Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3222


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Actually, Liu Family is not without Spirit Stone and spar now.

But it’s useless!

No supplies can be exchanged at all.

All channels were cut off by the Three Great Divine Clans, and put aside the words, whoever dares to exchange any resources with Liu Family at this time is an enemy of them.

Thinking about it, in this entire Primal Chaos World, I am afraid that there are only one or two big Chamber of Commerce, and this ability ignores the threat of Three Great Divine Clans.

And this Treasure Pavilion happens to be one of the Chamber of Commerce that ignores the threat of Three Great Divine Clans.

“Can I use the Gushe Divine Race channel to exchange for supplies? My Liu Family buys directly from Gushe Divine Race?”

The eyes of the ancestor of Liu Family are bright!

If this is possible, it is naturally the best.

“Patriarch Liu…a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “The situation of Gu shot Divine Race is indeed better than that of your Liu Family, but it’s not much better. You speak like this… But you need allies to work harder. Allies are selling their lives, and you…you can stand on the sidelines.”

The ancestor of the Liu Family blushed.

He did think so.

Because, in the style of Three Great Divine Clans, anyone who knows that his Liu Family has other channels, he will definitely launch snipers again and again.

Treasure Pavilion is very strong, Three Great Divine Clans will naturally not provoke, but he Liu Family……

“Patriarch Liu, I will shoot Divine Race how much I paid to get through the Treasure Pavilion channel. Needless to say, don’t mention it, but you should also know how difficult it is.” Lin Fan said quietly.

The ancestor of the Liu Family also sighed.

How does he not know?

During this period of time, he has contacted dozens of big Chamber of Commerce.

Most of them don’t want to have anything to do with his Liu Family.

The only one or two people who are willing to do so are all sky-high prices. The prices of various materials have skyrocketed by at least seven or eight times. Apart from this, a large amount of so-called transaction guarantee fees are required.

Based on this inference, the price that Gushe Divine Race can use as a trading channel is definitely horrible.

“My Gu shot Divine Race free of charge. I am willing to let your Liu Family trade with Treasure Pavilion with the help of reputation. It is already full of sincerity. If Patriarch Liu is still not satisfied and wants to get supplies and is unwilling to take any risks, then ……The Alliance gives up.” Lin Fan said lightly and quietly.

Liu Family’s ancestor’s eyes stood up, coldly said: “Sir, don’t forget, the Divine Race and my Liu Family at this time, but if we cooperate, we will benefit from both sides. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the lips and teeth are cold. .”

Lin Fan sneered and said, “Patriarch Liu is exaggerated.”

After that, he got up and proudly said: “With my own ability, when you can use the Three Great Divine Clans to suppress your Liu Family, you can take back all the lost shots of Divine Race, calmly arrange it, and finally the deity can pack tickets for I shot Divine Race to find the largest and largest tree to cool off.”

Liu Family’s first ancestor sneered: “Sir, to know the current Divine Race, except for my Liu Family, no one will form an alliance with you, I am afraid that I hope you die?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, sneering: “That’s because… the deity didn’t trust them.”

Afterwards, he stared at Liu Family’s ancestor playfully and said, “If you say that now I let go of my job, go to the Hai family to admit a mistake, and guarantee that there will be no more delusions in the future, and I am willing to be an anonymous strategist… How will the Haijia treat me?”

Liu Family’s ancestor pupil narrowed sharply.

Lin Fan laughed, said: “tentatively regardless of Haijia, if my wife chased the moon and went back to Yingshu Senior, she would be a little spoiled, admit some mistakes, and then… say that she was pregnant, and you said Yingshu Will Senior bless our couple?”

Liu Family’s ancestor body shook slightly.

“Okay, okay, let’s not talk about these two ethnic groups that are closely related to the deity, and I will ask you, if I leave this woman to shoot Divine Race at this time, go to the beginning Divine Race, only one Elder, in my own ability, did he agree or not to accept Divine Race?” Lin Fan asked.

Liu Family’s first ancestors all paled.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “No matter which Divine Race I go to, they will open the door to connect with the deity, only because of my ability, my ability, the world knows, and my only condition is… Shelter the piece of land of Divine Race from Gu Gu, willing to pay the tribute in secret… You said that Gu Div Div Race is still in danger of genocide?”

Liu Family ancestor expressions all is empty.

Lin Fan turned his head suddenly, his eyes bloomed cold light, staring at Liu Family’s first ancestor, said with a malicious smile: “old bastard, you understand the situation, if you want to threaten the deity, you also have to see if your Liu Family is good enough !

If you want an alliance, then obediently and honestly, if there are any delusions that you shouldn’t have, then please go, I’m going to take a look at it and shoot me at the beginning of Divine Race, who else is willing to at this time Pull you Liu Family.

You are indeed right. At this time Gu Gu Divine Race wind and rain is shaking. If not, with the current situation of your Liu Family, do you think you are eligible for the alliance with Gu Shu Divine Race? “

Gu Shejing heard trembling in fear.

The reason is that Lin Fan is all talking about at least 90% success probability.

Thinking about it, he immediately felt that the crisis, hardships, etc. facing the Divine Race are really not what it is.

“Patriarch Liu…I will give you one minute to consider. If you still can’t be correct and still hold a hint of fantasy, then please go.” Lin Fan said leisurely, “After all, you Liu Family is now But the enemy of Three Great Divine Clans, I shoot Divine Race… but I don’t want to provoke it. In fact, the fact that you are in the league is based on the deity. There are not many people in the family who support it.”

Liu Family’s ancestor’s straight spine suddenly softened, like a balloon that suddenly deflated, said with a bitter smile: “Sir…you won, you really won.”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “Shouldn’t this be a win-win situation?”

Liu Family’s first ancestor grinned.

Before he came, he summoned all the think tanks in the clan and came up with this method.

Thanks to Liu Young Young Master for sincerity.

The youth who fooled Lin Fan was frivolous.

Looking at how miserable the former enemies are in front of you, you will certainly be proud.

Afterwards, while he was smug, he proposed various conditions.

I never thought of it…

In Lin Fan’s eyes, there is no enemy of the Young Young Master.

Later, using the current crisis faced by the two to force Di Gu to shoot Divine Race, at least in this alliance, to obtain half of the right to speak, in order to save yesterday’s mistakes.


The result is too cruel.

“Yes… a win-win situation.”

Liu Family’s first ancestor smiled bitterly, only he knew if there was any bitterness in his heart.

“Okay, in this case, we can discuss how to transfer that channel to Liu Family.” Lin Fan smiled and said, “Hurry up and prepare for the banquet. Allies come, how can you not get drunk.”

Soon, the banquet is ready.

During the wine table, you come and go. It seems that both sides have forgotten the confrontation between the deception and speech just now, and the guests are happy.

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