Divine Race has such terrifying potential and strength.

It turned out that the three forces of Divine Race, Dragon Divine Race, and Imperial Family came to prepare to divide the Liu Family to occupy the territory, and all of them were killed!

No one is left.

In just half a month, each of these three families lost at least 100,000 lives.

Even Liu Family, who is rapidly retreating, turned back. Needless to say, he directly joined the Gushe Divine Race camp.

The seventeenth day.

Lin Fan summoned Gu Shejing to let him see him well, and then go on, the one who suffers is definitely Gu She Divine Race.

Overall, whether it is Divine Race, Imperial Family, or the lowest-profile Dragon Divine Race, they are much more powerful than Gu Divine Race. The reason why they have been suppressed in this half month.

The most fundamental reason is that the main force of Deity Clan is pinned by Liu Family.

But Liu Family can’t hold it for long.

As long as the Three Great Divine Clans frees their hands and cuts off the Divine Race, it’s really no different from playing.

Also, in Lin Fan’s communication, he made it very straightforward, let Gu Shejing move forward slowly, must ensure that each recaptured heavy city will be foolproof before they can go to the next important town, and should not be greedy. .

Tell Gu Shejing so that he doesn’t have to worry about those important owners who haven’t recovered, and bluntly, before the Divine Race arrives, Liu Family will surely guard the last door for Gu Shejing.

Sure enough.

Gu Shejing listened to Lin Fan’s words and moved forward slowly. It really made every major town recaptured like an iron bucket, with no water leakage.

And Liu Family is indeed like Lin Fan’s inference, staying in the city, retiring the military horses of the Three Great Imperial Family again and again, and bracingly waiting for the arrival of Divine Race.

In January, almost all the territories lost by Divine Race were recovered.

In this recovery battle, a total of 200,000 sons and daughters were shot by Divine Race.

But by comparison, the loss is the lightest.

The biggest loss is of course Liu Family.

The logistics are unfavorable, and various medical pills, etc., cannot be supplied in a hurry, this is the biggest culprit.

Second, the most severe loss is attributed to the Imperial Family.

This family is not as powerful as the Dragon Divine Race and the beginning Divine Race, and it is hated by Liu Family, focusing on care, with this loss, as it should be by rights.

Today, the Gushe Divine Race class division returned to the dynasty…

Lin Fan stood at the mountain gate with a smile, looking at the mighty army from the grandiose, and also watching the aunt of the silver battle armour riding on Bifang Divine Bird.

“How dare you trouble me to welcome you.”

When I saw Lin Fan, Gu Shejing flew directly from Bifang Divine Bird, facing Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand across the distance.

For a whole month, Lin Fan did not step into the battlefield even half a step, but turned out to see the entire battle situation perfectly clear, clearly, not just in name only, but also in reality planning strategies to win a thousand miles.

He really took it.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “Patriarch went out to lead the army, and he just ate among the clan and waited for death. How could he not come to pick it up?”

Gu Shejing quickly bowed and said: “With this great victory, I can take back this vast territory, and my husband is indispensable.”

After that, he turned around and shouted: “This is the Supreme Great Elder of my tribe. If you see me, if your opinion is refuted by Supreme Great Elder, then you will respect the life of the Great Elder.”

Lin Fan’s heart tightened!

The words of Gu Shejing are natural and sincere, sincere to…

It’s hard for him to distinguish, is this aunt She Jing’s intention to attract, or is it true.

“pay respects to Supreme Great Elder.”

The majestic army has 700,000-800,000 feet. When kneeling down, there are black heads, and when shaking together, the sky shakes.

“You are all brave.”

Lin Fan spoke gently, but it reached every soldier’s eyes.

“Sir, may you come to sit down in the handsome account?”

A handsome coach said, in the army, his position is only under the patriarch, and he has a eager face: “If there is a gentleman to help, our army will attack and win.”

“You go away.”

Lin Fan hasn’t spoken yet, Gu Shejing was angry and yelled, and then said: “You talk about merits and rewards, and please comfort the family members of the fallen brothers, other things, don’t mention it anymore! Stick.”

After that, he quickly pulled Lin Fan and ran.

This makes Lin Fan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

On the floating island.

“Patriarch is afraid that he can’t rest yet.” Lin Fan smiled.

Gu Shou’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan said: “Let’s go to Liu Family tonight, they can’t hold it anymore, they can talk about the alliance’s momentum.”

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