Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3218


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Gu Shejing was directly nodded and said, “I’ll go after changing clothes.”

“Change clothes?” Lin Fan looked towards Gu Shejing, said with a smile: “Is it true that Patriarch cannot make a blind date?

Gu Shejing startled.

Lin Fan said: “Don’t you think that your blood-stained battle armour is more able to support the dangerous situation and the crisis of the situation?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrink.

Lin Fan laughed, said: “Just go like this, I dare to guarantee that you will talk to them like this, better than after you tidy up.”

“Everything is listened to Mr.” Gu Gujing said.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “You have to remember, you can’t take the initiative to form an alliance, let the other party beg you.”

Gu Gujing smiles bitterly: “With the current Gu Gu shooting Divine Race…”


Lin Fan snorted heavily before he said, “Is it Liu Liu Family’s situation now? You’re wrong… He Liu Family’s current situation is definitely only more critical than us, impossible better .”

Gu Gujing’s pupils shrunk, and then he sighed a long way: “It’s true. I’m afraid that Liu Family who can show off his power in front of my Gu Di Divine Race a few days ago can only rely on my Gu She family to breathe. “

Lin Fan laughed, quite arrogantly said: “If you have been in the Gushe clan for such a long time, if you can’t do this step, then Patriarch invites me to do something.”

Gu Shejing stood quietly and said sincerely after a while: “Maybe I can invite my husband into the family, I am afraid that it is the biggest way for me to shoot Divine Race.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled: “It’s just a matter of loyalty and loyalty to the king.”

Gu She squinted her eyes slightly, then quickly waved her hand and said, “Where is the monarch? Between you and me, I don’t talk about these, I prefer to be a friend of my husband and to make friends.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Patriarch please go too, too late, the shock is not so great.”

“Okay.” Gu Shejing turned back.

Lin Fan faintly said: “Sometimes ago, Gu shot Divine Race but was miserably bullied by this family, wouldn’t patriarch take some people to take advantage of it?”

“Is it okay?”

Gu Shejing turned back suddenly.

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “The more miserable this Liu Family is, the more they will understand what is called reality, and the easier it is for Gushui Divine Race to gain the sole right to speak.”

Auntie shot respectfully and nodded. He left, took dozens of people, and went straight to Liu Family.

On the floating island.

“I watched this aunt, and I wasn’t the one to forget favors and violate justice. Although I was stupid sometimes, the general direction was good.” Wu Qingcheng’s eyes were complicated.

She knows her Husband best is who.

Sighed and said: “Actually, what I am most afraid of is that this Gu Shejing is a sincere person, if that’s the case…how should you be yourself?”

Lin Fan did not speak. He was on the second highest floating island in Divine Race, and watched Gu Shejing and the others hurried away. After a while, he said: “You don’t have to worry about me. Since I shot the 1st Step of Divine Race, I have made two plans.”

Wu Qingcheng Dai Dai frowned.

Lin Fan faintly said: “If this Gu Shejing is just a villain and just wants to use me, then in the end this Gu She Divine Race will naturally be destroyed, but since he treats me with sincerity, I will replace it He kept this guy to shoot Divine Race and let him recover a little glory.”

Wu Qingcheng said: “If that is the last…”

The murderous intention in Lin Fan’s eyes flashed, and said: “I am only in personal contact with him, and I can still distinguish clearly in front of the right and wrong.”

“It’s just… it’s a bit difficult for you.” Wu Qingcheng sighed and said with a bitter smile: “Those Little Brat don’t know where they have grown up.”

Lin Fan said: “Xiao Xi’s words, you don’t have to ask her how to defray her monastery. All the little girl’s innate talents are on pill concocting, Xiao Nuo and Xiao Tian’s words…”

Speaking of this, Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “Actually, Xiao Nuo I really dare not talk about it, he… is always different, but Xiao Tian’s words, it must be a powerhouse at the level of the god, I just don’t know where I went.”

“Are you so sure?”

Hong Mei smiled.

Xiaotian is her parent-child. It is of great pleasure to be valued and praised by Lin Fan.

“Of course.” Lin Fan proudly said: “If he can’t reach this step, how can he be called my Lin Fan’s son?”

Hong Mei wailed: “Are you boasting your son? Or are you boasting yourself?”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Actually, I had a long conversation with the first ancestor of Divine Race that day. He asked me if I was ashamed. At that time, I said something that was against my heart, but in fact, in my heart I am ashamed.”

He walked into the house, with several women beside him, Lin Fan said seriously: “I Lin Fan is worthy of Heaven and Earth, and worthy of his brother’s friends, but only owes his family.”

Lin Fan said very seriously, very seriously.

Tao: “You are all my wives, but in fact, there is less separation and more separation, even if you have traveled with me to this life, most of them are locked in the thunder pool, you have children for me, children, and accompany me Being lonely, warming me up, I can really do too little for you, this is my first shame.”

“Three children, I did not accompany any one to grow up, did not teach them any syllables when they were learning language, nor did they help them once when they first learned to walk. This is my second shame. “

“Why do you say that.” Leyao smiled and said: “The boy is in the Quartet, my Husband able to support both heaven and earth, no matter in which piece of sky dome is the only protagonist, naturally it is to bear more than others. There are more men, this Husband, we only have more love, more joy, where will the blame and anger come?”

Wu Qingcheng nodded, said: “My Wu Qingcheng’s Husband should have been like this. If you really only think about the love of your children, let me see more clearly.”

Lin Fan smiled.

The nightmare said: “Xiao Nuo’s little thing never cries and never makes me trouble.”

“Xiaoxi is almost the same, even in the swaddle, they are very regular, and when they are full, they sleep like a pig.” The eyes of Qingcheng appeared to be spoiled.

Hong Mei sighed and said: “Compared, Xiaotian is the happiest. I am also the one who doesn’t have to worry about it. My father-in-law’s mother-in-law takes care of Xiaotian for me, but that’s how it is. Heaven is petting to the sky. When I was three years old, I dared to go to Connect To Heaven River to kill the dragon fish. When I was five years old, I dared to trick General to accompany him into the pit to catch the Earth Dragon cricket.”

Lin Fan laughed, said: “Xiao Tian that Little Brat, there is always no Xiao Nuo calm, you can rest assured, Xiao Nuo looked at him, but he will not wait for him to roll out any waves.”

Nightmare nodded, said: “Xiao Nuo is indeed a qualified brother, Xiao Tian is with him, I am always at ease.”

Qingcheng suddenly sighed and said: “Xiaowu and Xiaoxi…I don’t know if I have a child.”

Lin Fan turned back suddenly!

He killed him, he never thought about it!

Nightmare also exclaimed suddenly: “Then I will go to be a grandmother? Want to know that Xiao Nuo’s little thing can also be married for several decades.”

Lin Fan actually wobbled slightly at this time…

Several women, you said it to me, and suddenly he woke up, blinked for thousands of years, and just passed like this. This time I return to Three Thousand World.

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