Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3224


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Gu Shejing frowned, saying: “We sent it to 14,000 miles, but that is a dangerous zone, in the territory of the Dragon Divine Race.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “In fact, this is what I intentionally did.”

“oh?” Gu Shejing was a little curious and wondering, saying: “Why should sir step into the dangerous place by himself?”

Lin Fan said: “When Liu Family is dead, we also need the dead, otherwise… How can he really fight the wind and rain for us?”

Gu Shejing frowned, and an unbearable look appeared in his eyes.

Lin Fan said: “Dead people, of course, need to die, but they don’t necessarily have to die clansman. Want to come for so many years, Gu shot Divine Race has also held many death row prisoners?”

Gu Shejing is nodded, Lin Fan said: “You tell those death row prisoners, as long as they can survive the World War I, let them free.”

“Good idea!”

Gu Shejing claps his hands with: “I will arrange it here.”

“Go.” Lin Fan smiled.

Gu Shejing is gone, Lin Fan has a complicated look.

The phrase just subconsciously made him really uncomfortable and struggling.

Fly back to the floating island and say, “You treat me with sincerity… Then I will restore the glory of your clan. As for the future… If you meet each other in the battle of the world, then it depends on your own ability, you die and live, you live I am dead, each destiny.”

The night is quiet and deep, and the moon is very pale.

Hundreds of teams took advantage of the pale moonlight and quickly left Gushe Divine Race.

Lin Fan watched quietly, there were three hundred and 78 people in this team, but including the one who led the team, shouldn’t they come back?

It’s just that it’s the only way to make Liu Family fit.

“Don’t think about it, you are sincere to let Gu shoot clansman to die, this is also a kind of planning.” Wu Qingcheng appeared beside Lin Fan, standing side by side with him, saying: “Where is the planner? Can you think about life and death? There is much more to think about, there are loopholes in the planning, the sacrifice should be sacrificed, the discarded should be discarded, only for the overall situation, only by doing this step, can a qualified counselor and wise man be truly planning Between strategies is better than beyond a thousand li.”

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “Then I am destined to become a qualified wise man in this life.”

Wu Qingcheng also said with a bitter smile: “I can’t do it either, I can’t do anything.”

“Let’s go and taste Qingyue’s craftsmanship. This little girl has become more cunning and eccentric during this time. She always likes to make dark dishes. If you don’t eat, she will be angry.” Wu Qingcheng Smiling at Lin Fan, Lin Fan shivered shivered!


aptitude incomparable, innate talent is outstanding, capable of causing the downfall of a nation.

It can be said that I am afraid that it can be described as a perfect one.

But her partial cooking skills are hard to say.

Lin Fan grimaced and said: “My cultivator has come to this step, even if he hasn’t eaten for hundreds of years, it’s okay, why do he still have such trouble?”

Wu Qingcheng smiled gently: “You can talk to Qingyue about this sentence.”

Lin Fan said: “Where do I dare to provoke her at this stage?”

“I dare not, she and the blue luan younger sister are the key protection objects.”


Lin Fan sighed.

Although the two women want to hide Lin Fan’s pregnancy, they can always hide the ebbing of time.

Both women’s abdomen bulged slightly.

Lin Fan is ‘tolerating’ the ‘torture’ of Qingyue cooking, but in the distant Tianhe Ranch, terrifying fights and battles are taking place!

I have to say that these death row prisoners are really terrifying. The overall strength is actually not too strong, at least one level behind the cultivator of the Dragon Divine Race.

However, when you really fight, you have burst out of infinite strength. You can even kill Murky heavens dark earth with the Dragon Divine Race.

This is actually normal.

These are all death row prisoners. At least they have been imprisoned for hundreds of years. It is impossible to describe their desire for freedom.

When Gu Shejing went to the death row and told these people that she only needed to shoot Divine Race for Gu, and if she didn’t die, he would be free.

Thousands of people were locked up, but they all roared to fight.

It’s just that, under the advice of Lin Fan, only the weakest group of people were selected and they were given the control method, which brought the battlefield.

Sure enough!

Up to this step, the casualties on both sides turned out to be almost equal.

But after all, it’s the Dragon Divine Race’s territory. When the news of the unfavorable fighting in the area was spread, the support arrived soon. Only the man who shot the Divine Race leader broke through with a fatal injury, breakthrough To 14,000 miles, give those resources to Liu Family’s hands.

This moved all the cultivators in Liu Family very much. Half of them moved forward, leaving half of them to resist the pursuit!

It’s another battle.

This night is destined to be restless. Among the more than 500 people from the Gushe clan, only one blood corpse was sent back to the clan, and the rest died on the battlefield.

But by comparison, the most miserable death is the Dragon Divine Race!

This family has died a total of two thousand masters, the lowest level is the emperor.

After that, it was Liu Family, and Liu Family also died a thousand people.

In the Divine Race.

Liu Family’s first ancestor looked dull and apologized: “Sorry, I shot Patriarch, old man really didn’t expect that the blocking of the Dragon Divine Race would be so terrifying.”

Gu Shejing’s face is extremely ugly.

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and said, “It’s my thoughts.”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrank, looked towards Lin Fan, but what he saw was Lin Fan’s calm face.

“In any case, Liu Family is deeply impressed by the great grace of Gu She and his husband, remember.” Liu Family’s ancestor smiled bitterly.


He has also been thinking about whether to shoot Divine Race just to let Liu Family attract firepower, but just want him to be a cannon fodder.

But now…

He didn’t think so.

If Gu Di Diver Race really was willing to use 500 lives to drag Liu Family into the water, he recognized.

And, at this time, he was very guilty. In fact, the manpower he arranged had long heard the fighting and war in the distance, but he did not go to support under his strict order.

If he ordered his Liu Family’s Koro to support him earlier, Gu Sai shooter impossible had such a loss.

Lin Fan said: “The reason why I blame myself, feel guilty, and admit that I was not thinking well, because… I never thought that even at this time, Liu Family’s first ancestor actually wanted to try… Ally, the only friend who is willing to pull your Liu Family at this critical moment.”

Gu She Jing coldly snorted and said: “My Gu She Clan has killed and injured many children, this matter, you Liu Family must give an account, otherwise this alliance will not be okay!”

Liu Family ancestor complexion slightly changed.

Lin Fan said: “Give me another chance, patriarch. At this time, Gu She and Liu Family will have both benefits and two harms.”

“Mr. many thanks.” Liu Family’s first ancestor paid tribute, and then looked towards Aunt She Jing, said: “Aunt shoots patriarch and is not angry, just look at how Liu Family can be good afterwards?”

Angry look is not reduced in Gushe Jingyan, but it is heavily coldly snorted and said: “Since Mr. speaks, it is giving you Liu Family a chance, but remember, there is only one chance.”

Liu Family first ancestors quickly thank you.

Gu Shejing said with a malicious smile: “But the rules must be changed! This trading path, my Liu Family is only responsible for sending out my Liu Family territory, whatever else!”

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