Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3219

Lin Fan smiled bitterly: “Actually before today, I always thought I was a magnificent person, or the young official of the Great Forest County.”

Qingyue Dao: “Those ancestors are strictly speaking but ants are… At least in my opinion, I haven’t seen Yu Dao as a dung, how much did they experience? They have not yet been qualified for stability and high, The heart has been vicissitudes, only the road is ruthless, and then desperate, and it has long been doomed to them as innumerable living beings that’s all.”

A few women are horrified!

All were shocked by Qingyue’s words.

Because the ants are not present in Yudao, compare the strongest ancestor-level creatures to dung.

How do you listen to such arrogance and arrogance?

But Piansheng said from Qingyue’s mouth, but it was so natural and convincing.

Qingyue looked towards Lin Fan, said: “Why are these ancestors like this? But it is because of the redness of the dead bones. During the old years of death, I sat and watched the blue sea turned into mulberry fields tens of thousands of times. However, it should be noted that birth, aging, sickness and death are the major events of reincarnation. Who can dare to say that there is no step in the world before the deity? Even, in the realm of the deity, can it not die?”

Qingyue said with a sneer: “At least I’m sure, the father mother will cut more than one or two Revered Divinity.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “I will never have that day. I dare to let my rosy face die, I will slaughter the sky, and dare to let my brother die in the old age, I will reverse the time and space of this time. , You really don’t have to worry about me, at least for a while.”

Qingyue Road: “The avenue is merciless, that’s just cultivator’s incompetent words. If you can be so strong that this world is like a joke in front of you, where is the avenue ruthless?”

Qingyue suddenly smiled and stunned her, and said: “Husband, I agree with you on this point…I also think that Dadao should be a peer.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Perhaps there were one or two people in prehistoric times who stood alone on the top of Shinto, looking back on the ancient times, and alone on the top of the road, but what is the use of sadness and loneliness? That kind of Peak is not what I want Of.”

After two steps, Lin Fan fiercely shook his head and said, “No, I never think there is a Peak on the avenue, even if it is the realm of the god king, I am afraid it is only the starting point of the next realm, the cornerstone of another Peak.”

Leyao smiled and said: “Younger brother, so…you have to be good, you know, the husband and wife are the same, if…then…”

A few women did not speak, just looked at Lin Fan quietly.

But in fact, Lin Fan understands Leyao’s unfinished words, and so do a few women.

If he passed away, how could they live alone?

Lin Fan smiled and said: “Time and years are too hurried, thousands of years have passed, but fortunately I have never been alone. I have you and Xuandong. I am very lucky.”

“We are also very lucky.” Several women also smiled.

Hong Mei sighed: “The best speaker of mine should be me… I know my aptitude. If I hadn’t been fortunate to meet Husband, I’m afraid the highest achievement would be nothing more than an imperial rank. How can I get to this step today. “

Lin Fan said with a smile: “speaking of which I am guilty to you. I did not know the parents’ arrangements during the syncope. If I use your words, I am also very glad to meet you; if there is you, If you happen to have a physique that is incomparable and hard to find, I am impossible to this step.”

Hong Mei’s face is so red.

That day…

It’s really too shameful.

She has never been in close proximity.

But he was going to serve a syncope, but only met a few times, even a man who was an enemy at that time.


Just before he left, he was pulled by some old grandmothers in the palace to say something shameful, and then went.

Fortunately, Lin Fan fainted at that time, otherwise that many jokes when he was waiting for Lin Fan, I am afraid that she will accompany her in this life.

The family is happy.

This may be a good time.

“Just ask for time not to rush…”

Qing Luan said, her hands were always unconsciously touching her lower abdomen, leisurely said: “It’s just this life…I’m not satisfied, I just want time to pass slowly, in those birth, aging, sickness and Before death finds me, stay with Husband.”

Lin Fan raised his eyes, said with a sneer: “The afterlife we ​​come from, where can we wait for the so-called birth, aging, sickness and death to find you and me? I can become a god, when the time comes from There are means and methods to get you out of Six Roads of Samsara.”

“We are all waiting for this day, and we have always believed you.”

Leyao smiled.

The pride is in the eyes of several women.

This is their Husband.

Heaven and the world, who dare to speak like this and say that he must become a god?

This sentence, if others say it, is of course arrogant and arrogant, basically impossible to achieve.

They will be ridiculed and mocked by them.

But this sentence was spoken from Lin Fan’s mouth, and they naturally believed.

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