Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3242


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“Which king are you?”

Pull out Elder Divine Soul.

This kind of imposing manner, this kind of killing intent, this kind of baleful qi that doesn’t matter what the world does, is not something that ordinary killers can have.

Even if it is the most Peak Heaven Grade, it is not worthy of possession.

Only those kings standing on the killer pinnacle.

Yaksha King hehe smiled and said, “It’s fairly knowledgeable.”

After that, he looked back and looked towards the beginning of Divine Race, saying: “Are you sure you are not going to shoot?”

On the floating island of Shidivine Race, the ancestors of Shidivine Race were just hundreds of miles apart, looking at Yaksha King.

His eyes are endless death intention and murderous intention, and there is boundless anger.

But after a while, he said, “The two of them are suspected of insulting the Senro world, and there is such a robbery, as they deserve, but after this incident, Yaksha King is invited to return to where you came from.”

Yaksha King laughed, said: “Are you teaching this king to do things?”

The first ancestor of Divine Race in Chaos begins to narrow his eyes: “Si Divine Race has no intention to provoke the kings of your realm, but just wants to live together peacefully. If Yaksha King is willing to give up this mission, Shi Divine Race has its own gift.”

Yaksha King’s sarcasm appeared in his eyes, saying: “It seems that you don’t remember the rules of Sen Luojie, but all the characters who have been taken… have never failed, and never gave up halfway.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race sneered, said: “Is it?”

“Of course.” Yaksha King smiled proudly.

“jié jié ……” Chaos began Divine Race grinning, said: “Your rules of the Sen Luo realm have been broken by yourself, are you still talking about it?”

Yaksha King’s eyes are cold.

The first ancestor of the Divine Race, Chaos Begins, said: “It is said that King Rakshasa once took the task of slashing Mu Yi, but at this time, Mu Yi is still leaping, still stirring up in the world without wind and rain, since You are so strict in rules, why not kill him?”

“tsk tsk… That’s Rakshasa’s business. What did you tell the king about this? Rules, there are always people who have to obey.”

Yaksha King haha ​​laughed wildly, then took a step forward and said, “Are you sure you are not going to shoot?”

The first ancestor of Divine Race is no more words.

And he unilaterally made contact.

The King of Senrow Realm comes to Primal Chaos World!

This is a big news.

Lin Long laughed and said, “But I like it very much.”

“Go to the side of death.” Lin Fan scolded and said, “It is still up to you to warn Yaksha King. At any time, you must not stop the slaughter of the Divine Race. Let the Divine Race become chaotic. Good, the worse the better.”


Beginning in Divine Race.

“He didn’t believe it after all…”

The first ancestor of Divine Race smiled bitterly and said, “Mu Yi’s methods are as brilliant as before.”

“Why is the ancestor definitely such a plan for Mu Yi?” Elder asked with a frown.

The first Divine Race ancestor said: “These methods are exactly the same. The previous Divine Races were exactly the same when they collapsed. They were dignified and upright, but they were partial… It’s difficult to prevent and avoid. You can only follow his rhythm. Jump inside, jump into the Fire Pit and kill well he has prepared for you.”

“The first ancestor…… Could it be that we can only close the family?”

Elder has a murderous intention.

Since Divine Race, the ancestor said: “I’m going to the Imperial Family…If the ancestor of the Imperial Family still doesn’t believe it… then prepare for the battle with the Imperial Family, with the uncle Divine Race… and then prepare Okay, let’s fight Divine Race in this world.”

When speaking this, the first ancestor of Divine Race was heavy.

If it is really a step, other ethnic groups, he does not dare to arguing, but as far as the Imperial Family and the beginning Divine Race are concerned, I am afraid that it will be reduced to the point where the previous Divine Race was shot; after all, it will also face the group Sinister situation of a tiger eating a wolf.

But if it really falls into that kind of situation, there is Mu Yi who can save Divine Race.

He started Divine Race?

Who will save again?

Imperial Family is the most enthusiastic and grand hospitality for the arrival of the first ancestor of Divine Race.

But it was this battle that made the hearts of the first ancestors of Divine Race sink to the bottom.

The first ancestor of Divine Race looked at the first ancestor of the Imperial Family and said, “Imperial Brother, I have come to the Imperial Family alone for two consecutive times. It is still enough to show my sincerity and sincerity. I just want to emphasize it again. The tragedy of the Imperial Family is indeed It has nothing to do with Divine Race.”

Imperial Family ancestor said: “I know, I believe this matter has nothing to do with Divine Race.”

First Divine Race, the first ancestor smirked and said: “Imperial Brother really have to wait until the relatives hurt the enemy?”

“Old Brother, what are you talking about?” The ancestors of the Imperial Family said unpleasantly: “My Imperial Family is already closed, and I can hear that something happened to the Old Brother’s family; this shows that it is all others. Conspiracy, both of us are victims, how could I be fooled.”

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