Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3231


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Lin Long was laughing. He took Tian Xin’er’s hand, which was brilliant, and then pretended to be angry, shouting: “What are you doing with the pestle here? Why don’t you have any eyesight?”

All the killers laughed in good faith and then left.

The killer is gone, Lin Long and Tian Xin’er are naturally tender.

“Let’s go, don’t really lose, a bunch of rough guys, the babies are afraid they can kill Stinking Insect and mosquitoes.”

Lin Long smiled.

Tian Xin’er nodded, said: “Where to go first?”

Lin Long’s eyes narrowed: “Let’s target the royal family first. Kill them painfully. If you are afraid, you can better anger this race.”


Dragon Divine Race.

“How dare that Mu Yi!”

The ancestor of the dragon Divine Race roared, his eyes full of murderous intention.

He looked at the dying dragon kun lying on the sickbed, then turned his head, looked towards Great Elder, and said: “Are you protecting the Young Master in this way? The Lord humiliates and the Master humiliates die! Since he Insulted, then you die!”

Great Elder’s eyes were panic-stricken, he wanted to explain and justify, but it was too late, and was shot on the top of the head by the palm of the Dragon Divine Race ancestor, actually pressing him into a rotten patty!

This is the Great Elder of the Dragon Divine Race. Even if it belongs to the great character in the entire Primal Chaos World, it is dead like this, in the hands of his loyal ancestor.

“Mu Yi…”

These two words appeared in his mouth, Bingsen was so frightening!


At this time, Long Kun woke up and was very weak. Half of the blood essence of the body was taken away. This hurt the foundation, and there is a high probability that he will collapse from now on and slowly start to stun everyone.

“Good grandson, you wait, this ancestor will go get it for you!”

The angry look flickers in the eyes of the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race.

He immediately appeared in the Dragon Divine Race, and behind him were the seniors of dozens of Dragon Divine Race, aggressive!

Without half of the cover-up, I passed the market like this, and everyone didn’t converge the murderous intention. I just passed by like this, I don’t know how many creatures were disturbed, and it made all spirits tremble!

The ancestor of Dragon Divine Race has not shown such a terrifying killing intent for thousands of years!

Is this going to destroy the race?

Looking at their direction, it is clear that they are going to Gushe Divine Race.

In Gu Divine Race, Lin Fan looked towards the direction of the Dragon Divine Race, and then said: “Come.”

The madman gently put down the teacup and said, “It’s okay to come, but are you sure you don’t want me to come forward directly?”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “When the old dragon saw Senior, where did dare to be arrogant impudent?”

Hai Kuang couldn’t laugh bitterly, and said: “It’s ugly, you’re just being a tiger.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “I like to watch people come arrogantly, and then cover in dirt and roll back dingy.”

They are talking.

But the dragon Divine Race group came.

The arrogance is too arrogant. Nearly a hundred people are all high realm cultivators, all of which release all realm coercion, allowing them to shoot all spirits shiver coldly in the Divine Race territory, thinking that today’s genocide major event will occur. , They just pond fish will eventually be affected.

“Mu Yi, get out for this ancestor!”

The ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race is here, and he has arrived at the Divine Race Mountain Gate.

Lin Fan smiled indifferently and said, “Senior is waiting here?”

The sea frantic glanced at him and said, “You go.”

Lin Fan nodded, and then slowly walked down from the floating island.

At the gate of the mountain.

This is an extremely tense confrontation.

Gushe Divine Race is a group of cultivators, all with swordsmen waiting in their hands, holding tightly, while the dragon god clansman, headed by the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race, has a face of ridicule and ridicule, just staring at Gushe impudently. Divine Race.

“Let Mu Yi get out, otherwise you will shoot Divine Race today and no one will be saved.”

A patriarch, a dragon god, smiles grinningly, and his murderous intention is quite sufficient.

“Yohe… so breathy?”

Lin Fan is here, walking down the winding bluestone steps, his eyes scoffing at the Dragon Divine Race group.

“You…is Muyi?”

The ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race narrowed his eyes, then grinned, and said: “First return the Bloodline Strength of my dear grandson. I’m talking about other things.”

Lin Fan glanced at the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race and said: “Are you the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race?”

The ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race complexion sank, shouted: “Wu Na boy, don’t you hurry to return the Bloodline Strength, do you have to wait for the ancestor to go crazy?”


Lin Fan chuckled, he hasn’t stopped moving forward, faintly said: “Can I understand that your Dragon Divine Race can’t be beaten by the small, the old, the old can’t, but the older On?”

“jié jié ……” Dragon Divine Race ancestor jié jié laughed: “This is indeed the style of my tribe, what do you want?”

Lin Fan is a little curious.

This kind of to have no shame words can be said with a proud tone by the ancestor of Dragon Divine Race. Where did he come from?

Weird looked towards the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race, smiled slightly.

Long Divine Race ancestors put a big hand, sneered and ridiculed, said: “If you feel uncomfortable, you can also move out of your Laozi, or move out of your ancestors.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were sharp and cold, and he said grimly: “old dog, I will ask you, if you are losing, do you want to move out of your old ashes?”

“The kid humiliates me!”

The first ancestor of Dragon Divine Race was furious, and his big hand flew to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold, he stepped on time and space, avoiding this palm when he couldn’t let go.

The ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race had his pupils slightly shrunk, and said Shen Shen: “Sure enough, there are methods, no wonder my good grandson will be defeated in your hands.”

Lin Fan stood quietly, all around the distortion and disorder of time and space, staring at the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race gloomily.

“Aunt Shejing, get me out!”

Dragon Divine Race may feel at this moment that he, in his capacity, is a bit out of touch with Lin Fan and shouted.

This Sonic Wave is rolling like a long silver dragon rushing into the Gushe Divine Race. It turned out that the hundreds of floating islands of Gushe Divine Race tremble, and it directly shook the many peaceful and soaring inside. Swiss beast.

Gu Shejing appeared, staring coldly at the ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race, saying: “A great majesty, a great style.”

“For other races, this is a bit too much, but for you to shoot Divine Race, this is for your face.”

The dragon Divine Race clansman spoke like this.

“You are so impudent and arrogant, you are not afraid of the existence of big things that you can not afford to offend in Divine Race? Are you afraid that you irritated him?” Lin Fan sneered.

The ancestor of the dragon Divine Race looked strange: “This world…I can’t afford to offend no one yet. Even if there are one or two, it is impossible to appear in your Divine Race.”

“Is it?” Lin Fan smiled.

“nonsense, hand over the Bloodline Strength first, and discard the cultivation base at the self-disposal. Otherwise, today’s ancestor will break the Divine Race.”

The ancestor of the dragon Divine Race grinned, and he really walked forward.


Suddenly, a rumbling explosion appeared before the ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race.

“Who dares to block the path of this ancestor?” The ancestor of Long Divine Race was furious, and then he stared at Lin Fan groaningly, “It turns out that there is no cause for fear, because you have moved this person?”

“Exactly.” Lin Fan shrugged.

“jié jié… This first ancestor would love to see, what expression would you have when I cut off this person in front of you.”

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