Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3233


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“so that’s how it is.” Lin Fan smiled and said: “In this way, this old dragon was not pinched by you?”

Sea mad said: “In the final analysis, it’s just that he doesn’t have the spirit of cutting off one’s means of retreat that’s all, otherwise he can also fight against me by relying on the heavy sacrifice reverse scale.”

Lin Fan did not speak.

But in fact, how can Dragon Race’s reverse scale be simply sacrificed?

Sea mad said with a smile: “Dragon Divine Race, you can rest assured that after I took the town to shoot Divine Race, they would not dare to shoot Divine Race again, but at the beginning Divine Race that old bastard has been Don’t deal with me, I’m afraid he will not take care of me except for the real thing.”

Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand, said: “Senior can prevent the Dragon Divine Race from turbulence. It is already a blessing of the sky. How dare you ask too much?”

The sea mad eyes narrowed their eyes and said, “You have been careful recently. The Celestials and Xungar are uncomfortable during this time. It seems like they are looking for something. I am 90% sure that it should be About you.”

Lin Fan frowned and said, “What about me?”

Sea mad said with a bitter smile: “That family is very mysterious, and the means are often unexpected. I don’t know what they are looking for, but it must be related to you.”

Lin Fan’s expression became serious, and said: “I am understood, I will be careful, thanks Thanks Senior for mentioning.”


Imperial Family trembled with a cloud of worry.

The killer is rampant!

Imperial Family’s expert turned out to be dead one after another.

Even if it is not in groups of three or four, it will always be found by those damn killers. After one strike certain kill, the ocean will be 10,000,000 li.

Today, one hundred Imperial Family powerhouses have been killed.

One hundred people, for the Imperial Family with its deep roots and leafy trees, it is really nothing, but if the dead are all sacred, it will be terrifying.

The more terrifying thing is that the continuous death can only prove that the shooter is going to stare at the Imperial Family, and the Imperial Family will not stop.

people were alarmed!

In the past, if it was necessary to go out to collect bills or pick up resources, I don’t know how many people broke their heads, because they can benefit a lot and can swallow many rebates.

But now, no one in the entire Imperial Family is willing to go out of the mountain!

Because, in this mountain gate, although he succumbed, his life was worry-free.

And as long as one step out of the mountain gate, it is possible for the soul of the Nine Netherlands.

After all, the expert who was killed in front of the mountain gate is not only as simple as one or two people.

It’s not that this family has never thought of using the high-level as a bait to kill those damn killers, but they are useless. These killers are all refined and they are not tricky.

Imperial Family.

“Have the people who have gone out yet received accurate news?”

Imperial Family The ancestor looked tired.

This period is too tiring.

All kinds of upset and sad things followed one after another.

After the killers ambushed the Imperial Family members, there was news that angered the entire Imperial Family. These killers began to attack the Imperial Family’s business.

So far, the Imperial Family has taken away resources and goods worth more than billions of spars.

“Old Ancestor, no news came back.”

An Elder has a dull face.

Another said: “But since the beginning of the Divine Race territory, there will often be people of unknown origin.”

“oh?” Imperial Family, the ancestor of the Imperial Family narrowed his eyes: “Are you starting Divine Race?”

This Elder nodded, said: “Although these people who appeared in the territory of the original Divine Race show their faces with different faces every time they change, but that kind of breath can’t be changed, I’m sure these people must be disguised as killers. Dress up.”

A murderous intention appeared in the eyes of the ancestors of the Imperial Family, but soon, coldly said: “Be careful, if you don’t have full confidence, don’t be disturbed. Don’t be preconceived and think it’s the Divine Race, which will affect us. Correct judgment.”

“understood, ancestor.”

This Elder cup one fist in the other hand bowed down, and then said: “Then if it is really Haji Divine Race shot?”

Imperial Family’s ancestor eyes were cold, said with a malicious smile: “He could buy a murderer when he started Divine Race, can’t I have the Imperial Family?”


It was night, and a wailing sound rang in the Imperial Family shrine, disturbing the tranquility.

Soon a huge light ball lifted into the sky, illuminating the entire Imperial Family, every delicate hair was completely shown!

They saw an illusory shadow cut through the night sky from a floating island, flying out of the Imperial Family Palace between three vertical leaps.

On the floating island, a blood corpse was lying in front of the pill furnace, and the blood splashed on the wall, which was very infiltrating.

On this pill furnace, there is a blood-colored note hanging on it, and the big characters ‘One Hundred Thirteen’ are too dazzling and eye-catching.

Imperial Family The ancestor tore off this bloody note and held it tightly in his hand. As the smoke rose, the note was shattered into nothingness.

“Check out the night watchman tonight, and see the formation mark hall.”

He opened his mouth, and looked towards the moon in the sky, said with a malicious smile: “It’s actually possible to enter the Wu nationality to kill, Sen Luojie… It’s really a long way.”

Soon, a detailed investigation came, and there were eighty night watchmen from the three teams, all of whom were criticized!

And several elders in the form mark hall, which controls the entire Imperial Family Clan Protecting Great Array, fell into the pool of blood.

“I have been premeditated…”

Imperial Family ancestor sighed and said: “It seems that the killer appears in the family, it is definitely not a coincidence, there has been a premeditated plan, and even, I am afraid that there are still killers hidden in the family.”

Imperial Family’s first ancestors spoke like this, and a group of people were all chilling. The back of the neck seemed to be blown by by a wind, but they were unconsciously approaching a lot.

“First start the Clan Protecting Great Array, and in the investigation, dig the ground three feet, and also pull out the ground mice that dare to sneak into the clan, and directly kill.”

Imperial Family The opening of the ancestor’s lunar calendar.

But at this moment, there are dozens of regiments of sword light at the same time. At the moment, this Imperial Family shrine is everywhere. Every explosion of the sword light will be accompanied by at least one scream.


Imperial Family’s ancestors are about to crack!

He is still here, sitting in his own shrine.

Inquiring about the killer hidden in it.

As a result, these killers are in front of him, blaming his clansman.

It is such impudent and rampant, it is such arrogance and arrogance!

“Death to the deity!”

His big hand stretched down fiercely and clenched.

It’s just a catch. The bright place of the sword bursts with a big yellow hand at the same time. Fiercely catches it, and time and space are wiped out. It is shot at the same time to everyone Killers.

“haha…that’s just the illusion left by the deity.”

An arrogant voice came out outside the shrine: “What you see is just the past, the reality is that we are outside thousand thousand li, Imperial Family, we have fun playing, Primal Chaos World’s Divine Race, absolutely this. “

“Is it time to reappear? Even I have been concealed.”

The ancestor of Imperial Family was silent, and he sighed.

This time is really a disaster.

I can use time to reproduce this kind of supreme connotation, I am afraid that the killer is lurking in the Peak powerhouse who is not weak.

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