Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3238


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As Lin Long had expected, the Imperial Family really accepted the terrifying index finger.

This is actually not difficult to consider.

Because, Hajime Divine Race is really better than the Imperial Family. If a famous knife kills Hajime Divine Race, the Imperial Family does not have that ability.

But after being suppressed for so long and killed that many people, how could it not fight back?

Don’t talk about other things, after knowing who the ‘murderer’ is, but still dare not make a move, then the imperial family’s hearts must be lost.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family is not too stupid to know how to settle accounts.

Imperial Family.

“The damn group of killers! The executioner, this is profiting from somebody’s misfortune!”

The ancestors of the Imperial Family looked cold.

“Which party said that if we accept our tasks, we must abandon some tasks, so this loss can only be made up by our clan, otherwise…”

Now when I go to contact Sen Luojie, Elder also looks gloomy.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family squinted his eyes slightly, said with a malicious smile: “The person who connects with you is also a young man, I am afraid that he has just been sent out to take the task.”

This Elder thought for a while, and said: “I went to the killing hall left by Yaksha King. It was indeed a white and tender niche, not the old man who was originally lifeless.”

“humph.” The ancestor of the Imperial Family, coldly snorted, ridiculed: “If it is still the old man, how could there be a gap between words that we caught?”

“Vulnerability?” This Elder frowned.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family said with a malicious smile: “After receiving our order to kill, we must abandon some tasks. Then, who owns this task? Who invited the Senluo world? ?”

This Elder’s pupils shrink slightly.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family complexion is gloomy and twisted, saying: “I originally had a glimmer of hope, but now…”

Elder said gloomily: “The ancestor, although he was a strong Divine Race, but my Imperial Family is not a soft persimmon.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family sighed and said, “This is indeed the truth, but overall, my Imperial Family is still worse than Divine Race. However, if we can’t kill hundreds of people, How can you endure this bad breath?”

Elder nodded, said with a malicious smile: “The big deal is that we Elder cut down on food and clothing, and each one has less cultivation. It is worth killing one person in his family for ten days.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family smiled slightly: “If you are like this, why not worry about the Imperial Family? Go, bring the foot spar, but let the group of country bumpkins in the Senluo realm take a good look, what is the Divine Race.”


Yaksha King was ordered by King Rakshasa to take the killer out and cooperate with Mu Yi.

Getting this order, Yaksha King almost thought that King Rakshasa was going to order him to die. He was so frightened that he knocked his head and smashed his garlic, making various guarantees that he would not dare to mess around.

But in the end, he still came.

I came here at the rate of 30 days.

Lin Long stood quietly, looked towards Yaksha King, and said, “In fact, there is no arrangement or arrangement, just to kill you.”

Yaksha King is so respectful, he mistakes Lin Long for Lin Fan.

“Did you start the Divine Race? Your long ago wanted to see and see.” Yaksha King grinned.

Lin Long said with a smile: “For murder, you are an expert, it is up to you to arrange it.”

“As you bid.” Yaksha King bowed.

“Go, I’m waiting for the Divine Race to mess up.” Lin Long waved his hand, and the 30-day level suddenly disappeared.

In the Divine Race.

Lin Long and Tian Xin’er returned, and Lin Fan greeted them on the floating island early.

“Very good.” Lin Fan smiled, very happy.

Tian Xin’er blushed and bowed slightly, saying: “In the past, I was wrong.”

Lin Fan said: “Neither you nor I am wrong, is it God’s will.”

Tianxin’er was nodded, and then said seriously: “Not in the future.”

Lin Fan smiled: “Let’s talk about it first, all the family is sorry that such words are unnecessary.”

In the palace, a group of happy faces and Tianxin’er left, but let Leyao and other girls worry about her. At this time, she returned, and naturally chirp chirp twitter twitter surrounded her around.

Outside hall.

“What are you going to do next?” Lin Long looked towards Lin Fan, and said: “It’s just the intervention of the Sun Luo community. After all, we still can’t let these two races really cast aside all considerations for face. We are also impossible. If you continue to borrow the strength of Sen Luo Realm, if you continue, Tian Clan may intervene.”

Lin Fan nodded.

Lin Long said: “It seems that the two worlds have agreed that the Senluo world can take over the task, but can’t really intervene in the grievances between Divine Race. If we keep going for such a long time, the heavens will definitely come forward. , When the time comes, I am afraid it will not end well.”

Lin Fan said: “I have taken this into consideration for a long time, so I am thinking of a way to completely push the two to a dead end. I can’t go back and just fight hard.”

“Is there any way?” Lin Long frowned and said, “Both groups are very restrained.”

“Oh…” Lin Fan quipped: “Restrainment? You must know that the first condition for restraint is… that they have not exceeded the limit they can afford.”

Lin Long’s eyes narrowed.

Lin Fan said: “The sun-shooting bow of Divine Race is still in the beginning Divine Race.”

Lin Long eyes shrank, said: “Are you planning to be the ultimate device?”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Why not? At the beginning Divine Race can snatch the sunbow, why can’t we grab it from them?”

Lin Long frowned, saying: “The soul of soldiers in the ultimate device can be not simple. The reason why Divine Race can suppress the archery shot for so long is because they have the same ultimate device and have The ancestors of the ancestors were sitting in town, and there were many backgrounds in the family that were sleeping.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled: “Did you forget, the ultimate device, we don’t lack… It’s just my hand, there is a handle, and there is a green luan? Nightmare? They are almost hand-held One handle.”

Lin Long frowned tightly: “It’s too risky, know that if our ultimate devices are used to suppress the bow, it will have a great impact on our strength.”

“I’m not trying to force the Sunburst to stay, but to use the Sunbow as a primer to force the two races to a dead end. Even I was wondering if the Divine Race’s ultimate device could be Move, or whether the Royal Ultimate can move.”

Lin Fan sneered, said: “Don’t forget, I have Treasure Gathering Pot in my hand, and that mysterious scripture, I always think that Treasure Gathering Pot treated so seriously by the unrelated Divine Race, impossible then Simple.”

Lin Long was silent for a while, and said: “I am always inferior to you in this respect, so you think about it, think clearly, you decide, then do it.”

Lin Fan nodded, Lin Long frowned, saying: “After all, Sunbow is the ultimate device to shoot Divine Race, do you want to speak with them?”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “It must be said, this matter still needs the help of this family to be successful.”

“But will they agree to bait the bow?” Lin Long smiled bitterly.

Lin Fan quipped: “Shooting the bow is the ultimate device for Gu Diving Race, but it is now in Divine Race, but they are no longer in their hands. So, how do I use it, and what do I do with Diving Race? Relationship?”

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