Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3227


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This is awkward and terrifying!

This dragon is very strong, no one dares to underestimate, the cultivation base of the five realms of the gods, True Dragon and Kunpeng True Blood flow in the body, with the most terrifying lethality of the two families, even in the entire Primal Chaos World, in this realm, there are few people who can compare with it, and few are qualified to play against him.

But at this time, he was fighting a robust man like a child, so easily and simply defeated, even true dragon’s blood was deprived.

“Hand over real dragon’s blood, otherwise die!”

Dragon King Divine Race Great Elder Li Hah!

In his eyes, there was incredible and fearful.

The status of Long Kun in the Dragon Divine Race is just like that of Tianxi in the Celestial Race, no difference!

This time the Dragon Divine Race patriarch let him walk out with Long Kun to gain the reputation of Lin Fan, but at this time, such a terrible major event happened.

If there are any accidents with this dragon, how can he make a difference?

It will be swallowed directly by patriarch, or he may extract his blood essence and refining into a pill.

“Yeah… can’t the old one go on the small one?”

Lin Long glanced contemptuously at Divine Race Great Elder, the eyes were too teasing and mocking.


Great Elder is roaring, at this time, he even forgets that in this limited space, there is at least one horrible killer who can shoot at any time and kill him.

I just want to recapture the true dragon’s blood that Long Kun was deprived of.


Great Elder shot, the momentum was so high, the power of the Six Realms of the Living God made this sitting floating island shake, as if it was about to collapse, and the whole palace was ruined by the rumbling sound.

That are two Azure Dragon claws, protruding from behind Lin Long abruptly, trying to break his pipa bone and imprison him.

Two Azure Dragon claws are too horrible, sharp as a sword, cut the void and bring out five dark cracks, with a bang, the space set by Lin Long explodes, two Azure Dragon claws fiercely Together, suddenly burst into the sky, yelling in the wind.

But Lin Long, who was supposed to be smashed in the middle by two Azure Dragon claws, disappeared, and suddenly appeared behind the Dragon Divine Race Great Elder. With one palm protruding, Lin Long Great Elder was directly caught He lifted him up with a stern look: “Just like your waste, also worthy of war?”

Great Elder’s eyes suddenly widened, his eyes seemed to bulge out of his eyes, his limbs were slamming, and his tongue spit out.

It turned out that when Lin Long captured him, he captured his Daoguo, sealed his cultivation base, and banned his flesh. At this time, he is no different from mortals, this is to suffocate to death Now.


Lin Long’s murderous intention is revealed, and the palm is slowly clenched. You can hear the tooth-bearing bone crack and the breath of Great Elder’s struggle.

“Lin Long, don’t kill him.”

When Lin Long wanted to kill the Great Elder directly, Lin Fan’s voice came and said: “Why is this waste killing the dirty hands?”

The murderous intention in Lin Long’s eyes slowly converged, and then Fiercely threw the dragon Divine Race Great Elder on the ground, which actually broke him again at least three or five bone.

“You have hidden the cultivation base!”

The Divine Race Great Elder, a dragon smashed to the ground, screamed screamingly.

Lin Long glanced contemptuously at the Dragon Divine Race Great Elder: “When did the deity hide the cultivation base again? It’s just that you are too waste.”


Great Elder shouted: “If you are only in the five realms, how could you defeat me so easily!”

Lin Long hehe smiled: “You are too proud of yourself, that is not defeat… it is torture.”

Dragon Divine Race Great Elder has a murderous intention in his eyes!

Lin Long raised his hand and suddenly looked back in time and space. The collapsed palace, the ruined building, etc. even recovered in an instant.

This scene made everyone, including Gu Shejing, have their pupils squinted!

No one can match the mastery of this time and space rule, I am afraid it is in Primal Chaos World.

But Lin Long frowned, saying: “still not enough perfect, otherwise when you can see the rubble flying back from the rubble back to its original position, when you can see the smoke reverted to grit and flew up to build on the eaves and On the wall.”

Gu Shejing smiled bitterly and said, “Sir, don’t be under attack.”

Lin Long looked towards him, and said, “Why am I hitting you? I’m just dissatisfied with my realm. In fact, if I can break through the six realms, I can do everything I said.”

Gu She Jing Jing sighed, and then looked towards an embarrassed, blood-stained dragon Divine Race two people, said: “You both go back, that trading channel, Liu Family paid a big price, and took the initiative to contact , If you really have the skills, go directly to Treasure Pavilion, what’s the use of coming to me to shoot Divine Race and show off?”

“Yaowu Yangwei?” Lin Long sneered, he glanced at Long Divine Race Great Elder, said: “Does your family think that the Gu She tribe is a soft persimmon, so when can you knead at any time?”

Dragon Divine Race Great Elder complexion!

He did think so, which is why the trifling dare to come and shoot Divine Race.

But didn’t expect, this kind of decision was so ridiculously wrong that he met Mu Yi, a lunatic, and so brutally and overbearingly crushed all their self-serving and pride.

“Get out of here.” Lin Long walked out of the door, said with a sneer: “Go back and tell you patriarch, since I can destroy the Divine Race without equivalence, I don’t mind wasting some energy, for you Divine Race Plan a big show and send you Dragon Divine Race to Jiu Youxia.”

“You… is this threatening my tribe?”

Long Kun drunk.

Half of his blood essence was taken away, his qi and blood weakened to the extreme, and the cultivation base plummeted.

The killing intent of Lin Long is beyond description at this time.

“I never talk to the ants.” Lin Long flirted, and then said: “Xiao Zuo, watching them leave the area where they shot Divine Race, but dare to stay on the way, dare to make chaos, and kill.”

Lost this sentence, Lin Long disappears directly.

In the moment when he disappeared, suddenly four or five eerie breaths filled the room, as if he had been sleeping in the tomb all the year round, and as if he had just returned from hell, this baleful qi and death were too scary.

Even a big cultivator like Gu Shejing feels creepy.

“Mu Yi… that blood sperm… you can’t help it! I will definitely get it back!”

Long Kun drunk, but only Long Lin sneered at him.

On the floating island.

“Can I get angry?” Lin Fan looked towards Lin Long with a smile.

Lin Long glanced at him: “If these two wastes can be killed, maybe they can come out.”

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “It’s not time to kill them.”

Lin Long squeezed Lin Fan off the swing, and then sat on himself, saying, “When will we go home?”

Lin Fan frowned and said, “Come on.”

Lin Long remained silent for a while, and said, “How many more do you want to destroy? You know, even if we destroy the God of God at this time, there will be a new Divine Race.”

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