Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3236


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“Look at the following twists and turns for yourself, all of which are called virtues in your mouth!”

Rakshasa’s eyes are cold: “Occupy the oasis, force the captive population into slavery, bully the male and dominate the female family! This is what your sage does!”

Yaksha King sighed and said, “Why should Your Majesty listen to these people?” Barren mountains and unruly rivers out Diaomin, the emperor’s court was first built, and should be used as a heavy code.”

Rakshasa Wang was extremely angry and smiled: “That is, do I still need to thank you?”

“All this is a matter of servant, dare not.” Yaksha King said.

Later, Yaksha King was even more confident: “Your Majesty wants to govern this world with the kingdom of the world, which is a big wish, if it can become a good Fortune millions and millions of creatures, but there are naturally many obstacles in the process of implementation. So… if you don’t use heavy code to kill the pass…”

At this point, Yaksha King’s pupil shrank suddenly.

Because, the twists and turns that covered his feet, flew one by one to the end, and then crash-bang sounded, like someone was reading it.

“Who?” Yaksha King drunk.

“hehe…Yaksha King, you really are a good tool.”

A chuckle rang out in this great hall.

King Rakshasa’s eyes suddenly brightened, and the whole person rushed forward in two halves excitedly, but finally stopped forcibly again.

Not him.


Yaksha King exclaimed, all the souls of death.

The reason why he dared to be blatantly arrogant was because he heard some news. At this time, Mu Yi was dragged down by the grievances of the clan of the Sen Luo world, and Impossible returned to the Sen Luo world within a short time.

So, he has to come to a fait accompli, to support all his most loyal people to a high position, and maximize his position and power in this new royal court.

Dare not to seek rebellion, not to usurp the throne.

But he will be a minister under one person above ten thousand people.

But at this time, Mu Yi returns.


The person is not present, but the light suddenly blows out of Yaksha King’s chest.

“Ah…” A scream, Yaksha King was hit by ten zhang with a punch, fiercely hit the dragon pillar on the plate, the whole great hall was trembling and shaking, and there was a lot of dust fluttering from the rubble Falling.

“The deity’s name is also your name?” Lin Long’s silhouette finally appeared.

But at this moment, without any disguise, it is entirely Lin Fan.

Even if there is a slight gap, no one will dare to identify it carefully at this time, all are shiver coldly.

Who doesn’t know in the Senro Realm, that the king of Rakshasa can get this world, it’s all from the man?

Even so, many people are guessing that in fact, the injured King Rakshasa is just the emperor who pushed the man on the surface. In the dark, it was the man who manipulated everything.

And at this moment, without that man, he returned to Senrow again.

Yaksha King was frightened and trembling. He was hit with at least four or five chest ribs with one punch, but he was so strong that he didn’t even dare to scream with half a cry, so he knelt on the ground like this, cold sweat Dripping, even the blood on the corner of the mouth did not dare to reach out and wipe.

“You are very difficult to deal with, really very difficult to deal with.” Lin Long Eerie: “One hundred state officials, you occupy 60, but it is more than Rakshasa and other ministers combined, very Not bad, really good.”

Yaksha King shiver coldly, shouted, said: “I sue Da Zun, villain, I have no selfishness…just…”

“No selfishness? Just?” Lin Long smiled, and then he looked towards King Rakshasa and said, “How soon can the 60 state officials be invited to the imperial court?”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Half a quarter clock.”

Lin Long nodded, and then looked towards Yaksha King, said: “Since you think they are virtuous, the so-called bullying men and women, burning and killing are all for the sake of Your Majesty, that’s good, I like it very much It’s a happy event for such a kind of nobleman, Your Majesty, to have such a worldly nobleman. How can this deity not feast?”

King Rakshasa understood the meaning of Lin Long, just waved his hand, and Xiaoyou disappeared immediately.

Yaksha King didn’t dare to speak many languages ​​anymore, and a murderous intention that was so severe that he was dead was locked on his Divine Soul.

All sixty state officials are here!

Obviously, Xiao You not at all told them what happened to return to the imperial court, but simply ordered them to be here in half an hour.

So, when each and everyone’s state officials came here, they all turned up with nostrils, just state officials, little officials with sesame and green beans, but each and everyone eyes high above the top, even if these can enter The courtiers who faced the sacred seemed to not be in their eyes.

“Kneel down.”

At this moment, Lin Long sipped, killing intent flashing in his eyes!

This is what Yaksha King said?


“Who are you? I am the governor of Qingquzhou…”

He didn’t finish, he cut a sharp blade through his eyebrows, and the man died directly.

“Kneel down!” Lin Long spoke again.

“Good guts! How dare you be so impudent in front of Your Majesty, forgive you!”

“Where are the guards in the Golden Temple? Haven’t you taken the madman yet?”

These state officials dare to speak like this.

Lin Long sees killing intent even more.

So arrogant and impudent, it’s no wonder that he will do things that are angry and complaining.

A sharp blade flew up from the invisibility, bringing out one after another pitch-black crack, and then killing clusters of blood.

“Kneel down!”

This is the third sound.

But these state officials still didn’t kneel down.

“Yaksha…you really have the ability.” Lin Long smiled at him and flicked the golden barrier that Yaksha King concealed, and the miserable silhouette of Yaksha King appeared.



These state officials were shocked.

“It seems that the cleaning didn’t seem to have much effect. You should protect it or protect it.”

Lin Long smiled.

“Please forgive me.”

Yaksha King knocked on the ground, the whole person was shiver coldly.

Lin Long glanced at him, and then the memorials hanging in the air each and everyone flew over.

“Who is it from Mount Huang?”

A man in a yellow state official uniform walked out pale.

Up to now, how did he not know who made them kneel?

“Where is Li Yishan? Who is it?” Lin Long continued.


He turned out to have 39 names in a row!

These people are all vicious and merciless, commiting any imaginable misdeed, causing anger and resentment in the area under the control.

“Yaksha, these are the sages you chose…”

Lin Long stared at Yaksha King eeriely, waiting for Yaksha King to respond, saying with a malicious smile: “So… are you going to wait for me, or you? You should be able to understand what I mean .”

Yaksha King has bitter eyes.

How can he not understand?

If Lin Long did it himself, it would naturally kill him.

If he shoots, then he will die.

Lin Long coldly smiled.

He is not afraid that Yaksha King will not do anything.

How can this person die?

One glance at King Rakshasa, King Rakshasa suddenly understood, silently, Yaksha King’s most powerful gangs were captured here.

But Yaksha Royal Capital does not know all this.

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