Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3230


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“For a long time and a long time… For a long time and a long time, I haven’t been as happy as I am today.”

Lin Long pressed one hand behind his head, and Tian Xiner lay in his arms with a happy face, apologizing: “Sorry, Husband, I was wrong before.”

Lin Long startled, said: “It’s my fault, I didn’t do well enough.”

“You are doing very well, but I haven’t been able to get through that hurdle in my heart. I always feel that you are using me. Our marriage is a bargaining chip.” Tian Xin’er said.

Lin Long said: “You think about it, no matter what, I will not treat my marriage as a bargaining chip.”

Lin Long’s eyes picked up, Lin Long proudly said: “Who am I Lin Long? But if that woman doesn’t look into my eyes, not into my heart, I will not look at it more, if I don’t have you in my heart, how can I be? Knowing that after marrying you, there will be endless worries, and I will welcome you into the door in the most concentrated way at that time?”

Tianxin’er nodded again and again, saying: “I know, I know, just…”

“Nothing, just don’t mention it in the past.” Lin Long pecked Tianxiner lightly.

This night, the two of them almost seemed to melt each other into the body.

The two of them delayed for too long.

The second day.

Imperial Family Old Ancestor got his head cut off at the gate of the ethnic group!

You know, this Imperial Family Old Ancestor is away from the Imperial Family Shrine gate, but only ten meters!

But the doormen just slaughtered at their doorstep.

The most annoying thing is that this madman who slaughtered the Imperial Family Old Ancestor even threw his head into the Imperial Family God’s Mansion, and there was a bloody white paper with three big characters of iron painting and silver hooks—— First!

This is a demonstration.

This is the most naked threat.

It is also the bloodiest method.

Imperial Family was furious. When the human head flew into the shrine, at least hundreds of Imperial Family powerhouses poured out like tide at the same time.

But the lunatic is gone.

Even the slightest breath cannot be captured.

Imperial Family.

Imperial Family’s ancestor looked ashamed. He looked at the separated blood corpse before him.

“Senro World.”

These three words came out of his mouth, it was so eerie and cruel.

“The ancestor, Sen Luojie can only do murderous business, and will not take the initiative to do it.”

Imperial Family Elder spoke, and then shuddered suddenly: “Who is buying the fierce?”

Imperial Family’s ancestors narrowed their eyes narrowly and said: “Everyone may buy a fierce…it’s hard to detect.”

This is the most difficult major event.

Imperial Family has too few friends. Even the temporary Alliance Dragon Divine Race and the original Divine Race, he didn’t believe it, and they all had reasons to buy murder.

Not to mention the hostile Liu Family and Gushe Divine Race?

Also, the killer world killer is most respectful of rules, even if you are lucky enough to catch them and have the ability to prevent them from committing suicide.

But don’t dream of getting the employer’s information from them, even if you crush his bones, it’s impossible.

So… how to check?

“Be careful, don’t allow you to walk alone, don’t do anything, don’t go out.”

Imperial Family The first ancestor was a little tired.

This world seems to have fallen into chaos since Mu Yi returned from Prima Chaos World to Primal Chaos World.

First of all, the three families almost fought, and finally transferred all their hatred to Liu Family. Just when they were about to force Liu Family to the mountains and rivers, they could only passively wait for their tribes to be triumphant and be divided by them.

Mu Yi, who pushed Liu Family into the abyss, even alliance with Liu Family on the backhand, giving Liu Family a breathing opportunity.

And now, the killer of Sen Luo realm comes out to kill.

A mess.

All major events, coming one after another, turned out to be silent for a day.

Imperial Family ancestor smirked and said: “The deity had always thought that one power can be reduced for ten meetings, but since Mu Yi appeared, I was suddenly shocked. It turned out that such a thing as single man subduing ten was only in theory. It may appear, it will only appear on the battlefield. In this world chaos… resourcefulness is so important.”

The rest of the Royal Elder sighed.

Imperial Family ancestors sighed: “Sorry I am Imperial Family, even a wise man, a group of reckless husbands and martial artists. This is indeed a deity. In the past, the teaching of future generations is mainly cultivation, and the rest are all low grade, I have tasted the bitter fruit at this time.”

Many Elders dare not speak.

Imperial Family’s ancestors were silent for a while, and said: “The most stupid, but also the most effective way now, only to exploit that loophole…”

His eyes narrowed and said, “Senrow is too formal. He often uses Divine Soul fragments to find employers. He pays the money and delivers the goods in one hand, proving that the target is dead.

So you go, divide the strongest people, a team of three people form a battle line, hidden in front of the shrines of various races, see who these killers will meet with. ”

“Good idea.”

Elder has bright eyes!

Unless the killer of Sen Luojie does not need money, it must be to ask the employer for the next half of the commission. This is indeed a loophole.

“Go, protect yourself.” The first ancestor of Imperial Family spoke lightly, but soon the tone came down, saying: “No matter who it is, if you want to move my Imperial Family, you have to ask him to jump off two big teeth. “

Imperial Family travels with a Supreme Powerhouse, three people in a row, five people in a team, and leave the Imperial Family territory directly from the most secret channel.

They thought they had done it secretly, but where could they hide Lin Long?

Sneering, he summoned Lin Fan and briefly talked about the current situation. After receiving Lin Fan’s reply, it was said with a malicious smile: “Since they thought of this loophole, we don’t need to guide us, but save Great effort.”

He looked towards him and said, “From today, at least ten people will be killed every day, and then every day, I will go around the Divine Race shrine, but it’s just a stroll, tens of thousands. Don’t do much.

When you go, you can pretend that you have discovered a major event, such as someone peering around, etc., and then leave quickly. “

“As you bid.”

All around was empty, and there was a neat response.

“Then let’s start, who killed many people, reward him with two jars of drunk Divine Immortal, and whoever killed the least, punished him to wash the socks of other brothers.” Lin Long’s eyes teased.

“Dare to ask Zun Shang is also in this gamble?”

There are bold killer inquiries.

“Of course!” Lin Long laughed, said: “On the killing skills alone, the deity will not lose to you these killing blanks.”

“Haha…Sovereign, then you are waiting to wash the socks for the brothers. This is not a cultivation base, but a specialization in the art.”

A group of killers laughed and said: “Sister-in-law when the time comes, don’t feel bad.”

Tian Xin’er attacked the shirt and outlined her beautiful posture, laughed, and said: “If my Husband loses, I will accompany him to wash the socks for the brothers.”

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