Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3237


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“You should know that the patience of the deity has never been very good.”

Lin Long is cold and severe.

He saw the struggle and hesitation in Yaksha King’s eyes.

Yaksha King is of course struggling and hesitating.

these all are his humerus.

It’s one of the few, who still stays loyal to him after this step.

If he is killed, he really has no chance to rise again. Rakshasa and Mu Yi impossible make him bigger again. From then on, he can only become an obedient puppet.

But what if you don’t kill?

He must die.

“jié jié ……”

Yaksha King grinned, he got up, gloomy and cold and severe, and said: “Let you wait to oversee a area to play for Your Majesty, but as a result, you are arrogant and arrogant, it turned out to be tyrannically abuse power, commiting any imaginable misdeed, wait for you to die.”



The pupils of these people suddenly dilated.

Looking at Yaksha King incredulously.

You know, at the beginning of the appointment, the Yaksha King told them that after overseeing a area, must eradicate dissidents, suppress and kill all those who dare to make different sounds, in order to one day rise.

This so-called burning, killing, looting, so-called commiting any imaginable misdeed, I am afraid that most of them are the guidance of this Yaksha King.

But at this time, they were pushed onto them by their loyal king.


Someone grinned: “Yaksha, don’t blame me for being unrighteous!”

“Muyi Dazun, underneath…”

Someone has a grim look and wants to report.

As a result, he didn’t have a chance to make a sound. Yaksha King was quick and decisive and very ruthless, and pinched the person to death.

“Yaksha, you must not die…”

Someone saw his compatriots killed, here roaring, murderous aura 100,000 zhang.

As a result, he is also dead!

“A group of villains, let me be misunderstood by Your Majesty, damn it! Damn it! All die to the king!”

Yaksha King did not do anything, but he killed all his men who were loyal to him in a blink of an eye.

“Good means.” Lin Long smiled and clapped her hands, all said: “You can do this step, the deity is not good to punish you.”

Yaksha King, please.

Lin Long said: “Well, the deity believes in your loyalty, and go on.”

Yaksha King sighed in relief.

The loss was too great, but at least this life was saved.

But when he turned around, the whole person was staggering and almost fell to the ground.

His eyes were blank and empty, looking back, he looked at Lin Long like this, and then hehe smirked.

He knows, it’s over.


From now on, no one will be loyal to him, and no one will come to him.

Behind that layer of light curtain, he was full of people who were loyal to him.

At this time, all the men loyal to him have a murderous intention, and fiercely stares at him. The look is like looking at an enemy who kills his father.

“Help your king go down and rest, retreat today.”

Lin Long smiled and waved his hand.

But how could someone take care of Yaksha King?

How could someone help him?

All courtiers withdrew, but Yaksha King fell alone at the back, looking desolate and lonely.

“Why not kill him directly?” In the eyes of King Rakshasa, the killing intent is not reduced.

Lin Long said with a bitter smile: “The original four kings, the retreat from death to death, the only one with this Yaksha King can also be used as a shield, temporarily pervert Primal Chaos World, so that they do not go into this forest Is Luo Jie changing?”

King Rakshasa’s killing intent is even worse, saying: “When everything can be announced to the world, kill him.”

Lin Long glanced at Rakshasa and said, “Follow you.”

King Rakshasa was silent, and after a while, looked towards Lin Long, shaking and asked, “Is he alright?”

“Very good.” Lin Long nodded, said: “Moreover, he is very safe, almost only in the Divine Race.”

“That’s good.” King Rakshasa fell silent again.

Lin Long said with a smile: “You can rest assured, that guy will not be okay, and I heard that guy said that he has an agreement with you. I’ll welcome you, right?”

A little shyness appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes.

Lin Long laughed, said: “Since you are affectionate, it is natural to go where you go, there is nothing shameful.”

Rakshasa Wang nodded, and then looked towards Lin Long, said: “What are you doing here?”

Lin Long’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Borrowing manpower.”

King Rakshasa said with a smile: “You can take me away from my court.”

“Don’t be so generous, you’re not afraid to scare me?” Lin Long smiled bitterly, said: “There will be an Imperial Family’s kill order to you later, you can take this task, you can lion’s big mouth, fiercely pits him.”

Rakshasa Wang frowned, saying: “The killing in the Sen Luo world only has rules and prices.”

Lin Long said: “It’s time to change.”

Rakshasa Wang frowned more tightly.

These rules and regulations are the capital of the Sen Luo world, how can they be easily changed?

Lin Long faintly said: “The harder you blackmail the Imperial Family, the less pressure he will have.”

Rakshasa Wang’s beautiful eyes said horizontally, “It’s enough to multiply the price of each kill by ten times?”

Lin Long smiled secretly.

Sure enough.

No matter how great a woman is, when you fall in love, the limit is always very low.

“Turn it thirty times.” Lin Long smiled slightly.

“Are you crazy?” Rakshasa Royal Capital was surprised.

Be aware that the cost of mobilizing Senro Realm Killer is definitely not cheap.

For example, to kill a venerable god requires a minimum of one million Spirit Stone.

She turned ten times, that is, tens of millions.

And according to Lin Long, the price is enough to scare people.

“Don’t worry, he must agree.” Lin Long sneered, and said: “The people you sent him are very useful, especially the Little Brat called Thin Monkey. It’s an individual talent and you can reuse it.”

“Skinny monkey?” King Rakshasa raised his eyebrows slightly, then frowned.

Obviously, she has never heard the name.

But still nodded, said: “I wrote it down.”

Sometimes it’s as simple as this, just a sentence from Lin Long, let this skinny monkey stay in this forest world from now on until it really becomes under one person above ten thousand people.

“Then I will leave.”

I explained everything and solved the Yaksha King incidentally. Lin Long felt that this trip was worthwhile.

“Wait.” King Rakshasa blushed, and said: “In this Imperial Palace indifferent and silent, I embroidered a handkerchief when I was free, please give it to him.”

Lin Long has weird eyes.

I was thinking, does my brother really have such great ability?

This is the famous killer king.

At this time, he is the emperor of a domain.

But it turned out to be a soft finger, embroidering for it?

But he dared not say much.

Lin Long is sure, with the temper of King Rakshasa, if he speaks now, talks a lot, or shows a little weirdness, King Rakshasa will definitely draw his sword and tear the handkerchief into fragments. .

He solemnly put the handkerchief away, teased: “Sister-in-law don’t worry, even if my little brother is dead, this handkerchief must be delivered to him.”

“get lost!”

Sure enough!

Only when he said such a word, King Rakshasa immediately fell grimace.

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