Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3228


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Lin Fan was silent, and said after a moment: “A new Divine Race and the old Divine Race are always incomparable, such as Liu Family and Gushe Divine Race.”

Lin Fan looked towards Lin Long and said: “For example, Gushe Divine Race, even when the mountains and rivers are almost exhausted, they did not worry about the resources. Of course, this is because the old senior of the sea has a glimpse of the truth under the layers of mist. A long time ago, I laid the foreshadowing of today.

But have you ever thought about it carefully? When the mountains and rivers are exhausted, no one in this clan retreats. On the contrary, the more difficult it is, the more united this clan is. “

Lin Long nodded, said: “It’s true.”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “And what about the Liu Family? It’s only half a month after the Three Great Divine Clans put pressure on this clan. It’s about to fall apart, and I can’t hold it anymore. I would rather bear it. Shooting Divine Race and many oppressions, etc., have to submit to humiliation to cooperate and alliance with Gu shoot Divine Race, for what? Insufficient background that’s all, not enough cohesion that’s all.”

Lin Long sighed, and said: “But can you be sure when the world war will break out? Or even; are you worrying about it? The world war you imagine will not break out at all?”

“no!” Lin Fan gritted his teeth, fiercely said: “I have a full premonition, the world war will definitely explode.”

Lin Long frowned.

He really doesn’t understand why Lin Fan is so sure.

Turning his head and looking towards the potted flower tree, he said: “But can you be sure when it will explode? Do you really want to rate Three Thousand World to actively attack this Primal Chaos World?”

“Why can’t it?” Lin Fan turned his head and looked towards Lin Long, said with a malicious smile: “This thing is the fire of war, always don’t burn in your own homeland, and why should we only wait for their invasion?”

“The power gap is too far.” Lin Long looked towards Lin Fan, earnestly and solemnly said: “You know, you and me, really can’t pick up the leader of the world war, it’s not just a simple catch Fight together.”

“I can’t pick it…you have to pick it.”

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and said: “Actually, it’s not so desperate…At least the two big clans, Haijia and Liuri Divine Race, will not attack us.”

“Even if these two are removed, there will still be eight of them.” Lin Long sneered, and said: “Ten Deity Clan in the world, it is said that this is not just a simple division; it seems to be a big formation run by Heavenly Dao. The cornerstone is to guard the luck of the heavens.

So even if the current freshman Divine Race hasn’t appeared yet, but the Celestial Clan is definitely impossible to ignore it, maybe ten years, maybe a hundred years, but it may also be tomorrow, those Divine Races that you worked so hard to destroy before they will be destroyed. There are replacements, so… the endless planning and the endless killing are only futile after all. “

Lin Fan squinted, said with a sneer: “Did you forget Rakshasa?”

“That crazy lady?” Lin Long glanced at Lin Fan and said, “What can she do?”

Lin Fan said: “Don’t forget that she plays a role in the world at this time. If you manage with your heart, you can at least top three Divine Races in any session!”

“hehe…” Lin Long sneered, and said: “Not to mention whether she has the ability to really make the Senluo world a piece of iron, tentatively even if the Senluo world can top three Divine Races, plus the Shanghai family and There are only five Divine Races, that is, we have to face five Divine Races at the same time. This is to perfect everything, otherwise the situation will only be more critical.”

“So what?” Lin Fan had an angry look in his eyes, and said: “You mean, you can only wait for this race to enter our world and break through the Divine Court? Kill the Three Thousand World?”

Lin Long angrily said: “Why are you so angry with me? I just said that.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “I’m sorry, I just…but I don’t know how to say too many things in my heart.”

Lin Long’s eyes narrowed: “You and I are one, no matter what, even if you are going to die at this time, I can go with you. I just think that you are doing useless work at this time. all…”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment.

Then smirked and said, “I have resisted this matter for too long. I am afraid I have to talk to you today, otherwise… too tired.”

Lin Long frowned tightly: “What a major event in the end that makes you all abnormal.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were complicated, he looked towards the girls who were laughing after the swing, and then flicked his fingers, hitting a golden mask, which slowly opened…

“What? That scene?”

Lin Long is horrified, his eyes are full of angry look and murderous intention!

“Are you sure this Primal Chaos World?” Lin Long suddenly got up.

“You sit down quickly!” Lin Fan sipped: “You and my brother know about this matter, don’t let them know.”

Lin Long sat down sullenly: “so that’s how it is! Only because I saw the bloody scene in the future, so you are so urgent to smash this Primal Chaos World.”

Lin Fan sighed: “That scene was too sad, Star Sea was gray, and I was alone in front of the two realms, looking back at nothingness, only the familiar clothes corner was stained with blood… See Treasure Cauldron broken, see the battle The sword is buried in the dust of stars, everything that is familiar is gone, only two or three blood corpses are floating in the boundless ruined star sky.”

“Kill! Must kill! Must kill him a Heaven and Earth turning upside down!”

In Lin Long’s eyes, a word of intent bloomed, said with a malicious smile: “Isn’t it Ten Deity Clan? Mad, I’m going out today, killing thousands of people first, and then we must weaken their strength to Extremely good.”

“You just said it was useless.” Lin Fan sighed.

“What is useless? While the future is not here, kill one more one.” Lin Long evil fiercely, said: “You give me ten Heaven Grade, it just happened that I was too angry at this time.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “It’s not impossible…”

He was thinking carefully, and said with a malicious smile a moment later: “Go, let’s start the reputation of Divine Race to kill the Imperial Family.”

“The explanation is more detailed.” Lin Long frowned.

“You are the killer sent by Sen Luojie to carry out the mission, do you understand?” Lin Fan said.

Lin Long said with a malicious smile: “It’s very simple, the one who hired us is the original Divine Race, right?”

Lin Fan nodded: “It is the beginning of Divine Race who hired you.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Golden’s mask opened, Lin Long strode out, he looked towards Tianxin’er who was still smiling with Allure and the others.

But as Lin Long walked towards her, the smile on her face disappeared suddenly. Lin Long’s face suddenly cooled down, and she turned away and walked out.

Lin Fan complexion ashen, walked over and looked at Tianxin’er so straight, Leng Sen said: “Do you know he is going out desperately?”

Tianxin’er startled.

“Do you know, it’s dangerous? This is life and death fight?” Lin Fan’s face was colder, and he said: “He just wants to talk to you before he desperately, just to talk. .”

Tianxin’s face changed again.

“Where can my brother not be worthy of you? Renjunjie, Dragon Emperor Bloodline, born to be emperor, is more dedicated to you, your father, I killed, your brother, I killed, and me What does brother have to do? If you want to be angry and vent, you can call me.” Lin Fan’s eyes were colder.

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