Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3226


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It’s like changing a person!

You know, he has seen Lin Fan more than once or twice, and he has not come to Lin Fan once or twice.

This also makes him happy, before using his ordinary clansman, there are more bragging methods.

Lin Long’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he saw the surprise in Divine Race clansman’s eyes, and suddenly smiled, saying: “Dragon Imperial Family dared to demonstrate and threaten the family. I am angry, so I have a bad temper and scare Is it because of you?”

This man is flattered.

You know, as Lin Fan shoots Divine Race here, it looks like a god, aloof and remote.

Actually comforted by this character.

He was almost in tears.

“Let’s go, without me, I’m afraid that patriarch can’t bear it alone.” Lin Long smiled slightly.

In the meeting room.

Long Divine Race’s Great Elder complexion is gloomy’s staring at Gu Shejing, shouting: “You can think clearly, our tribes did not shoot Divine Race against you at this time, just against Liu Family, not me. The clan can’t suppress your two clan at the same time, but want to give you Liu Family a chance.”

Gu Shejing sneered and said, “What opportunity? Cut the ground? Or will Patriarch eventually break up his own ethnic group? Or is it the chance of genocide?”

Dragon Divine Race Great Elder jié jié smiled: “You must not fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness, you know, there is only one chance, there will be no more.”


Suddenly, the face of this dragon Divine Race Great Elder rotten.

A silver palm suddenly appeared, and fiercely pumped him a big slap in the flace.

This is of course Lin Long.

His silhouette became apparent, said with a sneer: “Where did the unruly waste come from! I dare to come and shoot Divine Race!”

“Mu Yi; you are dying!”

Dragon Divine Race Great Elder roars, murderous aura suddenly soars 100,000 zhang, look like that, it will fight out at any time, and fight with Lin Long.


At this moment, a soft word cry suddenly sounded, and then everyone saw a blood-red kill sword but about one chi on the shoulder of the dragon Divine Race Great Elder, and the sword edge was pointing at him The throat will be cut off at any time.

“Are you…respecting Da Zun?”

Ghostly words like nine ghosts spit out!

Frankly speaking, it’s the trouble of looking for Lin Fan.

“Interesting.” Lin Long smiled and said, “So… who are you?”

“Dragon Kun.” Man’s self-destruction name.

Lin Long laughed, said: “I am understood, it turned out to be a mixed blood creature, and I am proud of my partial life.”


Long Kun was furious and snarled directly. He took a step forward. Two wings appeared behind him. This is Kunpeng Wing, which gave him haste and helped him break through the barrier of time and space.



This Kunpeng wing is so terrifying that it not only gives him the power of haste and breakthrough time and space barriers, but also can be cut like a heavenly blade!

The place where Lin Long was sitting, the chair and so on suddenly burst open, the bluestone exploded, and two gangs of Wind Tornado swept toward Lin Long.

Lin Long coldly snorted, patting both hands on the armrest, suddenly the whole person sits on the chair and slides away, miraculously avoiding the killing of Long Kun.

“Mu Yi! There is no way to avoid it. You and I are fighting each other to win or lose with life and death.”

Long Kun drunk.

Lin Long grabbed his hand forward, suddenly the void exploded, and time and space disappeared, temporarily resisting Long Kun’s tail-cutting, with a greasy look towards Long Imperial Family Great Elder, saying: “You… OK Xu He Life and Death Battle?”

Dragon Divine Race Great Elder said with a malicious smile: “No war, you can follow my hands and feet to the Dragon Divine Race, or kneel down at this time and apologize to this Elder to spare you from death.”


Where can Lin Long manage him?

haha laughed and stepped forward!

This is the Dragon God walking!

At the 1st Step, Long Kun’s rhythm was disrupted, and he had an instinct that he was abandoned by his ancestors to take back the power of Bloodline.

When 2nd Step came out, Long Kun mumbled and fell like a haystack to fly back three hundred steps.

Third Step out, Dragon Kun howled, all the dragon scales on his forehead fell off, a group of True Dragon Bloodline lurking deep in his bones was stripped out, suspended in mid-air, emitting a dazzling red light.

Lin Long finally stopped stepping forward. He reached out and grabbed the group of True Dragon Bloodline. His sneered glance was paralyzed on the ground, and a fearful dragon Kun said: “Just you? Deserve to fight me?”

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