Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3220


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“I miss Xiaoxi…”

Wu Qingcheng spoke, and then sighed: “If she really has children, I am not around, and I am really an unqualified mother.”

“Almost soon.”

Lin Fan lightly said, “I have a hunch, we are about to go home.”

This night, there is no love, just a family talking, very warm.



When Lin Fan pushed the door open, Gu Shejing was already waiting here early, and there was wet dew on her hair.

This proves that he has been here for a long time.


Lin Fan whispered in surprise: “Why not call me here?”

Gu Shejing said with a smile: “Where dare to disturb Mr. rest? Besides, I haven’t been here long, but just waited a little.”

Lin Fan quickly stepped forward and pulled Gu Shejing into the house, and said: “Chasing the moon for tea.”

Gu Shejing laughed and said: “Let a young god master bring tea and water, my face is too big.”

Liu Zuiyuewei said with a slight smile: “Where is the young god master? Those are the past, that’s all, now, I am only Mu Yi’s wife, except for this, there is no identity anymore.”

Gu Shejing stood up with her hands cup one fist in the other hand, and said: “Fairy begs for the monstrous power of the glory, Gu She respects and admires.”

Liu Zhuiyue smiled and walked to Lin Fan, and stood beside him, saying: “High position and great wealth But after seeing the clouds, the monstrous power is too much for me, it’s all that cumbersome that’s all, where is it commendable? “

Lin Fan pats Chasing the moon softly on her shoulder, chasing the moon suddenly understood that a blessing was given, saying: “Since Husband and Gushe patriarch have something to talk about, your servant will go down .”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Go ahead.”

Liu chasing the moon and leaving, Gu Shejing laughed, said: “Mr. is really a good means, chasing the moon Fairy, but Primal Chaos World’s most dazzling and shining that famous flower… high as nine days Xuanyue, I never expected , After you took it off, it turned into a finger-filled tenderness.”

Lin Fan bit his face bitterly and said, “That’s before the man, gave me face, but after the man is Little Princess’s temper.”

Aunt Shejing laughed.

Invisible, in three words and two words, the relationship between the two turned out to be too much.

“patriarch is coming, but want to tell that the alliance has been reached?” Lin Fan smiled.

Although he is a question, he speaks affirmatively and pours tea for Gu She.

Gu Shejing took both hands, with smile and excitement in his eyes, saying: “It’s done! It’s exactly what Mr. said.”

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “If it doesn’t work, it’s a weird thing.”

“I really didn’t expect, Liu Family, who was still in front of my aunt Divine Race before the end of the month, is now facing the overbearing of me and the oppression of clansman. submit to humiliation.”

Gu Shejing is really excited.

heaven knows what has happened to him for a long time.

How much anger did the Gus shoot Divine Race.

But this time Liu Family and his team, Fiercely spit out the anger, which was too comfortable and comfortable. The feeling of raising his eyebrows and exhilaration, he was moaning with comfort and ironing.

“Normal.” Lin Fan looked towards Gu Shejing, at this moment, Liu Family at this time was suppressed by the Three Great Divine Clans, and there is an urgent need to open up new channels, so… Divine Race throws an olive branch to Liu Family, and naturally it can only be firmly grasped. “

“Sir, what shall we do next?” Gu She stared at her with staring eyes.

Lin Fan said: “For now, I don’t have to do anything to shoot Divine Race.”

Gu Shejing frowned.

Lin Fan said: “The more you do, the more mistakes you make.”

“Can we just sit and wait for the world to change?” Gu Shejing felt very unwilling at this time!

Because he wanted to continue raising his eyebrows and exhaling all the grievances he had suffered in the past.

Lin Fan said: “We don’t do it, but don’t we still have Liu Family?”

Gu Shoujing’s pupils shrunk, Lin Fan said with a smile: “Just let them attract attention and a few Deity Clan’s artillery fire in front.”

Gu She Jing Jing said: “Will this continue, Liu Family will tear the alliance agreement?”

Lin Fan said: “You only need to slowly reveal the business and resource channels owned by the Gu She tribe to Liu Family, and from time to time let the Liu Family be enough to let this family stand up to the sky. The artillery fire is on.”

“Is this really enough?” Gu Shejing frowned, saying: “You know, it’s facing life and death, compared with the trifling channel…”

“trifling …… channels?” Lin Fan smiled and said: “Actually, the reason why you shoot Divine Race in desperation is that there are still several channels, and you can maintain the lowest life and cultivation place of the ethnic group. Yes, that’s because the Hai Family’s secret blessing that’s all… otherwise… you can’t shoot Divine Race to support me!”

“What? Haijia? How is it possible!” Gu Shejing was startled.

“Impossible?” Lin Fan sighed and said: “If the Haijia shot, do you think you can support Divine Race until now?”

Later, Lin Fan just showed a hint of curiosity, saying: “But Old Patriarch is old with the sea mad?”

Gu Shejing said with a bitter smile: “I probably don’t know the past of father, but in fact, the original Deity Clan ancestors who are not old with each other? Whose life has never been saved?”

“so that’s how it is.” Lin Fan nodded, said: “Actually, you can go to Haijia.”

“Go to Haijia?” Gu Shejing’s heart tightened.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “This mad man is indeed called an upright gentleman. If you go to play the old Patriarch’s emotional card… I am afraid it will be of great use.”

Gun Shejing panicked for no reason and said, “Will he really help Gu shoot Divine Race?”

Lin Fan said: “I haven’t made any mistakes in my calculations. I really can’t figure it out. At the most difficult time for you to shoot Divine Race, you can still leave a glimmer of survival for you. Yes, who else can have this Haijia.”

Gu Shejing fiercely gritted his teeth and said, “Since Mr. let me go, then I will go.”

“But don’t worry.” Lin Fan smiled, and then said: “Is Liu Family coming?”

Gu Shejing nodded, said: “The ancestor himself.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly: “It is reasonable, but unexpected.”

Gu She said with respect: “He also brought in a person who is said to have hatred against you.”

“Hate with me?” Lin Fan frowned.

He really couldn’t figure it out, and then said: “That’s about looking.”

In the meeting room.

Liu Family’s first ancestor was a little bit restless.

It’s really not worth thinking about it, but he is the first ancestor of a family, even if Liu Family wind and rain flutter at this time, but the cultivation base is here.

But why do you feel this way when you come to Divine Race?

Zuo Siyou thought, he suddenly figured out, the reason why this undesirable feeling occurs and appears is because of a priest named Mu Yi!

His eyes cold and severe glanced at the man who was kneeling in the hall and tied up by the big flowers.

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