Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3241


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Gu Shejing was shocked: “Mr. is planning to start Divine Race’s ultimate weapon? How is this possible! That mirror hangs over the Divine Race divine talisman, sprinkling hundreds of millions of Divine Red Clouds and Rui-Ai nourishing him Divine Race, how could it be taken away?”

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “So… my goal is not the mirror, but the sun-shooting bow of my uncle Divine Race.”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrink slightly.

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing and said, “Yes, you did shoot the Divine Bow from the sun, but it is indeed at the beginning of the Divine Race; abandon it, I can guarantee you, the Divine Race He has already regarded the sun shooting divine bow as his house.”

“Damn it!” Gu She yelled.

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “You said that if the divine bow disappears abruptly after shooting the sun, and then appears in the Imperial Family… What about the Divine Race?”

“Is the price too high.”

Gu Shejing smiled bitterly.

Lin Fan did not speak.

Gu Shejing laughed at herself: “I am afraid I am the most incompetent Divine Race master in history; the dignified clan weapon can only be reduced to the cornerstone of a conspiracy.”

Lin Fan glanced at him.

Gu Shejing smiled miserably, but soon, his eyes narrowed and said: “Mr. Isn’t he afraid that this kind of planting and framing can’t be done? I’m not afraid that the Imperial Family will send it directly when they find the sun shooting divine bow. How about going back to the Divine Race, and reuniting with the Divine Race?”

Lin Fan sneered and said: “If you find the ultimate weapon soaring into the sky and falling into your hands, can you… return it to his master?”

Gushe respected startled, then smiled bitterly.

“How many people in this world can really resist the temptation? The reason why they can resist the temptation is because the temptation is not big enough and the benefits are not big enough that’s all.”

Lin Fan spoke quietly, Gu Shejing sighed, but it was nodded. Obviously, he strongly agreed with Lin Fan’s argument.

“Gentlemen… dare to ask this sun-shooting divine bow, what is the final ownership?”

Gu Shejing smiled miserably, and said: “That is Ancestral Item. If it is lost in my hands, even if I die, I will not see the ancestors and ancestors.”

Lin Fan was silent for a while before saying: “Shooting the divine bow is the shooting of Divine Race. This is a fact that no one can change.”

Gu Shejing took a step back, then bowed down, saying: “Then everything will be Mr. Lao.”

Lin Fan looked towards Gu She Jing with complicated eyes.

He said that shooting the sun divine bow is the shooting of Divine Race.

This sentence is indeed true.

The sun-divine bow comes from Divine Race, the grandfather of the tribe. It can’t be erased by anyone.

However, he didn’t say that afterwards the divine bow was the aunt Divine Race. It wasn’t clear that the divine bow would eventually be in the hands of the divine race.

“I’m sorry…even if you treat me with sincerity, but you are the enemy…”

Lin Fan sighed deeply.

He will send the Divine Race back to Peak.

But shooting the divine bow…

Forget it.

Even if you need to use the World Tree or thunder pool to suppress its forever, it is better to stay in this divine race.

If one day this Divine Race appears on the battlefield of the two realms with a divine bow, how many relatives and friends will have or die under the bow?

Lin Fan will certainly not allow him to happen.


Yaksha King sat quietly in the restaurant directly opposite the gate of Divine Race.

He is taking care of himself.

It’s just that one hour doesn’t arrive.

But it turned out that there was a kind of intuition about blood boiling and blood rolling.

It’s like returning, before he became king, traveling the world with a sword, when there is no one to kill in the world, when there is a happy revenge, that period of lush greenery.

He was all excited, and the weapon in the ring was buzzing, showing the urgency of drinking blood urgently.

Suddenly, Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed.

There is an old man, with a sullen and sullen face coming out from the beginning of Divine Race Shenfu Mountain Gate.


Yaksha King frowned.

This level is a bit low, as if he is not worth it.

He is the dignified king, at least he must kill the top gang in the Divine Race, in order to better reflect his identity.

It seems a little embarrassing to kill this level of Elder.

He didn’t move, but when Elder walked out of the mountain gate and walked three hundred steps away from the mountain gate, a blood-throwing sword-killer was suddenly killed from a large tree.

The big tree is huge, and at least 20 people together may not be full.

But when the killing sword appeared, the whole tree exploded, sawdust fluttering, thousands of zhang high trees tilted, and cast a large shadow on the ground, so that the creatures on the long street screamed and fled.

“Where do the rats, dare to ambush the old god Patriarch, are they all alive and crooked?”

The original god patriarch drank hard. He swiped his hands forward, his palms were sharp, and his emptying was agitated.

The killing sword was suddenly slanted and shot past his ear pincers, cutting his skin and splashing blood.

“On this level of patience, but also want to assassinate this Elder?”

This Elder grinned.


Yaksha King drinks all the wine.

He gave this Elder a contemptuous glance.

How could the Rakshasa soldiers act so badly?

How could it be missed?

Sure enough…

Early, when Elder had just relaxed his mind and was about to chase the roll and go back to kill the sword, directly killing the ambush killer, a broken edge of water-blue came out suddenly and surrounded With a spin on his neck, a good head flew into the sky!

Three thousand feet of blood in the chest!

Later, a silhouette flashed in midair, but the flying head disappeared and was taken away by the killer who appeared in midair.

“Where does the rat generation leave this deity!”

“Did you eat the heavenly courage? Dare to make chaos in front of the Wu people’s shrine! Dangzhu!”

The two old men rushed out of the Divine Race shrine at the same time, both were too horrible, at least at the level of Linjing Wujing.

They appeared at the same time, slapped forward, the big palms were in the air, the sky was burst, the time and space broke the bank, and the rules were disordered!

“Almost qualified enough.”

Yaksha King lightly sighed.

laughed, said: “The taste of a glass of muddy wine is actually the best wine in the palace. It’s a weird thing.”

He has disappeared. The wine glass that fell close to his mouth slowly drifted down and landed steadily on the table without making any sound.

“Rat! No matter who you are, you will die today!”

Two elders who culled Elder from the palace, with a sullen face, one after the other, the killer who blocked the head.

The killer is wearing Rakshasa mask, but he is completely fearless, pointing forward with a killing sword.

“A group of ground mice, when there is no hiding, killing dogs is not harder than slaughtering dogs.”

Elder grinned.

Yaksha sneered in the sky.

He then appeared just and honorable.

His sudden appearance makes these two Elders scream, and their eyes are horrified.

“Hidden, is not a lack of strength… but to give the deceased a decent.”

Yaksha King spoke quietly, and then said: “You are too small to see my world.”

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