Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3239


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Lin Long was silent for a moment, Shen Shen said: “It is indeed the same thing, this shot of divine bow is not in the hands of Gushe Divine Race, naturally it cannot be said that divine bow belongs to them.”

Lin Fan sneered.

Lin Long said: “Actually, I think you will be hesitant and uneasy about Aunt Divine Race. There are many methods that cannot be used.”

Lin Fan glanced at Lin Long and said, “You think too much, I clearly distinguished it. In the end, the reason why Gu Shejing really treated me is because he firmly believes that I can take him to shoot Divine Race Out of the predicament can help his aunt Divine Race to recover the glory of the past, maybe it is a bit of a pity, but all this is built on, I have that ability.”

“That’s good.” Lin Long breathed out a long breath: “You have such a good understanding, at least there will be no bias in some things.”

Lin Fan laughed: “When I came to this step today, could I still tell the truth and hypocrisy? You think I am lighter.”

Lin Long laughed, said: “So what should I do next?”

“You don’t need to do much.” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes dangerously and said, “With Yaksha in, Divine Race will be in chaos soon after starting.”

Lin Long was silent and arrived after a while: “I always think that leaving Yaksha is a big hidden danger. If you and I are still there, he certainly wouldn’t dare to mess up, not dare to fight back, but if you and I return, you really think Crazy lady can suppress him?”

In Lin Fan’s eyes, the murderous intention flashed, and said, “Yaksha is a handsome person, because he is a handsome person, so I dare to keep him. You can rest assured, you and I have kept his life repeatedly, and he is forced step by step. At this step, he became an orphan; he dared not mess up anymore.”

Lin Long said with a bitter smile: “Rabbits will bite when they are anxious, and dogs will jump to the wall when they are anxious. How can you conclude that he dare not.”

Lin Fan looked towards Lin Long, sneered: “Because… he knows the current affairs.”


Yaksha King has arrived at Primal Chaos World at this time, 30 days behind him.

He has a dark and bloody face!

Dignified King, it turns out that there is no one available, and all leave him.

Of course there is anger, hatred and resentment in his heart, but as Lin Fan expected, he dare not turn it back, and he never even had such an idea!

Really dare not.

Every time the thought rises occasionally, he will be crushed by his fiercely.

As long as you think of it, whenever you dare to mess up, the first thing you face is Mu Yi; he can’t stop shaking all over his body; sweating coldly.

“Dare to ask Yaksha King, what shall we do next?”

Here, the Heaven Grade killer asks.

This killer is terrible. For the world of Sen Luo, who came from and came to the present, Dadao scares people!

The reason is that this killer was the first Rakshasa soldier to follow King Rakshasa.

The so-called when a man attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven

The three hundred Rakshasa soldiers under the leadership of King Rakshasa did not hold any position in the Senro Realm. They seemed to be outside the Imperial Court, but they monitored the whole world and had Supreme rights.

Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed slightly, and after seeing the killer, said with a smile: “How about your opinion?”

The killer was silent for a moment, and said: “The subordinate believes that when he goes to meet Zun Zun first, after all, he first went to this world for a long time, and he is more familiar with the situation of this world. If he has his opinions and guidance, it will be of great use.”

The Zun in the killer’s mouth is, of course, Rakshasa’s envoy.

Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed slightly.

There is cold light flashed in that squinted eye!

Is this killer warning him?

Or, in case of guarding against water reversal at any time, so remind him that in this world, CNOOC is above Rakshasa’s left envoy?

“Okay, go find him first.”

But Yaksha King did not refuse.

He didn’t dare to confirm whether the Heaven Grade killer was ordered to open in order to test him, or to say, it was just a temporary intention of the killer.


“See Zun Zuo.”

Thirty killers bow down.

Rakshasa left a faint nodded, and then looked towards Yaksha King, saying, “Yaksha King I trust you have been well since we last met no?”

Yaksha King smiled and said, “Many thanks Zuo Zun missed, Xiao Wang everything is fine.”

Rakshasa leftly coldly snorted: “The deity is very bad, really bad, if I am in the Sen Luo realm, you and the waste under your command will die for a long time.”

Yaksha King complexion greatly changed.

Rakshasa left envoy said with a malicious smile: “A mistake can be made once, a second time, maybe forgivable and understandable, but if there is a third time…you know the consequences.”

“Don’t dare to commit again.”

Yaksha King clenched his fists and bowed.

The murderous intention in Rakshasa’s left eye is unabated.


Even now, he is not satisfied with Lin Fan’s decision not to kill this Yaksha King.

But he didn’t say much.

Since it is Lin Fan’s decision, he will always support him, killing light flashed in his eyes: “Yaksha King, you can think of me as a threat, but please remember that if you are committing a third This time I made a mistake and was scratched by Da Zun. I will kill you myself.”

Yaksha King bye, but dare not say more than half a word.

Rakshasa’s murderous intention in his left eye slowly and slowly dissipated, squinting, said: “Come to this realm, you have no specific tasks, just kill people, kill clansman, apart from this, don’t need to think about it Other.”

“Does Zun Zun act with us?”

Rakshasa soldiers are full of eagerness in their eyes, saying: “I miss the glory of chaos with Zun Zun.”

Rakshasa gave him a glance at the left and said, “There will be opportunities to fight side by side in the future, but now, my task is to protect the Supreme Master.”

“Da Zun?”

This Rakshasa soldier’s eyes are weird, saying: “Zuo Zun, are you sure that Da Zun uses protection? If you really meet an irresistible enemy, are you sure that Da Zun is protecting you?”

“You guys roll for Lao Tzu. By midnight, you can’t bring three or more clansman heads to meet Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu pulled your skin.”

Rakshasa was furious on the left, kicking the Rakshasa soldier off with one foot.

Of course, impossible made this Rakshasa soldier hurt.

“Let’s go, I’m in my aunt Divine Race. If something happens, you can use a unique method of communication to tell me.”

Rakshasa left his mouth open, and then looked towards Yaksha King, said: “You aloof and remote for thousands of years, I don’t know that the killing effort can be regressed.”

Yaksha King raised his eyebrows, said with a malicious smile: “That’s the ability to eat, it has been carved into the bones long ago, how could it be forgotten?”

“Then go, the name Yaksha King is not so loud in Primal Chaos World.” Rakshasa smiled on the left.

Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed, said with a sneer: “From then on, the entire Primal Chaos World will know this name.”

“Hope.” Rakshasa turned his left head and said, “The more ruthless the Divine Race will be killed, the more it will benefit Da Zun’s plan, maybe he will take a look at you.”

Yaksha King’s expression was heavy, and he pressed it to the end, saying: “At that time, please also ask Zuo Shi to speak more words in front of Da Zun.”

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