Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3234


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“Closed family.”

Speaking these two words seems to have exhausted all the strength of the ancestor of the Imperial Family.

This kind of thing has never happened in the years since the Imperial Family established the hundreds of thousands. There has also been a crisis of genocide, and it has been beaten to the gate of the mountain by enemies, but he has not made this decision.

But now…


There was Elder howling, tears in his eyes.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family sighed and said: “It will be really shameful, maybe all souls will pass, my dignified Imperial Family was killed by a group of killers to close the mountain gate, but those are just false names, far less important to protect the life of clansman.”

Low, a group of suppressed sobbing.

“Go, the faster you can find out who is buying the murderer, the faster we will be on the day of unblocking.” The ancestor of the Imperial Family whispered, “First find out the enemy, as for These killers in the forest world…not important, really not important at all, there are too many loopholes to exploit.”

Imperial Family hundred thousand li outside.

“I am eleven, definitely not the lowest.”

A killer, very lean, called a lean monkey, he spoke proudly.

Lin Long raised his eyebrows slightly.

Beheading the eleven gods, this is indeed a remarkable record.

“hmph! Only eleven, worthy of your pride?” Someone smiled again, and he proudly said: “I have cut a total of 13 people, taller than you.”

“Thirteen? It’s a fart, I can chop 18 people even.”


A bunch of killers suck in a cold breath!

You must know that of the ten of them, only a total of 120 people were beheaded, but in the end this person was beheaded by 18.

“I am afraid that the crown of the murder is you.”

Skinny Monkey curled his lips. He really thought that killing eleven people would be enough to make him come out first.

“Hehe…I said that our focus is wrong, shouldn’t it be based on how much the Great Master killed?”

There was a killer laughing, he looked towards Lin Long, his eyes were full of provocation.

When he spoke like this, all the killers had their eyes burnt, all staring at Lin Long.

Obviously, they didn’t forget the bet.

The so-called washing socks is too disgusting, and it’s mostly a joke.

But it can be replaced with other punishments.

Even if there is no punishment, it is a great pleasure to win a game.

Lin Long pretended to be angry, and said: “You little things, are all thinking about seeing me embarrassed?”

“Hehe…Great Lord, don’t break your promise.”

“tsk tsk, Dazun, I have said that there is a specialization in the art industry. It is necessary to discuss the cultivation base, and to mention the battle strength. Our brother is tied together, I am afraid that it is not as strong as you, but it is necessary to talk about killing…”

Before he finished speaking, his words stopped suddenly, and his pupils shrank.

“Heavens! 23 people!”

“How is it possible!”

“How could it be 23 people!”

The killer who killed eighteen people drank in shock.

But I have to believe it.

Just because every time a person is killed, a strand of hair will be cut according to the habit of the Sun Luo world.

While caught in Lin Long’s hands, 23 strands!

They are all great cultivators, and it is natural to see at a glance that these hairs are indeed members of the Imperial Family, and the owner of the hairs must have died in the hands of Lin Long.

“Ma De, you little things, want to see Laozi get embarrassed?”

Lin Long chuckled, and then he took off his boots directly, and then took off his socks: “I don’t care who you wash, anyway, these socks will be handed over to you.”

The sock is steaming. As soon as it appeared, a group of people bounced into the distance like avoiding a bomb, all with a look of disgust.

Tian Xin’er has a black line on her face.

“Hey…I can’t accept it.”

The assassin who killed eighteen people smiled bitterly and said: “The superior is the superior.”

Lin Long chuckled, another person said: “We admit defeat, but this punishment is also disgusting, and we change it.”

Lin Long laughed and said: “It’s all my own brother. The so-called punishments and the so-called bets are mostly jokes. Where can it really be done?”

A group of killers such as the amnesty.

If the one who kills the least is really going to wash these smelly socks.

I’m afraid that I don’t want to eat anymore in the next few years, and I will be disgusting.

“Take a good rest, let them find out tomorrow.”

Lin Long smiled and said: “Don’t let Hajime Divine Race sit idle for too long.”

The skinny monkey chuckled and said: “It’s fun to be a bird in the days of the Sun Luo world, and it’s still interesting to be with the Great Lord. You can kill people every day, and you can talk with brothers about the way of assassination. How pleasant.”

A bunch of killers agree.

In the world of Senluo, apart from gambling, it’s just prostitution. It’s too boring. It’s not as exciting as Primal Chaos World.

“Great Lord, just tell the emperor and keep us by your side.”

The killer said pitifully.

Lin Long smiled and scolded: “I can’t be the master, you have to ask your Emperor Lin.”

The killer was bitter and said: “In front of Emperor Lin, where would you dare to speak?”

The killer was pitiful and said: “No joke, just looking at Emperor Lin, I feel double trembled, as if all my thoughts have been spied, and there is no secret in front of him.”

“It is true, I also feel this way.”

A killer speaks again.

Lin Long laughed and said: “Complete this mission well. If it is done beautifully, the deity can plead for you.”


“A gentleman can’t chase a horse with a word.” Lin Long raised his eyebrows.

The killer world cheered.

The second day.

At the gate of Divine Race, the thin monkey disguised as a young Master. The gatekeeper of Divine Race narrowed his eyes dangerously and looked at the thin monkey.

Skinny Monkey smiled, and he handed over a famous post.

The eyes of the gatekeeper of Hajime Divine Race wrinkled slightly. As a result, his pupils suddenly shrank, and he bowed slightly to the skinny monkey before rushing to the clan.

In just an instant, there was a Divine Race Elder rushing to the gate of the mountain to welcome the thin monkey into the clan.

This scene has long been seen by the people of the Imperial Family who have been hiding here for a long time!

“Start Divine Race! What a start Divine Race!”

“Quickly return to the ancestors! All the roots are from the beginning Divine Race!”

“Begin with Divine Race, I am the ancestor of the eighteen generations! On the surface, I have formed an alliance with my royal family, but secretly, I have invited the Senluo world to kill my royal family! This is not over!”

“It’s not over!”


The skinny monkey came out with a smile, still waving goodbye to the people who started Divine Race.

Beginning in Divine Race.

“Asshole! Asshole! Idiot! Stupid! Waste!”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race exploded with rage!

He was eager to tear the Elder in front of him to pieces!

Does this idiot not know what happened to the Imperial Family during this time?

At these sensitive and crisis moments, daring to recruit the killer of the Senluo realm into the clan, isn’t this looking for uncomfortable?

He is sure that he might have stabbed him into the Imperial Family because of this news.

The ancestor of Hajime Divine Race was gloomy and cold and severe staring at this Elder, only to see Elder’s body cracking with only his eyes.

But in the end, he didn’t do anything, and then he sighed for a long time, and said: “I hope I will go to the Imperial Family personally to explain all this, he can believe it, otherwise…”

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