Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3232


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“Please, please cut yourself.” Lin Fan body flashed and retreated to the roadside, and at this time, all the people who shot Divine Race also gave way to the mountain gate and removed the Defensive Great Array.

The eyes of the ancestor of Dragon Divine Race narrowed.

This aunt shoots Divine Race as fearless as it is. Could it be that there are big things that even he can’t afford to offend?

But it shouldn’t be, because he searched the clan more than once or twice with Dragon Soul. Although he had a calm and vast breath lurking, it was not as good as him, and those breaths were often accompanied by death, should be aunt Shoot Divine Race’s deep sleep.

empty city strategy.

Long Divine Race ancestor grinning.

Only this explanation.

He stepped into the Divine Race mountain gate, said with a malicious smile: “Boy, you are really resourceful, but playing with these shallow hearts in front of this ancestor? Are you still tender?”

Lin Fan did not speak, but when the Dragon Divine Race everyone stepped into the Divine Race shrine, the mountain gate closed quietly, and the Defensive Great Array suddenly started.

Long Divine Race ancestor complexion slightly changed.

“It is estimated that you can leave now, or later…” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “Death is impossible, but your old face will probably be lost.”

Long Divine Race ancestor looked back suddenly, glanced at Lin Fan, said: “Shuzi want to scare me? In this world, no one can make this ancestor embarrassed.”

“Okay, then please.”

Lin Fan leads the way quietly.

Soon, the floating island of Lin Fan appears.

The ancestor of Dragon Divine Race eyes narrowed, leisurely said: “Where is Fellow Daoist Fang here? Come and see.”

This is just a simple voice, but the horror is so extreme that there is no leakage at all, condensing into a sonic beam, like Tian Ge, straight into the palace of Lin Fan.

You can see the void rolling over 100 meters and the time and space collapsing, but Lin Fan, who was on the side of the ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race, did not hear any sound!

With just this hand, it shows the cultivation base of incomparable, which can indeed be called the world.

But this horrible Sonic Wave attack, after going deep into the palace, was so silently wiped out.

The first ancestor of Dragon Divine Race raised his eyes, silent for a while, and said: “Good means.”

In the palace, there is still no sound.

Dragon Divine Race ancestor said with a malicious smile: “It’s such an impudent, do you have to wait for this ancestor to come to see you, and do something absolutely? You think clearly, if this ancestor stepped into the palace, you would be very Miserable.”

“Senior has so many words; if there is no scruples and no cowardice, why not just kill them and go in?”

Lin Fan laughed, ridiculed: “What kind of fearless air in front of the mountain gate? What kind of spirit to shoot the Divine Race?”

“Boy, you can bluff me.” The ancestor of Long Divine Race grinned: “You shoot Divine Race today, even if it’s dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, even the tiankeng, the ancestors have to be leveled.”

After that, he strode towards Lin Fan’s palace.

It’s just, soon—

“Ah…It’s you! How are you! How could you appear in Gushe Divine Race? How could it be!”

The anger and fearful cry of the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race came from the palace, like seeing the most incredible major event.


“First Ancestor!”


A group of dragon god patriarch are always shouted anxiously.

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said, “Come on, go in with me.”

Gong Quezhong, the sea mad each minding their own business, was drinking tea and was very leisurely, and in front of him, the ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race stood in fear.

“Your small dragon is really annoying, it seems that the lessons learned a long time ago are not enough.”

After seeing Lin Fan coming in, the Sea Krenzy said quietly: “You are still such arrogant and despotic, or such arrogant and conceited supercilious.”

The first ancestor of Dragon Divine Race has white hair and sweat.

“You said that there are not many people in the whole world who can make you shame. You said that in this whole world you dare not provoke, you wouldn’t be more than one or two people?” Hai Kuang laughed and said, “I’ll count you one. Count, the old man should be counted as one, Yingshu should be counted as one, where there are at least three or five of the Celestial Clan you dare not provoke, you dare not provoke anyone in Divine Race. If the old bastard is not dead, hang on Hit you, you dare not provoke…”

The white hair sweat on the face of Dragon Divine Race’s ancestor disappeared and turned into a blush.

“So, you always like to talk big words, you never thought that if you are seen through, you will be more embarrassed?” Hai Kuang glanced at him.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

This is not normal.

speaking of which The first ancestor of Divine Race should belong to the same generation as Sea Madness.

But why are you so afraid when you see the sea mad?

As if encountering a natural enemy, the whole person is tense.

The ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race was standing. After a while, he mustered up his courage and said: “Why did you appear in the Divine Race? This shouldn’t be.”

Hai Kuang glanced at him: “I have grudges and hatreds with Mu Yi, but this does not mean that I to forget favors and violate justice. At least he rescued me from the place of death and saved me Haijia Sent to this step, so I came and sheltered him for a few months, do you have an opinion?”

The ancestor of the dragon Divine Race laughed sadly!

He did forget this one.

The only ten ancestors in the past who could be regarded as gentlemen are the sea freaks.

Knowledge must be reported. This is the purpose he has pursued throughout his life.

It’s just that, from now on, who wants to deal with the Divine Race, I’m afraid…

The sea mad glanced at the ancestor of the Dragon Divine Race, saying: “Your gray grandson is not good, very ants and waste, lost in the hands of Mu Yi in the frontal battle, and was stripped of Bloodline Strength. I would like to ask you to take action. It can also represent his poor character. Think about it yourself, whether this and the others can really take on the responsibility of the ethnic group.”

Dragon Divine Race’s eyes of the ancestors changed slightly, biting teeth, said with a bitter smile: “Just ask to bring Bloodline Strength back.”

The sea mad frowned.

Lin Fan ridiculed: “The mottled and impure dragon’s blood, even if it is pill concocting, I feel that it has tainted other materials.”

After he finished speaking, he directly threw a mass of blood essence to the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race.

“You go, by the way, don’t tell me the news of my shooting Divine Race, don’t make yourself trouble and uncomfortable.” Hai Kuang glanced indifferently at the ancestor of Dragon Divine Race.

The ancestor of Divine Race, such as the amnesty, immediately turned around and left.

“Senior, welcome to come again next time.”

Lin Fan’s distant voice reached the ears of Lin Shen’s ancestor, and almost made him stagger.

“You kid.” Hai Kuang laughed bitterly.

Lin Fan laughed and said curiously: “Senior, why did the ancestor of the dragon Divine Race fear you so much? It’s like a mouse meeting a cat.”

The madman’s eyes were slightly cold, and he said: “I gave him a lesson four thousand years ago.”

Lin Fan raised an eyebrow.

Where could it be just a lesson?

But then, the reverse scale that appeared in the hands of the sea mad represents everything.

“Then he is really sad enough.” Lin Fan laughed, saying: “Without this reverse scale, he lost at least two layers of battle strength, and it is no wonder that he will be so scared when he meets Senior.”

Sea mad nodded, said: “He knows, his reverse scale is safe in anyone’s hands, can’t be used, and can’t be destroyed, but my Poseidon hood can swallow it.”

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