Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3229


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Tianxin’er look pale.

Lin Fan said with a malicious smile: “I don’t think it’s necessary to repeat the hatred between our two families. Enmity and grievances are right and wrong. After all, it’s a past tense. Just talk about the present, if you still feel that My brother is disgusted with each other, so… I suggest, to separate.”


Tian Xin’er’s face suddenly changed, and his body was on the verge of collapse.

“Lin Fan, what are you talking about?”

Qingcheng walked, his face was a little ugly, and then said: “Xin’er younger sister, don’t listen to these two fools, where did they come together?”

The nightmare also came, and her red lips curled up: “If you roll away, don’t talk if you don’t speak.”

Lin Fan looked at the girls lightly and said, “I’m telling the truth, there’s no need for it. Since looking at each other is disgusting, both are not happy, why not step back at the same time, the sea and the sky.”

“Aren’t you leaving yet?” Leyao came, she looked at Lin Fan and said, “I think you’d better leave now.”

“You think clearly, that’s my brother. I think he is angry and hated all day long. I feel very distressed. You don’t feel distressed for me.” Lin Fan dropped this sentence and left.

Beside the rockery in the backyard.

“Are you saying too heavy today?” Leyao frowned and sighed: “You can understand the heart of the daughter’s family there.”

Lin Fan said: “I don’t think it’s necessary to understand, but…it’s not the way to go like this.”

“Come on slowly.” Leyao said.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “This matter can’t be rushed. You must quick sword cuts through tangled hemp, otherwise it will drag Lin Long to a halt. Haven’t you seen that he hasn’t been seriously cultivating for two full years? The reason for the broken mirror is because I broke the mirror, which is not enough.”

Leyao frowned.

Lin Fan said: “Everyone has everyone’s fate and good luck. The road is becoming more and more difficult, and I need to share it with him.”

Leyao said with a bitter smile: “If you want to come today, let her be awake.”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “I hope so.”


“Husband, Tianxin’er is gone.”

Qing Luan was a little panicked. She was pregnant, so she couldn’t sleep with Lin Fan, so she went to accompany Tian Xin’er.

But when she woke up with morning sickness, she didn’t find Tianxin’er.

Lin Fan jumped from the bed, his eyes sullen, and when he took a step towards the door, the robes were put on, Divine Soul hiding the sky and covering the earth’s scatters out, but the entire Gu Gu shot Divine Race, There was no trace of her.

“It is worthy of the former Princess.” Lin Fan complexion ashen: “There is still such a skill.”

“What about Husband? I was useless and slept too much.” Qing Luan blamed himself.

“It’s none of your business, she is sincere about to go, afraid that she might use the things like Heavenly Jade left long ago, and even the strong barrier of the Divine Race, she can go out, let alone Is it deceiving us?”

Lin Fan smiled and comforted.

But he was anxious.

If Tianxin’er really had an accident, how would he make the difference?

“Small left.” Lin Fan took a light drink.

Little Zuo suddenly appeared, Lin Fan’s face was cold: “Go to find her, even if you dig the ground three feet, even if you break the day, you must find her.”

Little left frowned.

Lin Fan said: “This is a command.”

Xiao Zuo sighed, said: “Okay, but before I come back, please don’t walk out of this divine race Divine Race.”

Xiao Zuo said with a bitter smile: “It’s not that you don’t believe in the power of the Great Lord…”

“I understand, but you must go out now. She is only in the realm of the emperor. When Heaven Deceiving Formation Marks is exhausted, you can’t hide you.” Lin Fan is in a hurry.

If it were only for him to move, it would attract the attention of the whole world, and he could not wait to find it in person!

“Husband rest assured, Xiner younger sister Qiqiao Linglong heart, certainly will not suffer.”

Alluring comfort.

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “How can I rest assured that Lin Long is still fighting and fighting, but his woman has something wrong.”

“Husband, don’t always think about the bad, why don’t you think about it, maybe elder sister is looking for Lin Long?” Nightmare smiled.

“I hope so…” Lin Fan sighed.

Tianxin’er indeed went to Lin Long.

Lin Fan’s speech today is indeed poisonous and ruthless, but it is like a heavy slap in the face to wake her up.

Yes, as Lin Fan said, the past is all cloud smoke.

Also, she asked herself, Lin Long was good enough, even in the most dangerous war, she never fought with her loved ones, even Lin Fan by the strength of oneself , But did not go to war.

It can be said that between her and Lin Long, Lin Long did everything she could.

If you really only talk about hatred and ruthlessness, it should also be aimed at Lin Fan.


Is Lin Fan really wrong?

For the history and hatred of the two realms, I am afraid that she is more aware than Lin Fan. Wrong and right are all left long ago.

“father…daughter wants to let go of everything in the past, now it is just Lin Long’s wife, will you blame the daughter for being unfilial?”

She cried and knelt on the barren hill, looking very desolate.

“daughter I really can’t impose hatred on him, that would be unfair to him.”

Tianxin’er is still crying, weeping beauty, seems to be venting.

“But if I were to get Lin Fan to take revenge, the daughter didn’t have that ability, that person was too strong and unassailable… Even under the siege of the ancestor level, he should be able to calmly go, so… I want Let go of hatred.”

She cries intermittently, crying and laughing.

“younger brother… will you resent the elder sister?”

She asked again, and then sighed, “You have been the most elder sister ever since you were a kid. Why would you blame me?”

Getting up, she ran forward, chasing the direction in her heart, a thousand miles away.

Little Zuo fell silently behind her.

With the cultivation base and concealment method of Xiaozuo, of course, it will not be discovered by Tianxin’er.


Lin Long changed his face, now he is a shaggy man.

Tianxin’er appeared, and fell directly into his arms, which stunned the rest of the restaurant.

Lin Long complexion slightly changed, a flashing body, holding Tianxin’er disappeared directly here.

In the room.

“Non-noisy! It’s just nonsense! Lin Fan How can you rest assured that you travel alone! How can you let me come to see me!” Lin Long was so angry.

“Sovereign not at all, let my wife walk alone, I have been behind.”

Silhouette of Xiao Zuo appeared, and then said: “You have already reunited with your husband and wife, then leave.”

“Wait!” Lin Long said: “Bring her back.”

Tianxiner said with a smile: “Husband thinks my cultivation base is low, can’t I help Husband?”

Lin Long startled, looked towards Tianxin’er.

Tianxin’er smiled brilliantly: “If Husband does not dislike, you and I will share life and death, will we?”

Xiao Zuo glanced and left.

Just because it’s inappropriate to stay here.

Next, it will definitely be inappropriate for children, and no bystanders are allowed to be present.

Earring with ears and long eyes is not allowed.

Even more, Xiao Zuo believes that if he stays for more than a second, he may be thrown out by Lin Long.

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