Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3225


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Liu Family ancestor complexion greatly changed.

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “Can patriarch look at the face below, no matter how many…”

Lin Fan hasn’t finished talking to you yet, Gu Shejing suddenly waved his hand and said, “Mr. Don’t need to persuade, in fact, my intention is to terminate the alliance directly.”

He said with a sneer: “My aunt shot Divine Race. Although the bad situation did not get rid of, but I wanted to come before the death of the Liu Family, the three tribes did not have this opportunity to embarrass me to shoot Divine Race. This time is enough. Mr. planning strategies, I am afraid that after the destruction of the Liu Family, we would have increased our strength a long time ago, or maybe we have a good relationship with the Haijia, etc. Why should we take risks at this time? Why should we let the clan Zhongerlang die?”

Liu Family’s first ancestor suddenly turned pale!

If there is no business way provided by Divine Race, Liu Family can’t really support it.

For an ethnic group, the daily consumption is really astronomical.

The people of this tribe are okay to say, but if you don’t have the resources and so on to pour out the offerings and so on, these people will definitely leave.

The Liu Family is very different from the rest of the Divine Race. The former Liu Family is overthrown, and the strength of the clan has plummeted. Only the weakest of them is foreseen.

The structure of Liu Family at this time is very strange. At least about 4-Layer’s strength comes from the external offering, Elder and so on.

That’s why Liu Family continues to use various resources.

“Mr. Please be in a good word.” Liu Family’s ancestor opened his mouth and demanded from Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “Senior knows that when he proposed the alliance with Liu Family, patriarch refused to accept it. The reason why he refused to accept it, Senior also knew that it was because of my strong opinions Things

But after the alliance, after the cooperation is negotiated, you still keep one hand. Originally, the hundreds of children of Liu Family are beautiful things, just because you are watching from the side, just because you can’t save your life. In this case, how can I pay Have a face to talk about the so-called beautiful words? “

“Ah…” Liu Family’s ancestor sighed.

Lin Fan said: “patriarch, the alliance cannot be discarded, but… as you said, only send out the ethnic territory, what do you think?”

The cold light was shot in the eyes of Gu Shujing, and after heavy coldly snorted, it was said: “I believe once!”

“Many thanks!” Liu Family’s ancestor bowed down again.

But his heart is heavy.

The first transaction accounted for such a heavy loss.

So how many deaths and injuries will there be in the second transaction after the Dragon Divine Race and others have been prepared?

He dare not count!

But I have to continue.

Liu Family’s first ancestor left with a heavy heart.

Lin Fan laughed: “patriarch’s acting is very good.”

Gu Shejing laughed, where is there just the gloomy and hostile?

It’s clear that just now the two are singing black faces and one is singing white faces, but I have to say that the cooperation between the two of them is indeed seamless, just like the sky, this Liu Family ancestor did not find a half silk Clue.

“Sir is not afraid that the first ancestor of Liu Family suddenly let go, regardless of anything, and directly disbanded Liu Family and returned to a remote place to go to a corner?”

Gu Shejing asked suddenly.

Lin Fan quipped: “Where is it possible? The so-called frugality into extravagance is easy, let alone the sudden ascending to the skies with a single leap like this old idiot. ?How to let go?”

Gu She Jing Shen Shen nodded.

Lin Fan suddenly smiled and asked: “If patriarch is a similar thing, you are willing to let go of all these rights?”

Gu Shejing suddenly smiled bitterly and said, “I dare not deceive Mr., I am really reluctant, but more is a burden. This group is created by the dead father. He always wants to keep it. Ethnic groups coexist and die.”

Lin Fan nodded with a smile, said: “Patriarch, please go ahead and prepare, I estimate that at most tomorrow, I am afraid that there will be strong families coming.”

“Qiang?” Gu Shejing frowned.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “I don’t know which family it is, but the most likely one should be the Dragon Divine Race.”

“What are they doing?” The murderous intention flashed in Gu Shujing’s eyes.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “What else can I do? But it is to show muscles, not to be crooked is to threaten to shoot Divine Race. Don’t think that Liu Family provides trading channels that’s all.”

Gu Shejing’s face was ugly, and he said, “It’s really a better situation than others. You must know that this dragon Divine Race is the bottom of the Divine Race. I can only look up to my Gu Divine Race breath, but Now I dare to go to the door to hold accountable.”

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing and said, “This moment is normal, one after another.”

The night of the second transaction, the worst battle ever happened!

Liu Family sent 80 adventurous gods, one hundred and two masters, in the realm of God and holy land, there were thousands of people, but they were almost dead.

Of course, the last resources successfully returned to the Liu Family base camp, and the Dragon Divine Race and the beginning Divine Race, the death and injury are also terrible.

Lin Fan heard the news, laughed, and said: “Dragon Divine Race…I have always been curious about this family.”

Lin Long glanced at Lin Fan and said, “I don’t know the history of Dragon Race well, but the Dragon Orthodox is actually the lineage on the original Ten Thousand Beasts, the rest are not, mostly from other One leap becomes a dragon, or just a side branch.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Since it is the Dragon Divine Race, then you go to meet?”

“You let me go to kill people almost.” Lin Long glanced at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said: “You can’t kill people before you even try it. According to Gu Shejing, there is a little thing in the Dragon Divine Race that has been looking for me a long time ago.”

“Looking for you?” Lin Long frowned: “What’s the matter?”

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “Famous and tired that’s all.”

“Okay, I’m going. I have been very idle during this time, and I am so upset that I should move my muscles and bones.” Lin Long said.

At this time, Gu She shot Divine Race clansman came respectfully and told Lin Fan that Gu She asked him to go to the Chamber.

“Come on.” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “Go, don’t take the initiative to find something.”

Lin Long glanced at Lin Fan and said: “I am the kind of person who takes the initiative to cause trouble?”

Lin Fan laughed, said: “generally speaking is not, but after you suffer from pillow breath, it is not necessarily.”

“You die while you die.” Lin Fan suddenly looked ugly.

On this day, it has never been sent.

Same people have different lives!

Lin Fan’s side is harmonious with Hemeimei, and it is almost a blessing for everyone to sing along.

What about him?

Ma De, many times they can’t even get in the door.

Even if you enter the door, most of them are thrown away with a pillow and quilt.

He sulked and rushed out of the door, directly facing the humane who came to inform: “Is it the waste of the Dragon Divine Race?”

The informant is confused and surprised.

I thought, what happened to Supreme Elder?

Why does it explode at any time as if I ate a large package of gunpowder?

Most important is that this expression and attitude is not like the normally elusive Supreme Elder who is always smiling and looks sly and gentle.

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