Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3240


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“Of course it will.”

Rakshasa’s left envoy left, and a long voice came, adding: “Of course, whether I have that face to speak for you in front of the Great Master depends on your performance in this mission.” /p>


Yaksha King spoke in a low voice, and then bowed down. When he got up, the brilliance in his eyes was too dazzling, shooting out bloodthirsty light, like a demon wolf who has been hungry for decades.

Uncle Divine Race.

“Patriarch can prepare. I estimate that in about half a month, the Imperial Family and Haji Divine Race will be in chaos. When the time comes, it is a good opportunity for my uncle Divine Race to conquer the lost ground.”

Lin Fan smiled and looked towards Gu Shejing sitting in front of him.

“Half a month?”

Gu Shejing stood up suddenly, trembling with excitement, and said: “Mr. rest assured, the situation created by your dedication and dedication will surely be firmly grasped next time.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “There is still something else I need to tell Patriarch.”

Gu Shejing frowned and said: “Sir, even if you have something to say, there is nothing to talk about between you and me.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “The divine bow is still in the Divine Race until this time, right?”

Gu Shejing’s face suddenly darkened, dripping with gloomy water, and said grimly: “My father passed away for no reason. At that time, only the first ancestor of Divine Race was beside his father. Therefore, the sun shooting divine bow was followed by him, and with the help of Hajime. The Divine Race Divine Item and the power of the various backgrounds have been so powerful.”

Lin Fan nodded.

Gu She Jing said with a malicious smile: “He started Divine Race in an vain attempt to claim the ultimate weapon of our race as his own. This is a dream. After all, it is a bamboo basket to draw water. It is destined to be futile, and there will be great disasters. ! As long as the ultimate weapon of our race can find even the slightest opportunity, it can make Hajime Divine Race vomit blood, I am afraid that the palace will be broken.”

“oh?” Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Gu Shejing jié jié laughed strangely, and said: “That’s the ultimate weapon, how can you be enslaved? And, how can that be the ancestor of our race, how can you be humiliated? Whenever there is a chance, there is a sleep in it. The soul of the ultimate weapon will be awakened on its own, when the time comes…what is the trifling Divine Race?”

Lin Fan nodded.

This thing about the ultimate weapon, it’s not that he hasn’t controlled it before, and it’s not that he doesn’t have it. Naturally, he knows the horror of this ultimate war soldier.


Gu Shejing’s eyes shot a horrible beam, staring at Lin Fan incredulously, and roared: “Mr. Is there any certainty and means to recapture our ultimate weapon?”

Lin Fan frowned.

No words.

Gu Shejing said: “Actually, the reason why the Divine Race is so humiliated and oppressed is because the ultimate weapon is not in the clan. If the divine bow is still hanging in the ancestral shrine, who dares to put my clan Force this step?”

Lin Fan is quiet, still not speaking.

But thinking about, the Divine Race’s ultimate device is like the water blue planet of his previous life. Most of the ultimate weapons possessed by those great powers will not be used. It is a strategic threat, but if you own that thing, No one dares to bully you.

The reason why the uncle Divine Race is almost divided by the three groups is because the ultimate device is lost and the threat of this most terrifying ultimate weapon is lost.

So, Gu Shejing is not false. If Divine Bow can return to Grandpa Divine Race, then more than half of the threats faced by Grandpa Divine Race will naturally be solved.


Gu Shijing’s tone shivered slightly, it was agitated, it was timid.

Lin Fan finally came back to his senses and sighed: “I do have a plan to plot the ultimate device.”

The light beam in the eyes of Gu Gu is even more terrifying.

“Patriarch, please don’t get excited.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “But, for the time being, even if I get the ultimate device, I don’t want to bring back my aunt Divine Race.”


Gu Shejing’s pupils dilated, a little angry: “Why?”

Lin Fan glanced at Aunt Shejing coldly and said, “Do you think it’s really a good thing to welcome the ultimate device with the strength of the current Aunt Divine Race?”

“Why not is a good thing?” Gu Shejing was furious.

Lin Fan’s eyes are colder, saying: “You have lost your normal heart, and now I don’t want to talk to you, when you think about it, and want to understand, come to talk.”

Lin Fan left this sentence and left.

The ultimate device returns to Auntie Divine Race. Whether it is good or bad can only be said to have pros and cons.

But since it is not in Lin Fan’s interest, it is naturally bad.

The reason why I don’t want to speak with Gu Gu is to let him think about it and then convince himself that’s all.

On the floating island, Lin Fan sat quietly and waited for Aunt She Jing to come.

If this aunt can’t show respect today, then the intimacy of the past will naturally be gone, and there will be no more.

I’m afraid from the future, Lin Fan will treat this aunt Divine Race with another attitude and way.

But in fact, Lin Fan’s heart was a little anticipating that this aunt wouldn’t come.

If he doesn’t come, many of his entanglements, etc., can be eliminated, making it easier and free and carefree.

But Gu Shejing still came.

Although his eyes were red, and his breath was unstable, as if he was resisting the temptation of the sky, he still walked to Lin Fan.

Wow, and sighed: “Mr. is reasonable. At this time, the arrival of the ultimate weapon is not necessarily a good thing.”

With a wry smile, Gu She respectfully said: “During this period, my uncle Divine Race has won some victories and recovered a lot of lost things. It looks prosperous and everything is developing in a good direction, but in the final analysis, this rise, Some divine masters still look down on it, but if we invite the ultimate weapon back, it will be different. It means that my uncle Divine Race really has the opportunity to rise completely. Then, all the Divine Races who are watching at this time are afraid that they will all come. Suppressing Grandpa Divine Race.”

Lin Fan nodded, both: “The ultimate device is not a simple war soldier. It has been enshrined by your uncle Divine Race for tens of thousands of years. How could it be enslaved or detained by others? All this is temporary. In fact, you should also know that as long as Aunt Divine Race restores its previous glory, even if it was Divine Race, it would not dare to stay at the divine bow, so… why are you in a hurry? Why not take advantage of it. “

“What is your husband going to do?” Gu Shejing narrowed his eyes.

Lin Fan said: “If you say that the Imperial Family and the Divine Race will fight the sword soldiers, will you?”

“Good! Of course good!”

Gu She respects the grotesquely: “I wish both groups would be destroyed!”

Later, Gu She narrowed her eyes and said, “But these two groups are unlikely to be really hot.”

With a wry smile, Gu She Jing said: “I know that my husband has been planning this for a long time, but I am afraid it will not be as expected.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Follow your fate, patriarch just watch.”

Gu Shejing shook his head and said: “Almost impossible.”

“There is no impossible thing. The reason why the two companies restrained is that they have not exceeded the limit.” Lin Fan sneered.

Gushe Jing ridiculed: “The bottom line of Divine Race is generally very low.”

Lin Fan’s eyes twitched and said, “What if…the Divine Race’s ultimate device was taken?”

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