Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3243


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The first ancestor of Divine Race was silent, so he looked at the Imperial Family ancestor who was patting his chest and bluntly saying that he was impossible, and his eyes were desolate!

Meeting hundreds of thousands of years, he is too familiar with and understands the ancestors of the Imperial Family. If the ancestors of the Imperial Family really do not believe this, there is no guarantee or multilingualism. It was even more impossible to greet him with such a deliberate battle.

Since all these things have been done, it can only prove that the ancestor of the Imperial Family…has already counted!

It has long been determined that the tragedies of the Imperial Family some time ago were all caused by his first Divine Race.

The first ancestor of Divine Race got up and looked quietly at the ancestor of the Imperial Family, saying: “Although this sentence sounds a little bit ruthless and a little indifferent; but still have to say.”

Imperial Family’s ancestor laughed and said, “Old Brother has something to do with bluntness.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race sighed and said, “So far, only two of us have died in this matter, and there is still room for change. No matter who is buying the evil, I can guarantee that I will not blame it. But that’s all. If you continue, you know, you and me are involuntarily.”

Imperial Family ancestor eyes narrowed, said with a malicious smile: “I am also anxious to catch the murderer, all suppress and kill clean!”

Later, he looked up towards the first ancestor of Divine Race and said, “Old Brother, if you catch the murderer, please tell me the first time, I will cut the Number One Blade.”

First Divine Race first ancestor complexion ashen down!

He has worked very hard and even went to the Imperial Family more than once to explain this misunderstanding, but it seems that his efforts, etc., are all in vain.

“It is up to you to say what you want to do with Imperial Brother.”

Since Divine Race, the first ancestors have lost all their patience and drifted out of the door, saying: “In the end, please Imperial Brother think about the annihilated Divine Race and the former Liu Family… the eve of the death of Divine Race , How similar is the situation between you and us now.”

The ancestor of Imperial Family grinned and said, “No matter who wants to chew on a piece of meat in Imperial Family, I have to be prepared to break a few big teeth.”


The first ancestor of Divine Race is gone, only this sigh is still echoing in this house.

“Bah! old bastard! old bastard, is this ancestor an idiot?”

Imperial Family ancestors spit out fiercely at the door, said with a malicious smile: “Do you really think there is a wall that does not leak air? At this time, seeing my Imperial Family really affords a lot of money, please don’t hesitate to move a killer The king comes, you have to come to terrorize my Imperial Family? When my Imperial Family is scared?”

“The ancestor, Divine Race is really bully intolerably!”

There is Elder complexion is gloomy, saying: “Look at what he said, there is still room for change in everything, you can never blame…”

Imperial Family’s ancestors narrowed their eyes and sneered: “Waiting to see Yaksha King means, if I can plow the Divine Race one or two times, I will see that the old bastard will not dare to be next Say something similar.”

The emperor patriarch is hundreds of years old, but he has never been awakened.

Dignified and Yaksha King, how could they be born because of their killing order?

How could it be possible for him to hand in hand for the Imperial Family’s killing order, the entire ethnic group was immersed in the anger that was deceived and crushed by the Divine Race, and his ordinary heart and reason temporarily passed away.

Obviously, Lin Fan is playing them without realizing it, just using the temporary, imperceptible truth of Imperial Family impossible.

This is the most fundamental reason why he used the words of Lin Long to give Yaksha King an order to stop him from attacking Divine Race!

Imperial Family does not lack Peak’s wise men, their sobriety and discovery of truth and mischief; maybe it will be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but it may be right now!

Only before they are awake, they will kill thoroughly; killing, killing and angering Divine Race, only then, at that time, even if the Imperial Family is awakened, it is useless, starting Divine Race’s revenge and anger, will Flood the entire Imperial Family.

Yaksha King and the 30-day killer, this is a terrifying strength, enough to cause a riot!

Even if it is to attack Divine Race one time or another.

But Lin Fan still feels uninsured, and once again dispatches the Heaven Grade killer around him by half!

45 Heaven Grade, plus a Yaksha King, Lin Fan thought it was enough.

Yaksha King worked very hard. He desperately hoped that Xiao Zuo would give him some good words in front of Lin Fan.

Therefore, in only one hour, he tossed north and south and east and west, traversed many commercial roads of Divine Race, killed many affiliated clans of Divine Race, and ruled many cities, such as General, etc.

Since Divine Race was furious, three Tenth Elder came out of Shenfu Mountain Gate!

This kind of thing is arbitrarily slaughtered by the killer, except for the dark years from the beginning of Divine Race to the dark in Chaos, it appears for the second time!

But when it first appeared, it was when Divine Race was the weakest in history, but now, Divine Race is at its peak, how can it endure this evil?

Three Tenth Elders, with a tremendous momentum, all riding on terrifying beasts.

There are four-legged Golden Crow, three-legged Kui Ox, one-legged golden ant, six-winged sky tiger, etc.!

Three Tenth Elders, two by two teams, with the Divine Race as the strongest behind, swimming in the territory of the Divine Race of Chaos, a face of Baleful qi, Divine Soul hiding the sky and covering the earth Among thousands, the traces of Yaksha King, etc. must be wiped out, and then one after another is killed!

As a result, there is no trace of these killers. Even if they searched the vast territory of the Divine Race, they couldn’t find any one. Instead, they killed some of the Primal Chaos World’s local killing power, and there were still some wandering. In the beginning Divine Race area, thieves, wicked people, etc. were also brutally pond fish.

“Yaksha King! You are a waste! Can you dare to come out and fight this deity?”

An Elder unable to bear, he screamed in the heads of Tian City and shocked the wholes of thousands.

“Yaksha, you claim to be a king, are you so brave? You come out, the deity hunts you with one hand!”

Another Divine Race Elder roars again.

Because, in the Divine Race territory, you can’t find the breath of the killer in the Senro world, but those clansman in other Divine Race territory are suffering!

As long as they are stared at, no one can escape, and all die, leaving no one behind.

“Are you looking for this king?”

Just when the two Elders roared and looked up in Tian City, they looked up at the two Elders and dared to scold the killer king when Yaksha King came.

He was standing quietly in the air, the space and time around him was distorted, disordered, and clearly in front of him, but it seemed to cut off the infinite darkness from people.

“Yaksha King? Are you here? Come on well! Come on wonderfully!”

An Elder grinned.

“Idiot! Stupid, how do you deserve to be king?” Elder’s rampant and ridiculous laughter is too harsh. “If there is no way to leave you, how can the deity wait for you to kill here?”




One after another powerful imposing manner, suddenly ascending into heaven, the whole mushroom field exploded within 30,000 li of Feng City.

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