Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3235


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The first ancestor of Divine Race really wanted to cut this Elder.

It turned out to be such stupidity and idiot to welcome the scourge into the clan.

Such a simple and straightforward conspiracy cannot be seen through.

“You go to the backyard to be an idle lazy, this Elder bit, it seems that you are really not suitable.”

In the end, he did not cut this Elder, but he deprived him of all positions.

At this time, the first ancestor of Divine Race was in a heavy mood. Since this time, he is not unaware that there are people of the Imperial Family wandering and monitoring at the mountain gate, but it has not been justified.

Even in order to show his conscience, he ordered that no matter how the outside world is changing, the Divine Race will continue to operate as usual, no changes are allowed, and the mountain gate is even wider open.

As a result… everything is still in the direction he least wants to see.

This Elder suddenly softened and fell like this on the ground, losing all his energy.

Being deprived of all positions and rushing to the backyard, he was destined to have no ties with the seniors of the original Divine Race, and even affected his family, discipline, etc.

But he did not dare to beg for mercy, not even a few words.

Since Divine Race, the ancestors were out of the tribe and went straight to the Imperial Family.

Imperial Family.

Imperial Family’s ancestor suddenly got up, staring at the Imperial Family clansman with the news in front of him.

“The ancestor, this is what we have seen with our own eyes. There is a killer in the Senrow Realm, who was greeted into the clan by the people of Divine Race. People who started Divine Race waved goodbye.”

Imperial Family clansman with this gloomy look shrieked and said: “The first ancestor! All this is a conspiracy to start Divine Race. Revenge.”

“Chou must report.” The ancestor of Imperial Family grinned.

At this time, someone came to inform him that the first ancestor of Divine Race came to the Imperial Family.

“old bastard!” The Imperial family ancestors cursed, and then he walked forward: “This thing is as if I don’t know, it’s rotten in my stomach.”

Imperial Family ancestors greeted each other with a spring breeze, a smile on their faces, and laughed across the distance: “What kind of wind is blowing today, even blowing you Old Brother.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race looks at the expression and movement of this Imperial Family ancestor, and his heart suddenly sinks.

With a bitter smile, I stepped forward and looked directly at the ancestor of the Imperial Family, saying: “That thing is really not what I started Divine Race.”

He just said this, and then stared at the ancestor of the Imperial Family like this without blinking.

Imperial Family ancestor frowned and said, “Old Brother, what did you say?”

First Divine Race The first ancestor sighed, his heart deepened.

“Let’s go, let’s go first.” The Imperial Family’s ancestors are very affectionate, really like the intimate Old Brother without gaps for hundreds of years.

In the welcome hall.

The atmosphere is very depressed and dull.

In the eyes of the first Divine Race, the first ancestors were helpless and urgent.

He desperately wants to explain all this, but the Imperial Family’s ancestor simply does not give him a chance, and always digresses.

After a while, the first ancestors of Divine Race knew that this matter was already unclear.

Imperial Family’s first ancestor has determined that this is what he started Divine Race.

For a moment of silence, the Divine Race first ancestor quietly looked towards Imperial Family. The ancestor said, “I know that it is useless to say anything now, but please check it out, don’t love your relatives.”

“Old Brother, you are talking again.” The Imperial family predecessor pretended to be angry, and said: “You and I, intersecthundreds of thousands of years, how can we not know each other’s person and style? You are at ease, gangster But no one can escape, and no bad guys can run. Of course, good guys are impossible and wronged.”

The first Divine Race first ancestor complexion is gloomy, said: “If this is the case, if Imperial Brother had to hold this shit pot on the head of the Divine Race, I can’t stop it, but think about the consequences.”

Imperial Family’s ancestors narrowed their eyes: “Old Brother laughed again.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race sighed and said, “I will do all that I want.”

“Okay, you walk slowly.” The Imperial Family’s first ancestor turned out to be nothing.

The first ancestor of Divine Race sighed.

He even felt that the sighs of his life were not as great as they are today.

When I walked to the door, there was a trace of struggling in the eyes of the first ancestor of Divine Race. Finally, he turned back: “Old Brother, I say again, this thing is really not what I did Divine Race… Don’t love the enemy. Quick.”

“I understand, I know, Old Brother, don’t worry.” Imperial Family ancestors were laughing.

The first Divine Race first ancestor no longer holds any hope.

He knows that from the time he stepped out of this door, he will greet the Imperial Family with all his revenge.

In the beginning, Divine Race’s strength was indeed not afraid of the royal family.

But the first ancestor of Divine Race always had a greasy sense of being clapped in applause. An invisible big hand manipulated everything behind, and he was pretty sure that this big hand belonged to Mu Yi.

But there is no evidence.

The first ancestor of Divine Race is gone.

“Bah! old bastard, when the bitch still stands!”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family grinned and said: “Come here.”

Someone came in, and the ancestor of the Imperial Family looked gloomy: “Isn’t it just buying murderers? Isn’t my Imperial Family short of money? Go and hire someone from the forest world. He started Divine Race. If you want to play, then play with them. Have fun.”


Lin Long looked at the skinny monkey with a smile, and said: “You are very good, you have skills and brains. I think if you only hang around in Primal Chaos World is a waste, you should go to that crazy lady to take a heavy duty.” /p>

Skinny Monkey sighed and didn’t speak.

Lin Long narrowed his eyes and said, “What?”

Skinny Monkey said: “I once recommended myself, but…”

Lin Long said with a sneer: “Could it be that when the imperial court was first built, someone wanted to be nepotism?”

The skinny monkey is nodded, and the other killers also have a gloomy look.

“Who is it?”

Lin Long’s murderous intention flashed, but nobody dared to answer this question.


Lin Long Hah!

The other killers suddenly startled, which proves even more that it is Yaksha.

“jié jié… It seems that he has lived very beautifully and very well during this period of time, but he has to move his mind again.” Lin Long smiled: “I will go back to Senluo.”

Lin Long is almost a transit point found in the Senluo world with the people who contacted the Imperial Family.

It’s just that Lin Long can go directly to Senluo World from this transit point, and the people of the Imperial Family can only passively wait for Senluo World’s reply here.

Is it necessary to answer the task?

Sun Luo world.

Rakshasa sat on the throne with a desperate face, her eyes staring at Yaksha King gloomily, and then she smashed a bunch of memorials on the face of Yaksha King, said with a malicious smile: “You are good at Ah, do you want to usurp power?”

Yaksha King said: “The ministers dare not, they are just loyal to choose the right people for Your Majesty.”

“Selecting talents and employing people?”

Rakshasa laughed, and murderous aura said awe-inspiringly: “Of the 100 state officials recently elected, there are a full sixty from your former royal court. This is the selection of talents?”

Yaksha King’s complexion remained unchanged, and said: “The minister thinks that if you do not avoid relatives, the gentleman should do it!”

“Hyun?” Rakshasa’s expression became more angry.

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