Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3223


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No one mentioned unpleasant topics on the wine table.

It’s a pleasure for guests.

After the wine table, there were no disputes, etc., because the first ancestor of Liu Family knew that he couldn’t say much in front of this wooden Yi, and said too much wrong!

There can still be a trading channel at this time. If you are angering this wooden Yi, I am afraid that even this trading channel is gone.

“Sir, can you give me some support for Liu Family?”

Liu Family’s ancestor smiled bitterly and said, “If it is my Liu Family’s family to lie down on this trading road, it is indeed too difficult for us now.”

Lin Fan looked surprised towards Liu Family, the ancestor said, “What else do you want to support? To know my arrangement, equivalent to Gu She Divine Race sent Liu Family a trip, but the total is only 30000 li Road, Gu Shoot Divine Race has sent a ten thousand li, or the old saying, actually want resources, supplies, it depends on your Liu Family skills.”

Liu Family’s first ancestor said with a smile: “At present, Liu Family must not only respond to small-scale incursions from the three tribes, but also distract to suppress the rebel forces in the territory. It is really powerless.”

Lin Fan frowned and said, “Senior, this is your fault. You can’t just think that your allies haven’t given you support. In fact, I have paid enough to shoot Divine Race. It is also to bear the terrible consequences of angering Three Great Divine Clans again after helping you Liu Family.”

“I know, but…”

Liu Family’s first ancestor felt that he had never been so low in his life.

Even now, it’s not as good as before, when I was just a idle lazy person, I came to be happy.

At that time, I did not sit on the promise of the Great Territories, but how happy and comfortable was it?

But now…

The power has increased by tens of thousands of times, but the trouble has also increased by 100,000 times.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “There is nothing more than that.”

He frowned and said, “At most, 3000 li will be sent out. If Liu Family is not agreeing, then the matter will stop. Hugh will mention it. The so-called alliance also stops.”

Later, Lin Fan coldly snorted, sneered: “Where is there a good thing to sit down and do not want to pay any effort? If it does, will it fall on you?”

Liu Family ancestor sighed a long time…

In fact, the most terrifying trading path is no longer within 13,000 li, but from 14,000 li to 18,000 li, and from 18,000 li to two ten thousand li.

Because, the first stage needs to pass through Tianhe Ranch, and the second stage needs to pass through the colorful clouds.

These two areas are within the boundaries of the Divine Race and Dragon Divine Race.

Lin Fan glanced coldly at the ancestor of Liu Family.

It would be no good to form an alliance with this Liu Family.

The intention is to let this Liu Family attract the attention of the Three Great Divine Clans, and then let him calmly arrange the next major event.

This trading road is leveled. In the current situation of Liu Family, it will take at least two or three months, and these two or three months are enough for him to help Divine Race recover all the lost ground.

“You think clearly, in fact, Gu shoot Divine Race not at all must form an alliance with your Liu Family.” Lin Fan sneered, said: “You must understand the fact that although cruel, but it is reality, now Gu shoot Divine Race is not the one that let you Liu Family Yaowuyangwei’s auntie Divine Race, the deity is here, you can only ask for cooperation, I let patriarch go to your Liu Family to talk about the alliance, and I have already given enough face, if I am getting a lot… …”

Liu Family’s ancestor succumbed to his heart, and his eyes glowed with humiliating red glow.

But he didn’t dare to speak much, he sighed with a smirk: “That’s the way to do it, just give me this old face and ask Mr. Mr. to send a thousand miles.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and said, “Okay, Gu Ji Divine Race will give you Liu Family 14,000 miles, most of them will not work.”

Liu Family’s first ancestor gave birth to a touch at this moment.

Cup one fist in the other hand, said: “Mr. many thanks, then my Liu Family will be waiting for the arrival of Divine Race at 14,000 miles.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “Fineteen thousand miles, no more than one step, don’t be fooled in front of me. You should know that your entire Liu Family is tied together and only discusses the strategy. If they are, they are not opponents of the deity.”

Gu Shejing’s eyes were picked.

It’s a bit too much to say these things. He was really worried that the first ancestor of Liu Family suddenly shot the table and announced that the alliance would stop.

But Liu Family’s first ancestor certainly didn’t have this courage.

If Lin Fan is not sure, how could such overbearing be?

“Mr. Rest assured.” Liu Family’s ancestor smiled bitterly: “There is a gentleman who took this town and shot Divine Race, my Liu Family, how dare I give birth to something I shouldn’t have?”

“That’s good.” Lin Fan smiled and said: “Then Senior will arrange it. The first wave of supplies will appear in the early morning tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Liu Family’s ancestor eyes widened!

Resources that Liu Family lacks the most are resources, what is imminent is resources!

“Ah… Senior, don’t resent the overbearing, it’s really… each is his own.”

Lin Fan hit a few big sticks from others, and now give carrots, said with a bitter smile: “Since Gu Gu patriarch trusts, let me act as this think tank, and give it to the high position, naturally we must be wholeheartedly aunt Shoot Divine Race to consider.”

Liu Family’s first ancestor looked a little complicated. He looked towards Aunt She Jing, saying: “You are indeed better than your father, at least in terms of knowing and using people, more than one and two times stronger than him.”

After that, he sighed for a long time, and said, “I can ask Mr. to sit down and shoot Divine Race. It’s your luck and blessing to shoot Divine Race.”

Liu Family’s first ancestor spoke like this, Gu Shejing did not produce any dissatisfaction, but was laughing!

“Senior, I still have some supplies. Most of them were exchanged for medicine pill when I was at home, so I sent them to Senior, which can be regarded as a guilt for Junior’s overbearing.” Lin Fan grinned.

Lin Fan will give this carrot again and again.

In just three words, the anger and anger that Liu Family’s first ancestor had originally deposited in the heart was digested thoroughly.

Liu Family’s ancestor said: “As Mr. said, each is his master, and where do he need to pay guilt?”

He was very serious and serious, and took the ring that Lin Fan handed him, but it was just a sweep of Divine Consciousness, and a golden light suddenly appeared in his eyes: “Mr. thanks from many thanks.”

Lin Fan said: “Just talk about apology…”

The ancestor of Liu Family is gone.

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “patriarch, you can secretly leak the news.”

“So fast?” Gu Shejing screamed.

In the past, Lin Fan is still here to apologize and pay courtesy. He will go to the death pit within a second.

“Quick?” Lin Fan looked a little weird and said, “You think it’s just as simple as telling the news out?”

“Otherwise?” Gu Shejing asked.

Lin Fan sighed and said: “Patriarch is also a wise man. Why do you always feel that your IQ is not online during this period of time recently?”

Gu Shejing as it should be by rights said: “Why should I hurt when there is a sir?”

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed with complex colors, saying: “Patriarch and let’s arrange, don’t let the people who shoot Divine Race come forward, this is top secret, find some new faces, want to come to patriarch, you should raise a lot of dead people Right? Let them go out.”

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